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Merry Christmas, if you’re into that sort of thing!

Getting into the Christmas spirit

And if you’re not, happy Sunday, and happy any other holidays you celebrate around this time of year.

A good day to forget about all the bullshit this year has brought us.

Here are some more cats and dogs celebrating in their own peculiar ways.

Happy day!

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Alas, it will very soon be time to take Spawn#1 to the station :-(((((

It has been so great having them to visit for a few days. Also, xie just donated an old bottle of purple to me, so now I have a nice purple streak on one side. Also purple fingers.

And #1 took #2 to get their first-ever haircut!!! yesterday, with outstanding results (their Other Parent has reservations, but #1 and I know better 😉 and #2 is generally very well-pleased. And it was even cheap and very local, too, so it would be easy to repeat in a couple of months if desired).


You people are awesome. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, especially, as I said, given the time of year. It’s particularly appreciated given that I know all of you have had complicated relationships in this area (putting it mildly).

“biodad” is an excellent term and I would like to borrow it forthwith, please. Mine’s speciality has been neglect and distance, with occasional bursts of interest. For example, he’s my brother’s biodad too – and the whole time my brother was in prison he never once visited him (not quite as horrible as it sounds – we didn’t grow up with him as my mum left him when I was a baby).
My stepdad is more complicated as he was a part of my life for some time, and he’s the biodad of one of my sisters, and she and I are close.

Anyways, exit strategy and talking to a professional are absolutely excellent suggestions. I need to sort out how much of what I’m feeling is just obligation 🙂
Thanks again – you guys are the bestest xoxoxo

To be fair, I borrowed “biodad” from (I think) PI, because I sorely needed at least one name to call him that wasn’t a straight-up insult.

Also, I just finished the side-quest with the “friendzooooned” conversation and it was glorious.

We spent christmas with a couple who have adopted a child in an open adoption. They used bioparents (and biodad and biomom) as just normal words.

Oh right, I’ve seen it used in that context as well.

Hrm. Yeah, I’m gonna stop using it to refer to the waste of skin of which I am the offspring.


I sorely needed at least one name to call him that wasn’t a straight-up insult

Well, if ya come up with a better one, let me know. “Father’ is a nuisance to say, ‘Biodad’ has the adoption angle, and just ‘Dad’ will never feel right. Ya know?

Hm. I’d never heard the terms biodad or biomum before, but that all makes sense. Cheers everyone.

And @Axe, yes totally: ‘dad’ is not going to fly; ‘father’ is weird. I’m sticking with biodad for now 🙂

I’m an IVF child, so there’s an easy one for me : “Just ’cause he jerked off in some jar doesn’t mean I owe him anything” but obviously that doesn’t work for everyone. (Now, anyone for whom it’s suitable, feel free to use it. It’s incredibly satisfying.)

Though mostly I just stick to “that asshole”.


Oh, I didn’t know that (then again, why would I)? That’s actually fascinating.
Sorry that the step-father is not exactly a huge improvement. At least your mum sounds wonderful.


Coming back from holidays.
I am sorry to be late, but i wish you all a merry christmas !
I have not read other threads yet, so i hope you are all as fine as possible.

Have a nice day.

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