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Facing hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuits, the Boy Scouts declare bankruptcy. Men’s Rights Activists are still, somehow, blaming girls

Bye bye, Boy Scouts?

By David Futrelle

In a move that surprised no one who has been paying attention, the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy yesterday in an attempt to protect itself financially from hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuits — and the specter of more lawsuits to come.

You might think the occasion might lead to somber reflections among Men’s Rights Activists about this all-American organization that purported to prepare young boys for responsible adulthood but that instead looked the other way for decades while sexual predators abused literally thousands of the boys the organization swore to protect.

But no. As they did when the Boy Scouts first hinted they would be filing for bankruptcy, back in 2018, the handful of Men’s Rights Redditors who were even interested in discussing the topic blamed the organization’s troubles on its relatively recent decision to allow girls into the organization. And the evil femininsts and so-called SJWs who pushed the group towards more inclusivity.

“This was the lefts goal all along,” complained someone called HoosierFordDad in one of the Men’s Rights subreddit’s discussions of the bankruptcy.

In another thread on the subject, MayonaiseHOBO offered a similar argument.

They took it over and killed it. Time to start selling cookies like little zombies

1) whine about inclusion 2) get included 3) start excluding people over semantics ( 4) bankrupt organization open since 1910 in less than 5 years. 5) find new organization to whine at.

Another commenter asked “[i]s 2020 the year of #GetWokeGoBroke?”

Meanwhile, a commeter called elebrin thought he had an answer to the Boy Scout’s current problems: more secrecy.

The boys had something good, they wanted to kill it so boys wouldn’t have something good anymore, and so they killed it.

The only way men are going to have anything of our own is to host it and cultivate it in secret and defend it ardently.

Yes, I’m sure that’ll prevent all future cases of abuse.

I found only one Men’s Rights Redditor willing to push back against the #GetWokeGoBroke narrative — and show some actual sympathy for the abused former scouts.

“Damn, you’d think an organization being held accountable would be a good thing,” wrote fendenkrell.

If they didn’t want to become bankrupt, they shouldn’t have allowed, or ignored and/or covered up for the sexual predators among them.

Ya think?

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58 replies on “Facing hundreds of sexual abuse lawsuits, the Boy Scouts declare bankruptcy. Men’s Rights Activists are still, somehow, blaming girls”


My husband accidently sent it to a marine in his platoon who with context (made the group icon text picture for the platoon chat a picture of himself eating a woman’s ass in full view and I’m pretty sure that woman did not consent to her photo being shown to an entire marine platoon base)

Sorry Lainy, I overreacted. I shouldn’t have called people garbage without knowing the whole story.

Still, not your fault.

@Surplus to Requirements

1. Sanders
2. Warren
3. Any other Democrat not named “Bloomberg”
4. Dumpster fire
5. Steaming dog turd
6. Toxic waste dump or any non-Trump Republican candidate
7. Bloomberg
8. Live, damaged, unstable nuclear warhead
9. Adolf Hitler’s zombie
10. Four more years of Trump

My boyfriend and I laughed out loud at your list. My list would be the same as yours — except I wonder if numbers 8, 9, and 10 are all actually the same candidate. Something to think about?

Also, although I wouldn’t change number 5 to my number 1 candidate, number 5 still has a place in the natural order of things, unlike, say, number 9. Adolf Hitler needs to stay dead.


Yes his comments on my nipples have destroyed any exhibition kink I once previously enjoyed, consensually of course.

Mostly lurking these days, bit wanted to comment on a couple of things.


I am so sorry to hear all of that. You so did not deserve to have any of that happen.

@ Surplus to Requirements

I grew up Republican. I have never cared for Sanders. If it comes down to Sanders vs Bloomberg, Sanders is getting all of my money.


I just feel like if I wasn’t so stupid to send them in the first place then this wouldn’t have happened. For the most part I am very private with my body, choosing who gets to see it and when is extremely important to me and the knowledge that those pictures have left their intended target which is my husband, is really upsetting to me. Not even the fact that my face is in one of them, but they were two extremely revealing, intimate pictures. Now it feels like there isn’t a part of me that isn’t out on display.

I grew up in the BSA. I mostly loved my time there. Hearing about this makes me mad, but I’m mad at the leadership that allowed this to happen. Seeing an organization I valued reduced to this is awful.

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