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No Godwin’s Law here. This Men’s Rights Activist really IS a Nazi.

Great. Another Hitler baby.
Great. Another Hitler baby.

Well, now you’ve gone and done it, you evil feminists: you’ve turned 0bvious_Atheist into a Nazi!

We first met the Men’s Rights subreddit regular the other day, when in a fit of ingenuity he blamed the Newtown school shootings on, er, Title IX. Well, his strange political journey has continued, and on his blog, on Boxing Day, the Canadian MRA officially announced his conversion to neo-Nazism. Literally. Let’s let him explain:

I have grown impatient

I have lost my desire for conventional activism. We live in an era where men like Warren Farrell are run off campus by mobs of Femistasi, men like Keenan Midgley get maligned for trying to start Men’s Centres, JohnTheOther gets harassed in the streets and others like him get assaulted, Mr. Heimbach a white students advocate in the United States, is constantly maligned by the media and the intellectual establishment, and Jared Taylor, a meek and mild Yale graduate, is harassed at every turn by the establishment.

Huh. I have to admit I’m not completely up-to-date on all the examples of anti-white, anti-male oppression he lists here, but I would like to point out that Warren Farrell did not, in fact, get run off the University of Toronto campus. A number of students protested his visit, some of them quite rudely, but the police interceded on his behalf, clearing away protesters so he could go ahead and make his speech.

I also looked up that vague reference to “Mr. Heinbach,” and discovered that Matthew Heimbach is a student at Maryland’s Towson University who wants to start a White Student Union there. As part of his campaign for tolerance on behalf of America’s beleaguered white majority, he recently posed in front of Martin Luther King Jr.’s church in Montgomery holding a Confederate flag.

Gosh, how terribly unfair it is that some people might have criticized him for this.

Mr. Atheist continues:

I’m a young man. I don’t have the patience to go around asking for permission to exercise my inalienable, natural right to freedom of association. As Harold Covington said, Whites feel they need a permission slip from quote “the Jews” unquote to advocate for them. I feel the same thing can be said of Men’s Rights Activism. We feel that we need permission from Feminists, the intellectual establishment, and the state to self-advocate. Our entire movement has become a quest for permission from the left to self-advocate.

I’m pretty sure that not even a single molecule of that is even remotely true. What color is the sky in Imaginary Backwards Land?

We want a Men’s Ministry in the government. We want Men’s organizations on campus. We want White student unions. All of those things are politically toxic to the establishment and out of reach, and furthermore, if you look at what the “Men’s Ministries” in the Northern European welfare states have done you will remain unimpressed, and perhaps even alarmed, at how little they have mitigated the total alienation of young men from the respective societies of those countries.

Of course, the young men who are most alienated from society in the Northern (and Southern) European welfare states today are the immigrants who are so despised by Mr. Atheist and his fellow White “Nationalist” racist assholes. And these young male immigrants aren’t feeling alienated because of a lack of White Student Unions or the unimpressive actions of Men’s Ministries; they’re feeling alienated because of racism and a lack of jobs.

With this in mind we must recognize that productive organizations simply are not going to become a reality. If you doubt me, you can go look at what they did to Dr Warren Farrell when he tried to speak at the University of Toronto. I have absolutely no desire to be screamed at, spit on, expelled, fired, ostracized, and made into a pariah for simply asking to exercise my right to freedom of association.

So the fact that a couple of dozen students protested against a speaker on a college campus, delaying his talk for half an hour or so, means that normal political activity on behalf of your ass-backwards faux “civil rights movement” is impossible? Mr. Atheist, do you have any fucking idea what real civil rights advocates went through in order to get the same basic rights as everyone else, like the right to fucking vote? Do you think that feminists weren’t ever “screamed at, spit on, expelled, fired, ostracized, and made into … pariah(s)?”

What sort of strange entitled bubble do you live in that you think political activism should be painless?  Or that your political opponents should simply roll over once you express your opinions?

Congratulations intellectual establishment. After around 14 years of politically correct education at politically correct institutions run by politically correct professors you have alienated me, first as a White, and secondly as a male. I have got absolutely no patience for your goddamn processes, your forms, your organizational quotas and quorums required to get approval from the UVSS. I’m fed up, and I’m going elsewhere else to self-advocate.

If you’re really serious about going “elsewhere else,” might I suggest another planet?

As market Anarchists and Libertarians constantly must remind you crypto-Marxists, if you ban something the buyer will go elsewhere in the market to get it. That’s exactly what I plan to do. Rather than grovelling at the feet of professors, academics, pseudo-intellectual social justice warriors, and Femistasi, I’m just going to go join the Western Front, a quasi-Neo-Nazi, semi-illegal White Nationalist political organization that accepts me for what I am and understands my problems. You have driven a relatively well off, intelligent, middle class, White male, who used to vote NDP, into the arms of the very people you taught me to despise for the totality of my formative years.

Great. I guess the one upside of all this is that Mr. Atheist won’t be calling feminists “feminazis” from now on. Not that “femistasi” is much of an improvement.

Oh, and in case anyone needs visual evidence of how much of a racist fuck 0bvious_Atheist really is — not that there’s much doubt — here’s a link to a cartoon he stuck onto the end of one of his recent YouTube videos. But first, a TRIGGER WARNING for really really racist rape imagery. Link.

(Note: There doesn’t seem to be any information online about a neo-Nazi group called Western Front, at least not in Canada. There was evidently one by that name in Los Angeles at one point. Does this group, like the anti-white-male oppression he talks about, exist only in 0bvious_Atheist’s head? EDITED TO ADD: There is a group called Northwest Front; presumably that’s what he meant.)

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Pierre wanders through the supermarket, pausing at the meat counter where he is approached by Diogenes the Cynic.

DtC: Can I interest you in a stock tip?
Pierre: Excuse me? Do I know you?
DtC: What, you would turn down a stock tip just because we’re not best friends? How puerile!
Pierre: Have we met? Your voice sounds familiar…
DtC: Why are you getting so riled up? You don’t accomplish anything by getting frustrated. I’m just a person in the supermarket you don’t even know.
Pierre: Riled up?
DtC: In the grand scheme of things, I don’t really play a part in your life. I’m just a dude in the supermarket you like to shop at.
Pierre: [stares blankly, scratches head]
DtC: Getting so riled up over something I said is a bit of a strong reaction, you have to admit.
Pierre: I’m not angry.
DtC: Chill! Dude, chill out!
Pierre: I just don’t understand why I would want a stock tip from a stranger.
DtC: Your loss! That is very childish of you!
Pierre: [turns and begins to select some nice Peameal Bacon]
DtC: I bet you don’t even think the Voynich Manuscript is music!
Pierre: [eyes widen] I KNEW your voice sounded familiar!

Diogenes, do you have even a modicum of self-awareness?


I don’t think you’re dumb, which is why I don’t see the idea of you mastering some lower level math classes as being difficult.”

I think he’s goddamned brilliant, if he doesn’t have time to do it, he doesn’t have time!


Am I arrogant? Hell yeah I am. I’ve been called “the most arrogant person ever met” by several people.”

Shocking I say, simply shocking! Arrogant is not a compliment, you do get that, right?

And Pecunium? Part of my suggesting you just take the math is th my HS is a headache and I half to get records from — I had to fly up and sign for them in person last time >.< I hope you can just ask nicely for yours (and that Diogenes gets a Lego light saber lost in his shoe)

Did y’all know Lego makes light sabers? My brother used one to wedge the o-ring off my coffee mug when neither of us could get it, quite effective.

Am I arrogant? Hell yeah I am. I’ve been called “the most arrogant person ever met” by several people. I don’t feel the need to have to apologize for existing like other people do, and that makes people who aren’t confident in themselves hate me for being the person they would want to be more like.

man what

Ah, Dingleberry trots out more reasons to laugh at him.

“Am I arrogant? Hell yeah I am. I’ve been called “the most arrogant person ever met” by several people. I don’t feel the need to have to apologize for existing like other people do, and that makes people who aren’t confident in themselves hate me for being the person they would want to be more like. ”

Arrogance =/= not feeling like you have to apologise for yourself. If you think being downtrodden, apologetic, whatever, is the only alternative to being an arrogant schmuck, go and get therapy, because you know even less about human beings than about any of their achievements.

Same goes for talking more shit about religion, quite apart from the WTFuckery of “sheikhs”. You’re making an even dumber suggestion here, that the choice is monotheism or atheism (ever heard of Hindus, moron? Or pagans?). Are you really trying to suggest that only people who believe in some sort of organised, monotheistic religion aren’t atheists? Do you even know what atheist means? Do you really think people have to belong to organised religions to count? That’s either incredibly, willfully ignorant, or just bigoted.

See, these are all among the reasons you’re despised. Your arrogance is based on ignorance and pretentiousness. You carry on as if you’re some ancient sage who knows it all, when you know jack shit about most of the things talked about here, and you haven’t the grace to shut up, listen and learn from people who do know what they’re talking about. You talk as if you’re a member of the community, and attack those who are, when you’re just one of the most boring, head-up-your-arse trolls around.

Hey Diogenes, I have some advice for you. Stop digging that hole and get the fuck off this forum for a couple of days.

There. A virtual stranger has just given you advice. You must now take it, or you are like the worst person ever.

Like Kitteh’s, I might have learned some math if it were taught by space aliens in utero.

Diogenes: I don’t think you’re dumb, which is why I don’t see the idea of you mastering some lower level math classes as being difficult.

But I said that I (who know myself, and my talent/experience for math better than you ever will) said it wasn’t possible.

So you acted as if you knew better than I did what I can do.

And how does goodwill factor into any of this?

Because you are being both arrogant, and rude. If you think you can to that, you need goodwill to avoid a negative reaction.

I don’t feel the need to have to apologize for existing like other people do, and that makes people who aren’t confident in themselves hate me for being the person they would want to be more like.

You think my disdain is because I am insecure, and I resent your confidence?

Trust me son, I don’t want to be as you are.

You wouldn’t take an investment tip from someone you didn’t like even if it did make sense?

Do I have reason to trust their judgement? Do they have some outside reason for me to trust their judgement?

If yes to those, then I might. If no, then no. I get all sorts of investment advice. Most of it worth what I pay for it.

But, based on the level of diligence you put into advising me, those who listen to you are getting less than they pay for.

my HS is a headache and I half to get records from — I had to fly up and sign for them in person last time

Holy fuckballs! In Alberta, all education records are centrally stored. You take less than 5 minutes to fill out an on-line form, pay your $10, and the ministry of education will send your transcript wherever, with everything clearly explained. With the new intraprovincial system, you don’t even have to order them yourself, the post-secondary institution you’ve applied to can request them on your behalf (at no charge to you), if they require them (and depending on the program and what have you).

It’s so, SO frustrating to have to hack through red tape, and secret procedures, and TBA deadlines that oops! you’ve already missed, and nickel & dime fees, and changing policies, and bad information being published. You’d almost think that an industry that’s ABOUT the transmission of information would be better at transmitting information.

Granted that there are some similarities, but I think that’s just because ignorance combined with a tendency to overestimate one’s own abilities is fairly common among a certain type of young man.

Unimaginative — yeah, it was fun. I think part of it was that I was applying as a transfer student, so the uni wouldn’t deal with requesting the records before admitting me. And part of it was just ass, as I’d tried telling them that fine, I’ll have them picked up in person by my mother and that wasn’t good enough.

Meanwhile, psychs basically refuse to let you transfer your own records (fine by me, “sign here please” is much easier)

market anarchist – now there is an oxymoron if I have ever heard one, emphasis on the moron

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