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Irma hits Florida, Ann Coulter does her nails: Today in Tweets

Irma: View from a car

By David Futrelle

Irma is now wreaking its destruction on Florida. And Ann Coulter remains an asshole.

Plus: I get blocked by Scott Adams. And other news.

Any of you who are in Irma’s path, I hope you’re well protected and well provisioned; please let us know you’re ok in the comments if you can.

If you ever wonder where all the extra water in storm surges comes from, well, it’s borrowed from elsewhere.

This happens with tsunamis, too, but with hurricanes the process is much slower; in other words, don;t worry about the people walking around out there.

Oh, and try not to think about this too much:

Ann Coulter offered her unique perspective on the hurricane.

This is a real thing:

In other news:

An update on a story from yesterday:

A personal accomplishment:

And some animals, in case you need something a little more uplifting:

65 replies on “Irma hits Florida, Ann Coulter does her nails: Today in Tweets”

Got spared the worst.

Just remember. This period – immediately after the worst appears to be over – is the most dangerous for ordinary citizens.

Everyone should stay safely where they are until the people who know what they’re doing around collapsed power lines & broken gas pipes have done their thing. And the water supply and sewage things. And the rescue/recovery people have done what they need to do.

Just saw a news report saying that at least one witless fool was driving towards the beach in Miami itself … with a surfboard strapped to the roof. (This is not just a US failing. Australians can often be seen riding “excellent” swells to a near-deserted beach when a cyclone is on its way.)

Stay safe, all, glad to hear people are coping.

Having been on an antipsychotic (Quetiapine, off-label use for anxiety), I don’t feel Ron Perlman’s response to Coulter was cool, really – she’s awful, not mentally ill.

It is baffling that the rightwingers are so insistent on climate change denial that they’re acting like this over the hurricanes. It’s a hurricane, they know what those are, and since they love to say the climate changes all the time and that it’s no biggie, surely it shouldn’t be a problem to simply acknowledge how big Irma is?

So Gary Numan’s newest album “Savage” deals with Global Warming, and he was talking about dealing with Climate Change with Trump as President, and a bunch of his so-called fans have just lost their shit. It’s amazing how quickly they turn on him, and all I can think is “Are you fucking new here? You’re okay when Gary tackles things like orginized religion or mental illness, but when he insults the Chucklefuck-in-Chief and now he’s a moneygrubber who has no business insulting the US President?”

Good news pidgeon. )) Hope your power back soon. Here nothing bad, some trees and parts of hotel damaged. Worse damage is my hangover 😷

@ Arctic Ape

They’d say the sky is blue if mainstream media told it’s dark grey and littered with flying debris.

What did Obama say about it? Whatever it was, we say the opposite.

Sounds like a plan.


“…and then one of them said “or its climate change! Global warming!” and they all started laughing like it was the best joke of all time.” …”Why are right wingers immune to good comedy??”

Oh I don’t know, I personally find this to be *really* funny in a dark and depressing sort of way.

Unmindful Moron: “You liberals blame everything on global warming. I bet you’d even blame global warming for Hurricane Irma being a powerful hurricane! But not me! I’m too smart to believe in lies spread for someone else’s financial gain!”

Rational Person: “… … … … … … …” “No, no, you’re actually right. I just saw a documentary on the History Channel that proved lazy alien mermaids using private email servers while sniffing chemtrails were to blame for Irma.”

Unmindful Moron: “Knew it!”

Off-topic, but I’m always interested in how to break the pipeline from “edgy youth” to walking, talking alt-Righter and this article from the Independent is one of the best distillations I’ve seen of why that particular demographic is so vulnerable to it:

It actually had me reflecting on something… I haven’t really seen any “memeified” language used in any of the social justice circles I inhabit. Sure, there are some common touchstones in terminology that can be esoteric, chiefly “patriarchy” or something like “rape culture”, but these are not meant to stymie or confuse those outside the in-group. A layman can look these up and find nominal definitions for them, definitions meant to spur additional learning for those unfamiliar with them. But everything these alt-right clowns do is just come up with newer and sillier shibboleths to signal to their brethren that they’re “in on the joke” (which is also a shibboleth which translates to being either indifferent or actively antagonistic to those who are seeking social justice the most). It’s like there’s a constant march to add a new dog-whistle to the collection. “Oh shit, the normies are on to Pepe! How about the okay sign? Or milk? Or Groucho Marx glasses? Oh wait, too culturally Marxist!”

It’s very telling just how much work it takes to fashion these shibboleths of theirs and just how much they have to rely on subterfuge. To the typical South Park-reared teenager, I can see why smug detachment combined with silly cartoon frogs can be so appealing, but wading into those waters is hazardous unless something is there to ground you and remind you that there is a broader world where people get hurt by stuff like this.

Just an observation and an article I wanted to share.

Unmindful Moron: “You liberals blame everything on global warming. I bet you’d even blame global warming for Hurricane Irma being a powerful hurricane! But not me! I’m too smart to believe in lies spread for someone else’s financial gain!”

One thing still needed to complete that picture: an oil company exec overhearing that and quietly chuckling to himself.

I’ve noticed a few tweets from people who were more willing to believe the Deep State was using HAARP and Chemtrails to create hurricanes and destabilize Trump than believe billions of tonnes of additional atmospheric CO2 might have adverse effects on the environment.

“Glad to hear from all of you lovely Floridians…Are there others?”

I’m an others! YAAAAAAY

And my city was spared major damage! YAAAAAAAY

Dimmy! You’re an others! <3 hee

I'm glad you're okay, and that you were spared the Wrath of Irma!

We didn’t get hit too bad, but we’re still waiting on power. No real damage otherwise.

The “shoot Hurricane Irma” thing does need some context, I think. There were a ton of dumb, memey “Do [stupid thing] at the hurricane” events going around Facebook in the few days leading up to the storm; I don’t know how much visibility they had outside of Florida. This one may have been particularly stupid, but I’m skeptical that people were planning to shoot the hurricane any more than they were going to charge at it screaming “Leeroy Jenkins”.

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