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Elliot Rodger: Mass murderer, incel inspiration

By David Futrelle — one of the most active online hangouts for self-identified “involuntary celibates” —  is such a cesspool of misogyny and rage that I could probably write ten posts a day based on the hair-raising stuff I find there and never run out of material. Thing is, I don’t have the stomach for that and I doubt many of you do either.

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Men’s Rights Redditor Advocates Violence Against Cops — Again

Advocating violence is allegedly against the rules in the Men’s Rights subreddit. Just don’t tell it to these guys! (Or the people upvoting them.)


As I’ve noted before, Demonspawn is fairly regular violator of this particular rule — as evidenced here, here, and, oh yeah, here. (And check the archives for even more Demonspawn terribleness that stops short of advocacy of murder.)

When I asked the r/mensrights mods some months back why they didn’t just ban him for his repeated violations, you may recall, this happened:


Hey, Mens Rightsers, if you don’t want to be associated with violence, perhaps you should, you know, disassociate yourself from those who advocate violence — seriously, repeatedly, and definitely not as a joke.

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