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#Hillbullies: MasterPersuader Scott Adams discovers hashtag of doom for Hillary C

The MasterPersuader, persuading
The MasterPersuader, persuading

Watch out, Hillary Clinton! Dilbert creator and self-described master persuader Scott Adams has discovered the Twitter hashtag that will spell your doom!


See, it’s “Hill” for “Hillary Clinton,” and “bullies” for “bullies,” and it sounds like “hillbillies” which is HILARIOUS, so therefore LANDSLIDE VICTORY FOR TRUMP.

Let’s back up a second here, in case you don’t fully grasp Mr. Adams’ PERSUASION MASTERY.

You see, Adams has been trying for some days now to reverse the perception that Trump and his followers are bullies — you know, just because Trump has repeatedly called for protesters at his rallies to be beaten up, and his followers have gone ahead and done that, you know, that sort of thing.

But as Adams sees it, it’s Hillary’s supporters who are the REAL bullies, because some of them have called him “silly” on Twitter.

No, really. This is his response to someone literally calling him “silly.”

And here he is taking on someone who jokingly referred to him as the creator of the Garfield comic strip.

And here he is responding to someone who called him a “douche.”

But there was something, well, lacking about his replies, persuasion-wise. “Clinton bullies” doesn’t have much of a ring to it. Even when it’s rendered as the hashtag #ClintonBullies.

Now Adams has turned his MasterPersuasion up to 11 with a devastating new hashtag. I am speaking, of course, of #Hillbullies.


Adams wasn’t the first to use the hashtag to go after Ms. Clinton; assorted tweeters have been using it sporadically for some time. But none of them had Adams’ reach, or his enthusiasm for the hashtag, which he’s pulled out again and again since his earthshattering discovery of it.

Apparently it has not occurred to Mr. Adams that calling someone a “Hillbully” isn’t technically an argument either.

But no matter. Adams’ fans think he’s a GENIUS.

Naturally, people have started making the memes.

I don’t know about you, but all this persuasion is making me dizzy.

(Note: I realize that I used the “fanbullies” in the headline of my last post. In my defense, I only used it twice. I hadn’t seen Adams’ tweets before using it, which must mean that I am as much of a MasterPersuader as he is for attaching “bullies” to another word.)

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I don’t know if anyone else covered this, but in addition to all Scott Adams’ other BS, derogatory jokes about “hillbillies” tends to be incredibly classist (especially given how economically depressed the Ozarks still are).

It’s also weird since Hillary supporters are also supposed to be liberal elites, if I’ve got my stereotypes straight?

> Laugher at Bigots

October 28, 2016 at 8:12 pm
I’ve a question for non-American Mammotheers. Are election seasons in other countries as awful as those in the United States?

Depending of what you are calling awful.

In France, campaigns are shorter, but since a few elections, there is the “Primaires” stuff, coming from the american system, i guess. I mean that before the beginning of the millenium, parties were designating their candidate and that was all. Now, inside the parties, various politicians compete to be The candidate. The 2017 camapaign has not begin, and yet the ridicule is still escalating.

Before the campaign in itself, there are often a lot of declarations of candidacy, but to participate in the campaign, the candidate must get 500 signatures from elected persons (mayors, deputies, senators, and so on), which means that the campaign always has less official candidates than declared candidates. Have a look to the 2012 one, as an example.

During the campaign, some debates are organized, and there can be words (also know in France as “petites phrases”) between candidates, but i think it is never as harsh as in American ones, and certainly not like Trump (till now. I hope we never reach that point of awful discourse).

Scott Adams is “Bullbert”.
The proof is that I wrote that he is.
(Trumpcuck reasoning)

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