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Trump of July: Open Thread

By David Futrelle

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

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It also does not exonerate him: Mueller Sunday Open Thread (with bonus PANDAS)

Trump violating the emoluments clause by promoting his membership club while pretending to work

By David Futrelle

Weird how Mueller’s conclusion that his report “does not exonerate” Trump has been taken to mean — by the White House, by mainstream media hacks, by right-wing propagandists and even by a certain segment of the left — that his report totally exonerates Trump and that the whole investigation (which resulted in 37 indictments, 7 guilty pleas and 4 people going to prison) was a waste of time.

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2019, eh? New Year’s Day Open Thread

By David Futrelle

I hope you all are having a nice lazy New Year’s Day as we all prepare ourselves for whatever horrors (and possible good things?) that 2019 is going to bring us.

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A Redditor’s dilemma: I ruined a girl’s life in middle school. But now she’s hot and I want to hit on her!

Ah, young love!

By David Futrelle

Love works in mysterious ways! A couple of days ago, a lovelorn — or at least horny — young Redditor spammed every relevant subreddit he could think of — from r/relationships to r/AmITheAsshole — with a post asking for advice on a very particular romantic dilemma he found himself in.

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Fighting the Scourge of MisPandry

Mispandry hurts everyone.


The BBC is taking a lot of heat for including a panda in a list of the top 12  female “faces of the year” for 2011. As the Daily Edge explains:

While the men category featured 12 actual men, the women’s page featured 11 women and one panda, albeit a female panda.

There’s a new Twitter hashtag — #pandagate — for those who wish to express brief thoughts on the matter.

I too, am outraged. A panda on the female list but none on the male list? This is blatant discrimination against male pandas. Mispandry, if you will. And it is discrimination against pandas generally.


This is just one more example of  mispandrist Anti-Pandaism in contemporary culture.

Here you can see more anti-Pandaism in action – notice the crowd laughing – laughing! – at this panda’s athletic prowess.


And here is some footage obtained from an illegal underage panda fighting ring.

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