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A Redditor’s dilemma: I ruined a girl’s life in middle school. But now she’s hot and I want to hit on her!

Ah, young love!

By David Futrelle

Love works in mysterious ways! A couple of days ago, a lovelorn — or at least horny — young Redditor spammed every relevant subreddit he could think of — from r/relationships to r/AmITheAsshole — with a post asking for advice on a very particular romantic dilemma he found himself in.

On the off chance that this was a real post and not just a trollish experiment, I thought I’d share his post with you all, as it’s one of the worst things I’ve seen since, well, this past Tuesday.

Our lusty Redditor, a twenty year-old fellow who calls himself BrettTheBeast, wonders: Would it be so wrong to hit on a girl whose life I ruined in middle school?

And yes, he really and truly did ruin her life:

So, in middle school, there was this girl i used to pick on because she was fat. I called her horrible names, stole her things, put a picture of her head on the picture of a pig and put it on her locker, and i gave her a nickname that followed her all around school, and was just awful to her. She always ended up crying and she actually transferred to another school (either because of me or her parents just moved. I heard 2 stories.)

You put a picture of her head on the picture of a pig and put it on her locker? She may have CHANGED SCHOOLS because of you?

Now look, i KNOW I WAS AN ASSHOLE for that. But i was 12 and my family has a very negative view of overweight people. I feel horrible about it.

Clearly you don’t feel horrible enough about it.

[W]hat i want judgement on is this.

[I] discovered her on Facebook again and she’s actually pretty damn hot now. She dropped all her baby fat and has grown up to be quite doable. The only fat on her now is her breasts (seriously, she’s, like, an F cup.)

Jesus Christ, dude.

And, i got to thinking. There’s something i want to do. I want to add her as a friend and send her a message to “apologize”.

You can tell that this will be a really heartfelt and sincere apology because he can’t even use the word apology without putting it in scare quotes.

And also because of this:

I do feel guilty, but i have somewhat of an ulterior motive. I want to apologize and ask her to meet up for coffee with her. While there, i want to make a move on her.

Excuse me for a second.

Ok, I’m back.

I was thinking i apoligize and start complimenting her on how beautiful she’s become and maybe make a move on her. Just rub her leg or something.

“Yeah, so sorry about stealing your shit and that pig picture on your locker! Don’t mind me while I KINO ESCALATE on your leg, which isn’t as fat as I remember it!”

I haven’t talked to her yet, she probably doesn’t even remember me.

Uh, dude, I’m pretty sure she remembers you.

Would this be scummy of me? Would i be an asshole if i hit up this girl with the intent of trying to seduce her?


Signs point to yes.

If you’re looking for a silver lining on this, pretty much everyone on Reddit agreed that, yes, this guy is a huge asshole. Even the creeps in the Ask The Red Pill subreddit.

Well, most of them, anyway. Then there was this guy:

friendandadvisor -2 points 2 days ago Don't apologize. She may have lost the fat because of your actions. Fucking you may be the high point of her life, and her goal for years. Just hit her up on FB and go with it. Who cares if it's scummy or not?? This is TRP-if you want Ethics, take a class with Jim Comey.

Somehow he managed to make a followup comment that was even worse:

friendandadvisor -4 points 2 days ago Yeah, but what if she kills herself because of it or something? LOL, you must really be young! If she kills herself, she'll at least have had a good dicking before she went. OTOH, she may really blossom because of it. Do think she'd actually be interested? Can't tell until you initiate.

I just …

That’s enough posting for the day.

H/T — Relationships.txt (@redditships) on Twitter.

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3 years ago

December 23, 2018 at 1:59 pm I can kinda imagine a former bully who had grown out of it, wanted to apologise, and who wouldn’t relapse. But you know what? I’m 90% sure they still shouldn’t contact their former victim. Because they’re probably mostly doing it so that they can feel better about themself: it’s their own closure that they value more than their victims’. Risking reopening your victim’s wounds just so that you can tell yourself you’re not a shitty person? That’s selfish. If you want to feel better about yourself, leave her alone, and do something for charity instead.

December 24, 2018 at 12:18 am
I think if any of my childhood bullies contacted me out of the blue to “apologise”, I’d probably start by asking them which twelve-step program they were involved with, and how they were doing with recovery so far. Because in my case, it’s been thirty years since the end of high school (and over forty years since the start of primary school), and they’ve never felt any need to contact me before now, which argues any remorse they’re feeling is probably situational at this point.

Ironically, I actually had a guy contact me a few years ago on FB to apologise if he had been shitty to me in school. Guess what? Recovering alcoholic. Part of his 12 steps. Funny thing is, that even though he lived just down the street from me & was good friends with my best friend back then, because he went to a different elementary school & was in a different class in junior high, he was never one of my bullies. I think I was basically a non-entity to him. He seemed very sincere though, so I thanked him and we talked a few times. I don’t know if it’s FB algorithms or what, but I haven’t seen anything from him in my timeline in a couple of years. It’s possible he relapsed.

Two of my bullies got a bit of comeuppance at the time when one of their friends, who was *not* a bully overheard them being mean to me outside school one day and walked up to me and said “Don’t mind x & y, they’re just assholes.” I remember the names of all 3 of them, but the one I remember the most is the guy who called them out. I’d love to find him & tell him how much that *still* means to me. They never said anything to me again, either. Which was nice. And the guy who regularly slammed me into the lockers got punched by my best friend when he did to me near her.

Pretty Pink Punnani Princess
Pretty Pink Punnani Princess
3 years ago

I love how he and his other equally horrid brethren are automatically assuming she’d go out with him and fuck him no questions asked.

If she rejects (she will) I guarantee you he’ll be back on the site whining about how “awful” and “evil” all awalts are. Pretty obvious piece of shit kids turn into piece of shit adults. They don’t change. Best left where you found them.


3 years ago

Now this doofus is messaging this to people who responded:

“Hey, you may not remember me but i posted awhile back about a girl i used to bully. I asked how i could pick her up, well in that time, i have went with my plan. We had sex, but now she’s obsessed and won’t leave me alone. What can i do?”

3 years ago

Cool story, bro.

Delurking for this
Delurking for this
3 years ago

So, the asshole went and did it. He did her and dumped her, and now he’s on reddit, complaining that she is harassing him, asking him “Why?”

Also, asking, “But, she consented. How was I wrong?”

Oh, and also, he convinced her to do it raw. But is convinced that because the rumors say that she was a slut in high school, nearly a decade ago, she could not *possibly* prove the baby is his, should they have conceived that day.

There are bigger idiot-jerks in the world, but they are few and far between.

3 years ago

GOTTA be a troll.

Can’t believe she (or any other woman) would consent to sex with this clown. AND pursue him after he “dumped her”. The whole thing reads like a fantasy.

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