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If a “Pro-Male” meme fell in a forest and there was no one to see it, would it make any sense?

ProMaleMemes, with its 148 subscribers, is not the most popular of the Men’s Rightsy subreddits. It’s not just unpopular compared with the original Men’s Rights subreddit, with its 319,488 subscribers; it’s even a bit of a laggard compared with the subreddit that spawned it, the also-highly-unpopular ProMaleCollective subreddit, with its 4608 subscribers.

It’s not hard to guess why the ProMale subreddits are so marginal: their inhabitants have declared war, not just on feminists and women in general, but also on the Men’s RIghts movement itself, as well as on “tradcoms” (traditional conservatives), whom the ProMale boys think of as insufficiently hateful towards feminism. They’re also critical of MGTOWs, whom they see as a bunch of losers. (I can’t really argue with them on that one.)

Aside from their harsh criticism of most of their potential allies on the antifeminist right, the ProMaleMeme crew faces yet another obstacle on the path to popularity: their memes suck. I mean, they really, really suck, even by the famously low MRA and MGTOW standards.

Indeed, the memes are so unrelentingly awful you almost think they must be the work of trolls trying to make the ProMale crowd look bad. But most of the memes posted to the subreddit, including some of the most baffling ones, have been posted by the subreddit’s three moderators. In other words, they’re serious about their unintentional ridiculousness.

Let’s start with some of the antifeminist memes.

Apparently feminists are always pulling guns on them.

The longer you spend in the subreddit, the more baffling the memes become.

I guess it’s not enough to whine like babies and try to organize boycotts of any comic book action movie with a woman in a starring role. I’m not quite certain what the meme-maker thinks that good antifeminists should do instead.

Apparently “debating” feminists is a wuss move.

They really don’t seem to want any antifeminist allies.

While they hate feminists, they’re not convinced that feminists are all a bunch of ugly losers, as MRAs often suggest.

But they have absolutely no conception of how feminist women think or act.

The ProMaleMeme subreddit seems to be home to more than a few Cosby-lovers.

The memes just get weirder and weirder.

When women what?

That’s the whole meme; I didn’t cut the bottom off or anything.

The meme’s creator explained to another ProMaler:

It’s meant to imply they’re female worshippers and they are pathetic.

Still does not compute.

But this one is even stranager:

The creator of this little masterpiece tried to explain himself in the comments:

female sex drive selects for violent men but deselects pacifist men. female sexuality also demands that men participate in status and resource hoarding wars that forces men to invade other countries, take their resources and bring it back to women to prove their worth, which usually creates violence. so, female sexuality breeds violence.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not how that works.

But hey, keep posting your bullshit for your audience of nearly none, keeping me amused.

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Chris Oakley
5 months ago

I’ve seen episodes of “General Hospital” that made more sense than these memes.

Alan Robertshaw
5 months ago

@ elaine

Oh you poor thing; you are in the wars! I hope your eyes get better real soon; or at least in the interim they look cool.

comment image

I can empathise a bit. I’ve got a haemorrhage on my retina at the moment. We haven’t got a clue how. So the current best guess is I must have sneezed too hard.

5 months ago

The obvious question is, why were we treated more poorly than he was? Seems unjustified. Also, additional hours have gone by with no official word from the admin explaining events, or even acknowledging that anything unusual even happened.

First, you weren’t targeted or anything. Sometimes when a web server is having issues some calls go through while others don’t. It’s the nature of the technology and not malicious and certainly not targeted. Second, David did post about it, but he posted on Twitter instead of here. Because it was down for him, too.

Have you considered a hobby to focus on when you start to get agitated like this? It always provokes assumptions that you’re personally being targeted for things that one normally takes in stride. I find fibercrafts help calm my mind when my anxiety is taking over. So basically all the time these days.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
5 months ago


Thank you. It’s not fun. but it looks kind of cool. the receptionist was really concerned when I walked in. I just look like a vampire right now.


I’ve done this once before and it was because I vomited so violented it just burst all these blood vessels in my eyes and ones around my mouth. This is the closets to vampire I will ever look though and I did force myself to do make up and take a picture for my Instagram. My husband watch me wind myself to put on lipstick and do a smoky eye and he’s like

“baby what are you doing”

and I like the little gremlin that I am is just coughing and wheezing over my vanity going “for the gram”

I’m just tired and bored a lot right now. So unbelievably bored. daytime tv is not good.

Battering Lamb
Battering Lamb
5 months ago

I thought it was a gay male flag?

@Acid Kritana: Same here. That is why I was surprised. In my experience these types tend not to be very LGBT+ friendly.

Acid Kritana
5 months ago

@David Futrelle

Also, I can’t remember who brought this up, but I do believe the ProMaleCollective subreddit was hacked.. Maybe? I don;t know the details.

Yup, I said that. Also, they have a new subreddit, if I’m correct.

@Battering Lamb

> I thought it was a gay male flag?

@Acid Kritana: Same here. That is why I was surprised. In my experience these types tend not to be very LGBT+ friendly.

Oh, pro-male guys are definitely pro-GB men. They just tend to hate the rest of the manosphere, except for some MRAs. Not all of them are pro-t (of either type), but some of them are.

5 months ago

Fire wrote:

I mean, he’s not wrong that women who think women inherently can’t consent/PIV sex is rape also don’t think men can be raped. That’s a position I’ve only seen on super radfem sites of a very specific vibe

In other words, a plausibly realistic depiction of man-hating fringe radical feminism presented as generic straw-feminism.

However, I presume such women are not only rare but unlikely to coercively attempt hookups with random dudes. This particular meme format uses the hookup as a stand-in for socially interacting with someone who then turns out to be ideologically or culturally abhorrent. Ironically, the meme author then takes the hookup literally to turn the story into a depiction of attempted date rape when the man decides he wants to walk away.

(The four panel hookup story is an actual meme that goes around the net, with alternate gender versions. I saw a version where the woman goes to the man’s place, notices he’s into Jordan Peterson, and walks away. Though in that version she also takes the scarf he wears in the first panel.)

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
5 months ago

Well, this headline is certainly bizarre:

46 net new virus-related deaths? Net of what, resurrections? Did Christ come back and start doing the Lazarus thing? Figures I’d be the last to be informed, if so …

5 months ago

At a guess, the ‘net’ means the death count is taking into account statistics lags and removing deaths reported in the time in question, but actually occurred earlier.

So, the net new deaths is the new deaths that ONLY occurred during the time span, and not the deaths that occurred earlier but took a while to be reported to the tracking database. As opposed to total new deaths, which would accurately represent how many new deaths above the last reported figure but would not actually reflect the number of new deaths that occurred since the last report.

At a guess.

Alan Robertshaw
5 months ago

@ surplus

Net of what

It was a bit of a puzzling opening sentence. I thought they were maybe going to say ‘But we also had some births; so it all evens out!”.

But the article explains that the 46 deaths reported for that day include deaths that occurred on previous days but have only just been confirmed to be covid related.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
5 months ago

So they’re really, really into anime chicks with guns.

NotThatThere’sAnythingWrongWithThat, but c’mon, boys — your kink is showing.

@Battering Lamb: @Lumipuna has correctly ID’d what that 2nd to last meme thinks it’s trying to say, but I’m with you — it more implies that when an attractive woman appears, “tradcon and MGTOW” then… have sex with other men?

I couldn’t get the site to load up yesterday; it threw a variety of error codes (not just 503) and everywhere else I went was fine. so I figured things were wrong with the hosting server.

epitome of incomrepehensibility

I didn’t have trouble seeing the site yesterday, but maybe that wasn’t when the problems were going on. I did notice that when I tried to post a comment today, the form didn’t have my username autofilled.

@Elaine The Witch – okay, your description of your red eye made me laugh! But I hope you feel better soon in general. And congrats on finishing the degree!!

As for the “female sexuality breeds violence” guy…it’s exaggeration where it isn’t flat-out lies. Okay, so people (not just women) might look for a partner who has material stuff or popularity (the “status and resource hoarding” in the post) but men can get status and resources by cooperating with people, not just by hurting them and stealing their stuff.

I mean, yeah, some non-physically-violent things people do to get ahead – lying, cheating, or leveraging already existing privilege – might not be ethically good. But that wasn’t what the post was about.

Also, preferring partners with wealth and “status”* wouldn’t be just about sexuality but other factors too. Are resources sexy?

…Well, maybe if you’re playing Settlers of Catan and you say “wood” suggestively. I dunno 😛

*I mean, for people that do – I’m more happy that I’ve got one I can (usually) communicate with well!

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
5 months ago

@epitome of incomprehensibility:

…Well, maybe if you’re playing Settlers of Catan and you say “wood” suggestively.

epitome of incomrepehensibility

@Surplus – ha, I’d forgotten that!

…Which leads me into a tangential observation: I used to watch that show mostly because I liked the looks of the actor who plays Raj. And that’s why I watched the somewhat silly Dr. Cabbie, but I didn’t find Kunal Nayyar as attractive there (different hairdo? dunno, it was a few years ago).

But I wonder what the “female sexuality breeds violence” guy would say about that. Am I an unholy aberration for being more attracted to a meek, “nerdy” character than a popular one? Or is does it not count if they’re played by the same actor? Questions, questions.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
5 months ago


As long as I’m still making people laugh it’s good. It’s covid mixed with all the other shit now. Yay.

Also thank you. I am proud of myself.

You know I get turned on by how many push up my husband can do while I’m sitting on his back. Does that count as sexuality to violence since I like how strong he his?

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