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Monday memes: The Pro-Male Collective launches a war against feminists, tradcoms and the basic principles of graphic design

Meme posted on r/ProMaleMemes

Today, a brief tour of the Pro-Male memes subreddit, a tiny spinoff of the also tiny ProMaleCollective subreddit, and home to a dissident faction of Men’s RIghtsers that has declared war not only on traditional lMRA targets like feminists but also on most MRAs, whom the Pro-Male dismiss as a bunch of tradcons (traditional conservatives) who don’t hate feminism as much as the Pro-Malers think they should.

But the Pro-Malers share one thing in common with the MRAs they so often target with their memes: they are absolutely terrible at making memes.

The memes in their subreddit are ugly, confusing, funny only to their creators, and in many cases nearly impossible to read. Most of the memes are posted with long titles, without which they make little sense. (I took a look at this subreddit some time ago, but the memes I’ve pasted on below are all different than the ones I included in that post.)

In the embedded posts below, the text atop the memes comes from the meme-posters; my own comments are bolded.)

So let’s take a look at a selection of memes.

GrAPhic dEsiGn Is mY PaSSiOn:

Preaching to the converted:

Here, poor font choice leads to memes that are difficult to read without squinting, and which remind me that I really need to get new glasses.

The Pro-Malers have apparently declared war on proofreading.

Here they rage against something they consider a “cope” — MRAs dismissing feminists as ugly. Clearly, true Pro-Malers know that some feminists are smoking hot.

I’m not quite sure what’s going on in this meme, but apparently Pro-Malers love to masturbate. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

That’s all … for now.

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Fred B-C
1 month ago

I love how these guys both dismiss emotional labor and complain about having to support anyone in a partnership in any way. Methinks you’re just selfish?

Fred B-C
1 month ago

@Kat: Like most manosphere arguments, it’s also hiding the real problem by pretending it doesn’t matter. There is no broad movement legally targeting men’s reproductive rights. Anyone who had an ounce of libertarian spirit could not care a whit about women’s reproductive rights in general but still oppose the state getting in their way. But that would require not having a hateful double standard.

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