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Snip snip! MRAs freak out over the exceedingly unlikely prospect of mandatory vasectomies

Men’s Rights Activists have discovered a new entirely hypothetical danger — that evil feminists, mad about the end of Roe V Wade, will force the government to mandate vasectomies for all pubescent boys.

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Who said it, Gender Crit or Nazi? Drag Queen Story Hour Edition

Pop quiz!

Some of the quotes below are from a discussion of Drag Queen Story Hour on the “GenderCritical” forum on Ovarit. The rest are from literal Nazis, either posting on Stormfront or on Can you tell the difference?

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Men’s Rights Redditors celebrate the apparent end of Amber Heard’s acting career, suggest she turn to sex work for money

Amber Heard: Apparently not cut from Aquaman 2

Men’s Rights Redditors think and hope that the verdict in Amber Heard’s defamation trial will end forever her career as an actor. They just hope that whatever she does in the future to make money will be as degrading as possible.

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Bucking the Backlash: Why I’ll be writing more about the attacks on trans people

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve changed the tag line for this site to ‘Bucking the Backlash,” replacing the old tag “Misogyny, Tracked and Mocked.” This is both a reflection of what’s been going on with the blog already and where I see it going in the future.

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Bad News Bites: Train blame, gun threats and the inspirational … Adolf Hitler?

Hitler fighting back a sneeze

Today, three unsettling news stories that have sort of fallen through the cracks in recent days.

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Reddit transphobes: “Transgenderism” is actually a sneaky form of conversion therapy

People protesting actual conversion therapy

“Gender Critical” transphobes like to associate their trans enemies with terrible things. They call trans folks and their allies “Men’s Rights Activists” — because, you see, trans women are really men, so if you support trans people you’re fighting for men’s rights. (I guess trans men, whom transphobes think are women, don’t count.)

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Book Review: Top Secret Pickup Lines, Busty Girls Edition

You’ll poke an eye out with those things

Huge bazonga enthusiasts! I have found the book for you.

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Skeezy Australian journalist was about to “out” Rebel Wilson, but she beat him to it

Rebel Wilson with new girlfriend Ramona Agruma on Oscars night

This article has been UPDATED; see below.

When comic actor Rebel Wilson came out in an Instagram post Friday morning, she was greeted with cheers. In her post, she introduced her followers to her new girlfriend, fashion designer Ramona Agruma. “I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince,” she wrote, “but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess.” For Wilson fans, it was hard not to read this without uttering an involuntary “aww.”

But over on the Sydney Morning Herald, columnist Andrew Hornery wasn’t cheering her announcement, or what Pink News called the “wave of love and support” that followed.

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How to tell if that cute gal over there is a feminist, so you won’t accidentally date her

I spotted one!

Fellas! I mean, straight ones! Do you ever find yourself checking out a cute gal in the melon department in the supermarket and you want to ask her out but you’re not sure if she’s a feminist, which is important because you definitely don’t want to date one of those?

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Walking corpse Jordan Peterson weighs in again on the Fat Swimsuit Model Question, as if anyone cares

Looking good, Dr. P!

A couple of weeks ago, Canadian fusspot philosopher Jordan Peterson, who resembles a corpse on a good day, decided to use his vast internet platform (2.7 million Twitter followers) to weigh in on the Fat Model Question, tweeting that the plus-size model on the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue was “[n]ot beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”

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