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Woman who’s been banned from Uber Eats for racism is now running for congress | Brand New Ugly

Laura Loomer: I have no platform but I must scream

Professional troll Laura Loomer — famously banned from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for her anti-Muslim bigotry and other sins — has come up with a new way to garner herself some attention: she just filed to run for Congress as a Republican in Florida’s 21st Congressional District.

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On Gab, some are blaming yesterday’s school shooting — by a possible white supremacist — on the Jews

The accused shooter in a school yearbook picture

By David Futrelle

On Gab — the “free speech” social media site that has become something of a haven for the internet’s worst people — some of the regulars have come up with a rather inventive explanation for the Parkland, Florida school shooting yesterday that left 17 dead. It’s all the fault of the Jews.

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Irma hits Florida, Ann Coulter does her nails: Today in Tweets

Irma: View from a car

By David Futrelle

Irma is now wreaking its destruction on Florida. And Ann Coulter remains an asshole.

Plus: I get blocked by Scott Adams. And other news.

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MGTOWs prepare for Irma by imagining desperate women offering them sexual favors for food

Ready for Irma

By David Futrelle

The stunted human beings known as Men Going Their Own Way love to imagine apocalyptic scenarios in which women are forced to beg them for help, offering sexual favors for cans of beans.