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Screencap of the Day: The MensRightsWiki “Activism” Page


Impressive! Here’s the link. Maybe they’ll eventually fill this blank page with inspiring tales of harassing women, including women they’ve mistakenly targeted because MRAs, on the exceedingly rare occaisions they try to be activists, are the most inept and gullible activists the world has ever seen.

And while we’re at it, here’s the Wiki’s ethics page.


Wow! Instead of nothing, this time they have a list of nothings.

Thanks to Reddit’s veduualdha and StephenMurphy for pointing out these links in r/againstmensrights.

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Of course he blew it already by linking to Deuteronomy and not, say, Ephesians 5:22-24. His habit of jumping straight in with the weirdest bit of whatever cult he’s into at the moment and offering no justification beyond “this is what my religion teaches” is the stupidest tell ever.

RE: katz

Wish he’d quote the fun parts. You know, like Judith. (Yes, I know, Apocrypha, but the whole time I was reading that one, I was going, “THIS IS AWESOME!”)

Or Jael. She’s not apocrypha. But she kinda goes against his thesis of “women should be subservient to men and not drive tent pegs through their heads.”

How about Deborah? warrior woman and Judge — as in one of the rulers of the Israelites prior to the monarchy period that began with Saul (circa 1047 B.C.).

RE: Shiraz

Ooh, if I remember right, one of the academic theories going around was that Deborah had a nickname that boiled to ‘woman of flames,’ that was mistranslated as something else. (I very well may be wrong; it was over a year ago that I read that book.)

Mac himself prefers the book of Ruth. Love, devotion, and old biblical sexual innuendo!

I’m not quite sure, LBT. Was it the whole, “women of torches” thing? Some translators claim in has something to do with making the fibers that burn in oil lamps.
Then others are like, no, she was known as the “Woman of Flames” and she teamed up with Barak , known as “The Man of Lightning.” Their combined luminescence helped them to defeat Sisera, who oppressed their land for about 20 years or so.

RE: Shiraz

That also sounds completely badass, but I don’t remember reading about that part of it. Lemme see. *goes and dives for book of notes* Ah yes, it was Deborah! Unfortunately, my notes are really abbreviated; it just says “biblical chieftain, prophet and battle commander, called ‘a woman of flames’ (?) for courage and daring.

@Prester the pester.

It is the God given right of the father to be the head of the family and of the household and the Godly duty of the woman as his wife, to follow his lead and grant him the respect that he deserves.

haha. No.

Also, if this were the case, who else here would never want to get married? (I’m sorry ‘god given right’ I’d try to avoid that shit. May not matter even in alternate universe-land that Pester seems to exist in, though, cuz I’m a lesbian. Quick Pester, what does god say about this!!!!eleventy!!!)


The honest truth is one of my co workers thinks that way.

🙁 That sucks.

Melody, that is what the bible says. And the bible is the literal, proven word of the Almighty God.

ok, being religious is all fine, but if you’re going to say proven then…

*drumroll plz*

Citation needed!

I think that an old troll has observed the fact that religion causes some of the nastiest arguments here and has seized upon that as a potential way to create discord.

Shame he’s too dumb to pull it off.

And what he misses, of course, is that the arguments (at least the ones I’ve seen) don’t descend into the equivalent of troll-baiting, because the regulars like and respect each other even if feelings do run high on occasion.

Besides, kitties.

It’s sad watching someone with no social skills attempt to manipulate people. Funny, but sad.

He reminds me of the How Not to be Seen sketch in Python. Hiding behind the only bush in the landscape =/= not getting blown up.

… I wonder if some of our trolls are Gumbies?

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