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The Man Boobz Challenge meets The Men’s Rights Subreddit

It would be nice to be able to respond to this steaming pile of bullshit on Reddit’s Men’s Rights Subreddit, but I have been banned there for the crime of including the subreddit in my “boob roll.” (I’m not going to set up a sockpuppet account to comment.)

MR redditors are of course allowed to comment here, as are the moderators of that subreddit. Even though they are boobz.

Here’s the thread in the Man Boobz Forum in which Holly posted the Man Boobz challenge.


115 replies on “The Man Boobz Challenge meets The Men’s Rights Subreddit”

“I thought all feminists were afraid of the cock.

“I’m fucking terrified of mine.”

It’s like a horror movie where the guy yells, “Run! It’s got me—no, IT’S ATTACHED TO ME! GAAAAAHHHHH!”

Pecunium – I get that a lot from reddit MRAs.

MRA: There are plenty of reasonable, non-misogynist MR blogs! How DARE you malign and slander our movement. There might be a few extremists but we’re not all like that!”

Me: Citation needed.


@T4T: Apparently, your reading comprehension is still sucky. Read what I said again, what I meant was, “I did not miss you at fucking all.” And if you’re that invested in ‘both sides’, then shouldn’t you at least TRY to persuade the MRM that their hatefulness is a detriment to the cause? No? You’re more interested in obtuse mansplaining and bad faith arguing? Well, okay, I already knew that.

@ Jill the Spinster: Actually, if you really look into the numbers, it turns out that custody/father’s rights arguments are way off the mark from what the MRM claim. When it comes to primary custody, it goes to fathers about 17% of the time, which is about even with the % of married stay at home dads. And men who have been ordered to pay child support actually have a greater probability of getting some kind of joint custody/visitation than men who have not been ordered to pay support (and there is a significant % of fathers who have not been ordered to pay child support, at all).

“I did not miss you at fucking all.” (Vvs)

What, you didnt miss fucking me? Ahh and I thought we had such a great relationship. I do love the fact that you teach me so much though. 🙂

“The question is where are the MRA blogs that are, “moderate” and “reasonable”.

We keep hearing about them, but no one is ever willing to share them with us.

Not even you seem willing to do it, which leaves us with no conclusion but that MRAs are sexist, misogynist, and often misandrist.”

Took about 2 minutes to find one.

What exciting times we live in! Wal-Mart now sells 42 pouch boxes of fruit smiles! Isn’t life grand?

Defending his free speech rights is unreasonable?

It sounds like you have unreasonable standards for what an MRA blog should be.

“Defending his free speech rights is unreasonable?

It sounds like you have unreasonable standards for what an MRA blog should be.”

Uh…no. People here are not denying that people should say what they like.

The Man Boobz Challenge is about finding MRA/MRM sites that are reasonable, pursue matters that hurt men without resorting to ugly rants about women in general.

I mean, hey, there’s this gem set up by Ozymandias, a FEMINIST, that showcases Men’s Issues without any misogyny:

Would you like to provide any equivalent sites made by MRAs, or are you just going to bitch and moan at us?

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