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Men’s Rights Redditor Advocates Violence Against Cops — Again

Advocating violence is allegedly against the rules in the Men’s Rights subreddit. Just don’t tell it to these guys! (Or the people upvoting them.)


As I’ve noted before, Demonspawn is fairly regular violator of this particular rule — as evidenced here, here, and, oh yeah, here. (And check the archives for even more Demonspawn terribleness that stops short of advocacy of murder.)

When I asked the r/mensrights mods some months back why they didn’t just ban him for his repeated violations, you may recall, this happened:


Hey, Mens Rightsers, if you don’t want to be associated with violence, perhaps you should, you know, disassociate yourself from those who advocate violence — seriously, repeatedly, and definitely not as a joke.

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They are “perfect” because the signatures are flush to the spine, where as in “standard” bindings the folding of the signatures leads to a ragged edge.

Sadly the ragged edge doesn’t mean the signatures are well bound; since most are glued these days.

The reason the spines break is the tension between a flexible glue, and one which will retain the pages. If one has single sheets (as opposed to signatures) it’s even harder. Al in all, from a durability POV, the best binding is archival paper with stitched signatures and a flush edged trim, and coverboard which is almost flush to the bottom edge of the spine.

TimeCube was my first no-training-wheels experience in Do These Internetters Be Sincere Or Take They The Piss? because I was linked to the site itself sometime in 2002, and then I found a forum full of Cubers.

I came down on Take They The Piss, but I was a bit upset because it seemed like it would be encouraging Gene Ray, the Time Cube genius, who has always seemed sincere to me.

Oh, and I’ve had more trouble with perfect-bound role-playing books losing their cover lamination than with signatures falling out, although the first printing of GURPS Basic, Fourth Edition, lost all kinds of pages because the glue was poor.

pecunium, you might be the only person on this list who would enjoy the “quire maps” we recently received for some Ethiopian religious manuscripts. I can appreciate the gorgeous illuminations, though. I also wanted to ask you if you’d ever made a pouding chômeur, because I mentioned another obscure dessert once and you had made that one. 🙂


It’s definitely good to be missed 😀

Also, I have yet to find a Men’s Rights organization that is truly for men 😛

when unlawfully violating a man’s Constitutional rights ….

So how does one lawfully violate a man’s Constitutional rights? Just asking …

So how does one lawfully violate a man’s Constitutional rights? Just asking …

I think I’m just going to pretend all MRAs are Lucille Bluth from now on. Here is how an MRA would answer your question.

I’m playing the world’s tiniest violin for the men who complain about paying a bit of child support while the mothers are taking on the more than full time job of raising the children AND usually paying more than half of the expenses, as child support tends to not even cover the man’s fair share of the expenses.

Bawww, if you skirt the law for months and months and months and hide your assets and lie to judges over PAYING FOR SOMETHING YOU’RE HALF RESPONSIBLE FOR you might get some jail time. Meanwhile, if a mother refuses to provide for her children she’ll be convicted of neglect/child abuse/murder.

Stop appropriating the real fucking phenomenon that was indentured servitude/slavery, which was imposed upon people based on the color of their skin, not a choice they made to participate in an activity that gave them pleasure. GDI, this is sickeningly selfish an pathetic.

So how does one lawfully violate a man’s Constitutional rights? Just asking …

Don’t you remember that free lecture we got from that preeminent legal scholar? Just because something isn’t Constitutional, remember, that doesn’t mean it is illegal. The argument was well-supported with citations from Landover Baptist, as I recall.

/SARCASM … cigarette?

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