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We Hunted the Mammoth responds to 4 1/2 Hours of Honey Badger Videos About #CalgaryExpo


(Not an actual video; do not click.)
(Not an actual video; do not click.)

The Honey Badger Brigade — the (mostly) all-gal A Voice for Men spinoff group that got booted from the Calgary Expo yesterday — would like everyone to know that they refuse to see themselves as victims, you know, like feminists.

Indeed, they are so devoted to not seeing themselves as victims that they and their allies at A Voice for Men have put out roughly 4 1/2 hours of videos about their expulsion since yesterday, including three videos that are longer than an hour each. No, really: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. (I’m not including the two additional videos by Mundane Matt that AVFM has posted on its┬ásite.)

We here at We Hunted the Mammoth would like to respond to these videos with a video of our own:

off topic open thread shut up shut up shut up TROOOLLLL!!

Thread for Hostile Visitors to Endlessly Rehash the Issues They Have With Feminist Research or Whatever

Hey, hostile visitors! Do you have an opinion about, for example, Mary Koss’ rape research? Do you want to discuss it even though the topic has not actually come up by itself in any of the threads and none of my recent posts really have much to do with the specifics of anyone’s rape research? Well, from now on you can discuss it here with anyone who wishes to follow you to this thread.

Added bonus: If you continue to try to discuss it in other threads you’ll be banned!

This also applies to future derailers riding hobbyhorses of their own having nothing to do with Koss.

Happy discussing!

Note: If you wish to discuss the topics at hand, you know, topics directly related to my posts and/or to what other people are discussing and that aren’t, you know, personal hobbyhorses of yours that involve long screeds and various things that you’ve probably already cut and pasted into the comments sections of various other websites until you were banned from them for endless derailing and general asswipery, feel free to remain in the original threads.

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