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Women won’t appreciate sexbots like men will, incel futurist predicts

Will Robo-Chad be enough for the foids?

Despite their deep pessimism about pretty much everything else, incels do look forward to one thing: the eventual arrival of sexy lady robots that will not only have sex with them but who will also strip flesh-and-blood ladies of their sexual monopoly.

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Does Andrew Anglin want to be the next Andrew Tate?

Well, he’s bald; that’s a start

With professional misogynist and accused human trafficker Andrew Tate out of the picture at the moment, it seems as though neo-Nazi troll Andrew Anglin is vying to become something of a Tate replacement in the affections of troubled young men, spouting reactionary Red Pill “wisdom” about women and giving advice to young men not altogether different from that proffered by the other Andrew.

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Vice News: “Andrew Tate Was Arrested on Suspicion of Rape in the UK in 2015”

A chilling new story in Vice reports that Andrew Tate, currently occupying a jail cell in Romania, “was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and physical abuse in 2015 while he and his brother were running a webcam sex business out of the UK, VICE World News can reveal.”

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We don’t need an “alternative Andrew Tate.” We need alternatives to Andrew Tate

A leftist Andrew Tate?

The Andrew Tate discourse has now reached the “‘left eating itself “stage, with some ostensible leftists blaming his success on the failure of leftists and feminists to speak to the desires and insecurities of 14-year-old boys.

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Sure, Andrew Tate got arrested for trafficking, but Men’s Rights activists are still PLENTY MAD at Greta Thunberg

You might think that Andrew Tate’s arrest for human trafficking would lead to a little self-reflection amongst Men’s Rights activists, many of whom have historically had a little bit of a soft spot for the guy.

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Andrew Tate’s defenders are out in force after his arrest

The so-called “king of toxic masculinity” sits in a Romanian jail with his brother, detained for thirty days, accused of human trafficking and rape. The crimes Andrew Tate and his accomplices are said to have committed are heinous indeed. According to the authorities, the suspects recruited their

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Between Greta Thunberg and a police raid, Andrew Tate doesn’t know what hit him

Andrew Tate: Sad clown

UPDATED: See end of story. Pizza box thing not true.

It’s been a rough couple of days for musclebound professional misogynist Andrew Tate. Yesterday, his attempts to troll environmental activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter backfired spectacularly, inspiring widespread ridicule. Then, today, his Romanian villa was reportedly raided by the police in connection with the alleged kidnapping of two young women.

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Women date ugly men because they’re shallow and narcissistic, incel argues

Woman dating a goblin

Incel ideology is a self-contained system. And when the realities of the world intrude upon the incels’ collective fantasies, they feel an enormous amount of cognitive dissonance.

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Living the good life, incel style

“She’s not all that,” he said to himself

Living life to the fullest, incel style.

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I’m too much of a nice guy to succeed with the toilets, er, women I want to murder, incel explains

Women: Not actually toilets

Life is tough for nice guys in our cold, hard world. Consider this poor fellow I found posting on

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