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Election Eve: The Spearhead’s Peanut Gallery Endorses … Reactionary Misogyny, With a Side Order of Racism

The election is almost upon us, and the dudes at The Spearhead are none too happy about it. WF Price, apparently living in a different reality than the rest of us, has declared this “the women’s election,” complaining that “this election has been so over-the-top obsessed with women that it’s a bit surreal.”

The rest of the fellows have similarly edifying things to say about it all.

Gwallan, evidently sipping from the same cup of kool-aid as Price, remarks that

In nearly fifty years of serious attention to elections all over the western world I have never seen an election which involved this level of patronage toward a single demographic.

If it weren’t for the presence of male candidates it could easily appear to an outsider that there are no men living in the US.

An anonymous commenter takes this argument a step further, arguing that even the fact that the candidates are men is proof that women are really running the show:

It’s not a coincidence that both presidential candidates are male. Women want to be taken care of, whether married or single, conservative or liberal, and women want to be taken care of by a man. That is what leads to male presidents in our time.

Tom, meanwhile, Godwins up the thread with this completely reasonable and not-at-all-bugfuckingly hysterical observation:

Someone once mentioned that men’s situation is in some ways comparable to that of Jews in the run-up to Nazi germany – we have been vilified and deprived of our humanity. Once that psychological step is done, it is easy to abuse the “untouchable” class, because no one will stand for them.

I suggest getting your passport done, and be ready to GTFO if things get really nasty. No sane man would take the risk of marrying, having children or even dating in the US anyway – so there are really few reasons to stay, especially with this economy!

Uh, Tom, not to rain on your little paranoid self-pity parade, but you are aware that at the moment the rest of the world is not all unicorns and rainbows either, economically speaking?

Jimbo plays the race card, by which I mean, “straight up racist that sucker is, simple and plain.”

For me, it is simple. I have two sons who happen to both be white like me. In tune with the spirit of the times, Obama wants to continue to take power, freedom and wealth from white men like me and wants to continue to transfer it to women and minorities. So, despite the fact I can only guess what type of president Romney might be, I will vote for him.

Numnut is a bit pithier:

One nation,under cunt,divisible,with liberty and justice for cunts.

Ahamkara just wishes that the Repubs would live up to the batshit antiwoman rhetoric coming from Todd Akin and the rest of the Republican rape talkers:

I think the republicans have been using their bizarre rape comments as a dog whistle for men who are pissed off about feminism. I’m tempted to vote for them for this reason alone. However, I don’t believe they have any intention of actually improving things for men. So it’s really a cynical ploy to take advantage of men’s anger.

Zorro goes all apocalyptic on us:

This country needs to die before it can be reborn with healthy stock.

The feminist plague afflicting us must be utterly purged in order to purify North American society from its ilk.

Hopefully all these lovely fellows will stay at home tomorrow, stewing in their bitterness.

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9 years ago

@DKM: Wow, I think this is the first time you have actually replied/acknowledged my posting your words (I may totally be wrong–I could have missed, or forgotten it).

But this……this is amazing!

And, odd as it seems, I think it shows that you may have modified your behavior, at least in this context (which is something, more than I’d thought could happen).

For example:

ISN’T SHE CLEVER? Ithiliana actually knows how to retrieve files from a computer hard drive! And we thought that women were stupid, especially where machinery was concerned.

Nope, it’s simple to copy/paste. But the weakness of this insult is truly astounding, coming from you (no mention of smacking, hitting, violence, murder). Well done, DKM!

She is always showing off–look at ME! I am woman and oh so very smart!! I can even retrieive somebody;s comment written in a moment of anger almost a year ago. Ins’t Ithiliana CLEVER? SHE even has a Ph. D!

Ah, I see you’re trying to do a sort of condescending, look at the baby, sort of thing–amazing how that lacks any sting at all (plus, spelling errors). But still–NO threat of violence! WOOT!

How do you spell narcisissm, conceit, and just plain pushiness? F-E-M-I-N-I-S-T!

Gimme an F! Gimme an E! Gimme an M!…..etc.

Now, if someone could get her to behave herself, and enter material here at womenbeinghateful that would be pleasing to men rather than irritatating to them, we would really have the beginnings of a miracle here, wouldn’t we?

Don’t believe in miracles–although I am astounded that you got through a whole comment to an actual woman without even hinting at violent retribution.

This, THIS, is a milestone, DKM!

And I bet MORE MEN on this site like my comments than like YOUR comments, ahahahahahahaha.

But still: well done!

You have engaged in one exchange with a feminist with a Ph.D. without any overt OR covert threats of violence.

This may be a first.

*leads round of applause and hands DKM a cookie*

Now, let’s talk about how to apologize: it’s very simple!

Of course, first you have to feel it.

Do you?

Or are you just sorry that I popped back up again and started posting the link to your murder apologism?

Tulgey Logger
Tulgey Logger
9 years ago

Banal debater: check
Sloppy thinker: check
Same tactics repeated endlessly: check

All three hit. We’ve got a full Steele!

9 years ago

“Suffragettes”? Either we entered the 19-aughts or a David Bowie song.

Or both.

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