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PlayStation head: Forget about Roe v. Wade for a minute; let’s talk about my kitties

Tech companies have reacted differently to the impending end of Roe V Wade. While most have remained silent on the issue, some have come out strongly against the Supreme Court’s (draft) opinion. The game developer Bungie denounced what it sees as “a blow to freedom in America and is a direct attack on human rights.” Microsoft and Amazon have gone a step further, pledging to cover traveling costs and other expenses for any employee who has to travel to another state to get an abortion.

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Happy Mother’s Day — now back to the kitchen! 17 weird, creepy, and sometimes cute vintage cards

Happy Mothers Day! Let us celebrate with a bunch of weird, creepy, retrograde, sexist, and sometimes cute vintage Mother’s Day cards.

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Why are Men’s Rights Activists so bad at memes?

what if i told you you don't need so many words when you're making a meme, it really just clutters up the picture and makes it hard to read, I mean the whole point of memes is that they're really supposed to be readable at a glance, not a wal of text. You're supposed to be making a meme not writing a goddamn book
He’s right, you know

Design-wise, memes aren’t exactly complicated. For the most part they simply consist of an image with some words pasted onto it.

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The world’s saddest tweet?

From the world’s saddest tweeter?

So I was rummaging around on Twitter today and ran across this tweet. It’s not a new one, but it strikes me as rather exquisitely sad, so sad I really feel I need to share it with you all.

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The Wait: Election aftermath open thread (with emergency kitties)

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The wait is killing me. And it’s probably killing you.

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Merry Christmas, if you’re into that sort of thing!

Getting into the Christmas spirit

And if you’re not, happy Sunday, and happy any other holidays you celebrate around this time of year.

A good day to forget about all the bullshit this year has brought us.

Here are some more cats and dogs celebrating in their own peculiar ways.

Happy day!

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Ten Hour Beach Sunset vs Big Cats in Boxes: An Open Thread Video Showdown

Sorry, folks. I migrained out today. (Headache seems to be fading now.) So how about an open thread? And a VIDEO SHOWDOWN? Vote for your favorite below!

VOTE! Unlike the real elections last week, there is no wrong choice here, and the results will not cause you to curl up in a fetal position on your bed for a week!

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Time Out For Kitties: Non-Election Fun Stuff Open Thread

You're never fully dressed without a fake smile
You’re never fully dressed without a fake smile

An open thread for everyone sick of talking about the orange monster and/or other crappy news stuff. No trolls, MRAs, etc. Yes kitty pics, capybara pics, ponies, stuff you’re reading or watching, etc.

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Hillary Clinton is pushing an insidious cat GIF agenda

Self-playing cats
Self-playing cats

In a speech yesterday, Hillary Clinton admitted what many have long suspected: She is an advocate of cat GIFs.

After reciting a litany of the horrible things Trump has said, she declared that his divisive rhetoric


Today’s Memeday has been pre-empted by cats

Please be seated and we can begin
Please be seated and we can begin

After that last post I figure we all could probably use some cats. I certainly could.

So here are some cats behaving just a little bit suspiciously.

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