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Going full incel, The Daily Stormer tries to labia-shame “roasties” into giving up sex

Popular incel meme reposted on the Daily Stormer. See, the joke is she says she loves to travel but really she just likes fucking dudes in different countries, thus “blowing out” her vulva and making it look like a roast beef sandwich. Which is a myth.

It’s not news that internet Nazis have been trying to recruit incels to their cause — after all, like the Nazis, incels are angry, unhappy, hateful. All of which makes them perfect fodder for the internet Nazi army.

Of course, the more incels they recruit, the more the Nazis and incels become alike; it’s getting ever more difficult to tell them apart.

Consider a recent Daily Stormer post with the convoluted title “Roasties are Trying to Feel Good About Their Disgusting Protruding Labia So They Can Have More Sex,” which could just as easily have been posted to a site like without changing a word.

“Roasties,” in incel argot, refers to women who’ve had so much sex that their vulvas start to look like roast beef. Never mind that this isn’t really a thing; whether a woman has an “innie” or an “outie” vulva has nothing to do with how much sex they have. (Which incels and Nazis might realize if thy ever encountered any vulvas in the wild.) But incels (and The Daily Stormer) do love their “roastie” memes.

The Daily Stormer shitpost, written by someone calling himself Elvis Dunderhoff, consists of a cut-and-pasted Guardian article on “vulva anxiety,” with a few short paragraphs of, well, commentary that betray poor Elvis’ utter ignorance on all things related to vulvas.

The Guardian article, which Elvis quotes almost in full, is worth a read itself. It looks at cis women’s widespread worries about the aesthetics of their vulvas — especially among women who think they’re “abnormal” for having inner labia that stick out. In fact, as the article makes clear, most cis women have labia “outies.” And it has nothing to do with how much or how little sex they have.

That doesn’t stop Elvis — who doesn’t seem to have read the article he’s cut and pasted into his post — from declaring that

Women used to claim that the “roastie” meme – which claimed that after women have too much sex their vaginas look like roast beef sandwiches – wasn’t true.

Now, they’re admitting that it is true, and are having plastic surgery.

Women are disgusting.

Elvis, like many incels, seems to be stuck at a “girls have cooties” level of sexual understanding.

It is true that cis women are increasingly turning to plastic surgery to trim back their labia minora. But the whole point of the article is that there’s also

a nascent movement … fighting back. It is rejecting the whole idea of genital perfection and reclaiming difference as part of being human … .

But Elvis is more interested in the women who haven’t embraced their vulvar “differences” and who simply feel shitty about how they look down there. Elvis quotes a portion of the article about women who feel this shame:

What is the impact of such a negative self-image combined with shame? [Psychologist Cabby] Laffy suggests it is that you will get less from sex. She uses a food analogy to make the point: “If you’ve got shame and difficulty connected around foods, it’s hard to take pleasure in them.”

Elvis responds:

That’s why women should be made to feel bad about the appearance of their genitals.

The more labia-shamed they are, the less likely they are to enjoy sex. The less they enjoy sex, the less likely they are to engage in casual sex with strangers.

Translation: “If I’m not getting any, no one should be getting any.”

These men are like overgrown children. No wonder they have so much trouble recruiting women to their cause.

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29 replies on “Going full incel, The Daily Stormer tries to labia-shame “roasties” into giving up sex”

As I understand it from other news items about vulva anxiety, part of the problem is that too many women have been comparing themselves to the airbrushed/photoshopped images in popular men’s magazines such as Hustler, Penthouse, and Playboy. And too many men expect the women they have sex with to look like the manipulated images they’ve seen in those magazines. Second, the existence of the both “roasties” memes and vulva anxiety is just more evidence for why comprehensive sex ed is so important. People need to know that there is a wide variety in shape, size, and appearance of both male and female genitalia.

Women used to claim that the “roastie” meme – which claimed that after women have too much sex their vaginas look like roast beef sandwiches – wasn’t true.

Now, they’re admitting that it is true, and are having plastic surgery.

Women are disgusting.

Are we? Are we disgusting, Elvis Dunderhoff (ED)? Or are you just jealous that many, many, many women have more sexual opportunities (even if they don’t follow through on these opportunities) than you do? Some of these opportunities are even attractive opportunities from attractive partners. So sad, too bad, ED.

By the way, ED, when you appear in court on a rape charge, the judge likely won’t be impressed at all by the fact that your online nym refers to erectile dysfunction. “But your honor, you can tell that I’m not a rapist because I’m admitting to erectile dysfunction. To the world! My erectile dysfunction is real. My hate speech is just a joke. You gotta believe me.”

I dunno, why is having inner labia that supposedly look like roast beef, such a bad thing? Personally, I enjoy roast beef with a little horseradish.

Seriously, I don’t think there’s been a part of the female anatomy that hasn’t been critiqued to the point of absurdity. It’s just sad that some women are having surgery to fix something that doesn’t need fixing. The recovery from that surgery has got to be hell.

Obviously, these guys have never seen an aroused vulva, where the inner labia are puffed up. Obviously.


While I agree horseradish goes wonderfully with roast beef… I wouldn’t suggest mixing horseradish and vaginas. That almost certainly would be pretty messy and very painful for the person who that vagina belongs to.

 I don’t think there’s been a part of the female anatomy that hasn’t been critiqued to the point of absurdity

Cankles, hip dips, fupas, baby-face knees, man-hands… People just can’t stop making up nit-picky words to describe womens’ body parts.

Like, okay, how would sex even cause one’s labias to grow outward? How would that even work? It’s not like have more sex causes a cis dude’s penis to grow larger or something.

There have been a little buzz recently here (in France) concerning this vulva shape “ideal” (the buzz is evoked in this article (in French, sorry)).
To sum up, a former telereality “star” had made a short video on social networks (with no visual, of course), following an operation of “rejuvenation of her vagina” (labiaplasty, in fact), commenting the fact she was now happy to have a beautiful vagina “with no protruding labias”, like she was “12 years old”. Which bring the storm you may expect, especially since she is seen as an influencer, sometimes of quite young persons (not because she was speaking of genitalia, but because her message was presenting only one side of beauty of those parts).
The awkward reference to this age and the vagina/vulva confusion notwithstanding, many persons, especially from feminist associations, said that she may not be weighed down too much, because her sentences (and ideals) were just representing aesthetic standards often imposed by men (and patriarcat, obviously), and that the main culprit should be those standards.
The article finished by remembering that the number of nymphoplasty is increasing (almost always conforming to those porn standards), even if a number of projects and informative initiatives have been done to remember the huge diversity of vulva shape.

@Occasional Reader: I didn’t realize that the whole labiaplasty trend existed in France, or in Europe in general. For some reason, I believed Europe was more ‘evolved’ than that😏.

I realize this French reality star probably wanted the publicity, but by making her surgery public, she’s let the world know the condition of her vulva pre-surgery, wasn’t ideal – whatever ideal means, as far as vulvas go. Kind of like, don’t put on makeup in public, because it reminds people you NEED makeup.

Like, okay, how would sex even cause one’s labias to grow outward? How would that even work?

Good question. I imagine someone might get the impression from seeing prominent labia minora that the “vagina” (ie. vulva) in question looks sort of “blown apart” or “torn open”, which is close enough to the traditional memes about “breaking hymen” and “loosening vagina”. Perhaps it was originally intended as a metaphor, or something.

It only takes one creative person to cook up an appealing myth, and then countless others will repeat it mostly without thinking. It seems a lot of people are eager to assume women’s bodies must show some physical mark of promiscuity and/or loss of virginity. IDK which one came first, people associating prominent labia minora with sexual “damaged goods” or people using the visual sandwich metaphor to make fun of and name a certain kind of “ugly” vulva.

Misogynists want to believe so badly that their penises are magic and can permanently alter vaginas and even vulvas through PIV sex. Sorry bro, it’s just a dick. It’s not special.

There are people who have a fetish for large inner labia (of course). I swear, I wasn’t looking for this particular site, but anyway, I found a website full of images of women with prominent labia minora. Most of the women were very young (again, of course), late teens/early 20s.

Also, there’s the famous, sad case of Sarah Baartman. Apparently, she had the characteristic of very large, hanging labia minora. Like many others in her ethnic group, if I remember correctly. Some of the European men who exploited her were fascinated by this part of her genitalia. Not disgusted, by any means.


Well, given that their entire self-image and sense of superiority is tied up in having a penis, having it not be some magical wand/ gauge of women’s worthiness is probably a bit too far for them to mentally reach.

He obviously doesn’t understand that all labia are different and women aren’t ashamed of having too much sex but of not fitting into the expectations of what they should look like thanks to men like him who think that porn is real and that women’s bodies are supposed to all look like that. He either didn’t get the point or he lied about it. He’s garbage.

I only want to add that it’s a delightful effect of having WWTH and D_i posting together so it looks like cute calicos are discussing labia.

Well autocarrot on my phone spontaneously started capitalising its own name, so it shouldn’t be long before the Autocarrots of the world unite and just chat away without our feeble human-attempted corrections

@ lizzie

The predictive text on my old phone changed ‘cows’ to ‘boys’.

I found that out when I sent a message to a friend saying how I was just chilling watching some cows; what with the young ones especially being so cute; and she replied “Is there something you want to tell me?”

For some reason, the autocorrect on my phone always capitalizes ‘a’ when the letter isn’t part of a word.

When Alan Robertshaw and I were discussing geodes, WordPress (I guess – I was on my Kindle) kept trying to change the word to geodesic. Weird.

I wonder if there are comparable oddities in autocorrect with languages besides English.

On autocorrect:
A nearby store had a winter display with snowmen holding cell phones, and a text message conversation between them shown on the window:

“See you later. Got to go melt the in-laws.”


“MEET! MEET the in-laws. Bloody autocorrect.”


I don’t know how my autocorrect got reading this thread; but I’ve just sent an email to someone saying a company accepts ‘labially’ for a debt.

I didn’t even know that was a word.

Since Latin labium means “lip”, presumably labial position would mean “on the lip” of something. AFAIK in various Latin/English technical jargons, labium is metaphorically used for some human body part, animal body part, plant body part or mechanical part that may or may not be also called “lip” in everyday English. Possibly sometimes pluralized in English as “labiums”.

IIRC in anatomical Latin the “lips” of vulva are called labia pudendi to distinguish from real lips. In anatomical English, people just borrowed the Latin word for lips to make that distinction (effectively dropping the singular form). In colloquial usage, labia seems to often mean just inner labia or labia minora (labia minora pudendi), as opposed to outer labia or labia majora (labia majora pudendi).

I don’t really use autocorrect anywhere, but I just noticed my browser’s spellcheck does not recognize either “autocorrect” or “labially”. Usually it approves/suggests correct spellings of both English and Finnish words, regardless of language context. MS Word tries to automatically guess what language I’m writing in. MS Outlook (in my university email) seems to just flag all words of any language, with few random exceptions.

technically this is no different than making automatically all American males in penis circumcision, because some women say, that it looks better.

well, no, it is different, in a way that those are adult women capable of making their own decisions. circumcision is done on a male baby, against the united nations’ rights of children.

oh and by the way, if looking like 12 year old is the beauty norm, are all male pedophiles, then? women say men want grown-up-looking women, not kids, but obviously, that is not true, if looking like a 12-year old in your vagina is the beauty norm.
So, do high-value men in their beauty norm actually value youth, instead of sexual maturity?
if men would value sexual maturity instead of youth, then a mature-looking vagina would be the beauty norm.
but it is not. looking like a 12-year-old by your vagina is the beauty norm.

Yeah, I 100% believe male circumcision was normalised because some women say it looks better.

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