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Bazinga! Globalists are trying to feminize men with weed, robots and The Big Bang Theory, internet dumbasses charge

Sheldon, what exactly are you up to?

By David Futrelle

You may have already heard of the alleged globalist plot to feminize cis men by seducing them into drinking soy lattes, thus turning even the most macho dudes into easily controllable “soyboy” cucks. You may have heard that the government is (allegedly) putting chemicals into our water that turn frogs (and presumably male human beings) gay. You may have even seen videos of young boys in dresses happily singing songs from Frozen with their dads.

But you may not realize the full extent of the allegedly Soros-financed alleged plot to allegedly turn men into girly-men. I’ve been doing some research on the vast repository of human knowledge known as Twitter and I must sadly report that the globalist cabal is using a wide assortment of tools to turn real men into sissy boys. Here are a few of them:



TV shows like Will & Grace, Modern Family, and … The Big Bang Theory?

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Big Bang Theory's attempted to feminize the superhero fan. It has worked on some weak minds. Real men don't watch it.

Weird PETA ads suggesting that vegan dudes fuck better:

White guys trying to rap in commercials:

The idea of “toxic masculinity.”

TV shows suggesting that maybe men might want to trim their chest hair:

And, less we forget, razor commercials trying to inspire men to be better:

Stay vigilant, men! You never know what might be secretly trying to make you a cuck.

H/T — @TakedownMRAs, who tweeted about that MGTOW (see above) who thinks weed feminizes men.

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Not yet! I’ll wait a bit and see if it will pop up on a later reply. U__U

@Rabid Rabbit:

At the tail end of the home page, the site notes that the domain is for sale for a $10,000 donation to Hate Free YEG, a local campaign working to make Edmonton a hate-free space.

In an email statement to StarMetro, Hate Free YEG said that it appreciates the gesture, but noted that they have no dog in this fight.

(Emphasis added.)

Okay, the person who wrote that article was having waaaaaayyy too much fun.

@Jenora Feuer:

No, no, I think they were having exactly the right amount of fun.


Excellent. Can I have your car?

us real women prefer sausage over a baby carrot anyday

NUDGE NUDGE, WINK WINK, SAY NO MORE…but aren’t many carrots bigger than penises? Anyway.

Big Bang Theory. My mom watches it sometimes. I’ll check it out if Raj plays a part; Kunal Nayyar is extremely good-looking (the shallow bonbon-eating lady proclaims), plus he has good comic timing.

A pity his character, at least early on, is just “token Asian” and “can’t talk to women without having alcohol first.”

Other reason for watching is if the premise looks interesting, but the plots are hit and miss. This particular one irritated me:

A Korean teen genius boy shows up at the university where Sheldon teaches. He wants to do his PhD there. He’s cocky and points out some flaws in Sheldon’s research. Sheldon has A Sad: how can he survive if he’s no longer the smart man on campus? So he and the other guys cook up a scheme to distract the boy: invite him to a party where there are lots of teen girls.

And then… the plan works. There’s no twist. It straight-up works. I was hoping that one of the teenage girls would turn out to be the whiz physicist who’d displace Sheldon, but no. Status Quo Is God and Only Boys Are Geniuses/Only Men Do Physics, apparently.

Actually, the article’s been updated with the name of the person who actually did it now, and some comments from both him and from the Wolves of Odin (who are both trying to play it cool and trying to play the ‘we’re not a hate group, we’re just concerned about the immigrant crisis’ card).

Also a note from a local that a number of furry fans might not be happy about possibly being collateral damage with this. Edmonton actually has its own furry convention; I was there last year.

I wish the Bernadette character had been more developed. Melissa Rauch was great in The Bronze, so I know she’s capable of more nuance. She never even gets many jokes. She’s just there to nag Howard.

Actually, what’s frustrating about the show is not that it’s terrible, there are sparks of goodness here and there. The cast has great chemistry and some of the jokes do land. I think people hate it because it’s mediocre, not because it’s bad. If it weren’t for the misogyny and some of the more nonsensical plots, like the one described by Epitome of Incomprehensibility, it would probably be a good show. It also would have been improved if the writers would’ve acknowledged that geek culture is mainstream now and liking comic books, science or sci-fi and fantasy doesn’t make one a socially unacceptable weirdo. The whole premise of the show is just kind of dated.

@Victorious Parasol:

If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs.

A quote (and, indeed, topic sentence) from a show that’s done a vastly better job of geekish neurodiverse representation, and that expressly celebrates the beauty of the flawed and the value of the scorned.


If your new avatar is a profile view of an elegantly menacing anime character in an ornate domino mask on a red background (from Persona 5?), they seem to have to have come through okay.

Besides penis, what makes a man special in this modern world?

A few “logical” thoughts along these lines, and we’d get to the core of the matter, “looking at women’s butts makes men turn gay”.

There’s so much illogic here.

The manosphere: Feminism has undermined traditional masculinity!

Yes, because a masculinity defined as ‘playing rounds of “is this gay?” and “will this feminise me?” for your entire life’ just seems soooooo fulfilling. 🙄

@Full Metal Ox – persona 5 indeed! I was inspired by the ‘personas’ we all put on, when we are online, hahaha.

@Rhuu: I’ve always wondered, but it’s never been on topic: how do you get custom avatars?

I used to like BBT which worked out because my dad used to really like it, as in he watched all the reruns as well as the current seasons. By the time he passed, though, I was pretty over it. Not like US football, which we bonded over enormously. I haven’t watched a single game since 2015 because I still can’t; it was OUR thing and he’s gone and I still… can’t.

Even if I get over that, I probably won’t go back to following it unless the NFL in particular and sports in general stop being so problematic.

I just realized that I quit being into BBT as much around the time I got into Steven Universe. Thanks, Vicky P and Full Metal Ox!

@Jane Done – you go here, to gravatar. Then you need to sign in (I am using an old wordpress account), and then you can upload any image you have on your computer.

It’ll take a bit to go through, but then your image will be updated on all of your posts!

You can also sign in with google, but I try to give google as little information about me as possible. But they’ve probably bought wordpress, so it doesn’t matter, but it’s the principal of the thing! XD

Hope that helps!

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January 30, 2019 at 10:28 am

Other point, Elementary is part of the Conspiracy, a show starting Sherlock Holmes. Never watched it, looked like to similar to Sherlock to be interested to me, but huh?

I’m not sure I understand the Conspiracy thing, but imo Shelock *sucks* compared to Elementary. It’s just appalling, really. Sherlock tries too hard to be clever & fails regularly. We really thought Sherlock would be the good one & Elementary was probably going to suck. Total opposite.

Elementary is far more sophisticated & has a lot of good social commentary & the writers clearly pay attention to what’s going on in the world, with the MRA related episode as just one example.

Testing to see if I’ve been able to successfully change my avatar; if so, thanks Rhuu!

…and if not, thanks anyway, Rhuu!

Edited to say: D’oh!

Looks like both Jane Done and Gaebolga’s icons worked! 😀 Icons for allllllll~

Is this show still on?

I had a boyfriend a few boyfriends ago who followed it…and I’m a serial long term-relationship kinda person. So, long time ago.

I didn’t like it. I think it’s boring and typical. Sitcoms already had their day in the sun way before this came on. Just blah.

I saw the cat song, “soft kitty, purr purr,” on a t-shirt once and almost bought it… until I realized it was signaling the show.

But anyhow, why are they even talking about it? Don’t they have anything more relevant to complain about?

The science is true, ruminating is bad for humans.

Do we even have to point out the Adorkable Misogyny of Big Bang Theory? In my world, feminists find Big Bang Theory at best frustrating and at worst awful because it has a bunch of characters that basically act like sociopaths toward women. Even Ryan George on ScreenRant, far from a feminist media critic, pointed this out in his excellent Pitch series. But I guess that it was actually too womanly the whole time according to deranged people.

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