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Scott Adams implies Dilbert was “cancelled” in 77 papers for taking on “woke” corporations. But the papers also dumped Blondie, Mr. Boffo, The Family Circus, and Ziggy

Where he belongs

Yesterday, Scott Adams the Dilbert Guy brought us some truly tragic news:

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Scott Adams: Maybe Russia did us a yuuuge favor by subverting our democracy

Scott Adams: Has many opinions

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One of the many tragedies of Donald Trump’s electoral college victory is that it has given Dilbert creator and Dunning-Kruger poster boy Scott Adams an even more inflated belief in his own personal brilliance.

Dunning–Kruger effect entitled babies hillary clinton persuasion scott adams trump twitter

#Hillbullies: MasterPersuader Scott Adams discovers hashtag of doom for Hillary C

The MasterPersuader, persuading
The MasterPersuader, persuading

Watch out, Hillary Clinton! Dilbert creator and self-described master persuader Scott Adams has discovered the Twitter hashtag that will spell your doom!


alpha males crackpottery entitled babies hillary clinton men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny scott adams trump

Scott Adams: Trump “won the election” last night by losing the debate

Very presidential
Very presidential

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If you thought Chuck Tingle’s version of the Clinton-Trump debate last night was surreal, well, take a look at what Dilbert creator and wannabe master persuader Scott Adams has to say about it.

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Dilbert dude endorses The Donald, because Trump stands up for dead millionaires

Scott Adams, master persuader
Scott Adams, master persuader

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In June, Dilbert creator and insufferable human being Scott Adams pretended to endorse Hillary Clinton — because, he facetiously claimed, he was deathly afraid that Hillary’s fans would murder him in his sleep if he came out for Trump.

drama kings entitled babies evil singing ladies masculinity men invented everything men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA scott adams

Scott Adams: The DNC is literally lowering men’s testosterone levels and making them sad

Alicia Keys, destroying the men of America with her diabolical music
Alicia Keys, destroying the men of America with her Hoop Earrings of Great Misandry

Welcome to today’s episode of “wait, did Scott Adams really say that, Scott Adams the Dilbert guy, really?”

And the answer to that question is, as always, “yes, yes he did say that.”

beta males cuck entitled babies evil bossy ladies evil wives FemRAs honey badgers men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny post contains jokes post contains sarcasm scott adams trump

Are American men being cucked by v-neck sweaters? One Dilbert cartoonist says yes

V-Neck Sweaters: The Revenge
V-Neck Sweaters: The Revenge?

Of all the obnoxious responses to my post last night on #Brexit, the most puzzling one came from former Honey Badger Brigader Rachel Edwards:

mansplaining misogyny MRA oppressed white men parody patronizing as heck scott adams

Dilbert + Scott Adams’ Insufferable Mansplainations = MRA Dilbert. Perfect!

Note: Scott Adams actually believes this

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Today’s amazing thing on the Internet: MRA Dilbert, a new Tumblr blog that mixes the art of Scott Adams’ Dilbert comic strips with Adams’ ludicrous, insufferable, and actually completely serious opinions on such subjects as women, women, and women.

It’s pretty awesome. I’m just jealous that I did’t think of it first.

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