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YouTube ranter Stefan Molyneux goes all-in on antisemitism, using the Epstein child rape case as an excuse

The three faces of Stefan Molyneux

By David Futrelle

YouTube “philosopher” and erstwhile Men’s Rights Activist Stefan Molyneux has been an open white nationalist in all but name for some time now, ranting endlessly about race and IQ, spreading disinformation about alleged “white genocide” in South Africa, and wondering aloud why more countries can’t be like almost-exclusively white Poland, free of what he sees as the burden of diversity.

But he’s been curiously mum on what white supremacists call “the JQ” — the “Jewish Question,” speaking of Jews mostly in code — referring instead to “globalists” and insinuating rather than stating outright his belief (shared by most on the alt-right) that Jews aren’t really white. Despite his coded antisemitism, and all the defensive tweets he’s devoted to dispelling the notion that he is himself Jewish, Molyneaux has as recently as this past January even tried to pretend that he’s been some sort of bold fighter against antisemitism.

That all changed yesterday, when Molyneux launched a virulently antisemitic Twitter tirade against accused child rapist Jeffrey Epstein that stopped only half a step away from literal “blood libel.”

After complaining that he was “getting pretty sick and tired of white girls” — a group that for Molyneux doesn’t include Jews — “being groomed and abused,” he asked this not-so-innocent question:

To someone who suggested that Espstein’s alleged whites-only policy of child sexual abuse was motivated by “religious/ethnic malice” — that is, Jewish hatred of white Christians — Molyneux responded coyly:

The notion that Jewish men deliberately target white Christian girls for sexual abuse is only a step away from the classic antisemitic blood libel — that Jews kill “Christian children in order to use their blood [in] religious rituals.”

Molyneux went on to suggest that Epstein had been protected for years by, presumably, other rich Jews, even when this went against their own financial interests.

He even suggested that late-night comedians would stay away from the Epstein case at the behest of their Jewish media masters.

Actually, most late-night talk shows are in ruruns at the moment.

So why is Molyneux openly spouting antisemitism now after being so coy on the subject for so long? It’s not that his beliefs seem to have changed; the only difference is how explicit he is about it. In the past, one can only assume, he figured that open antisemitism would probably be bad for his brand, or that it might get him canned from Twitter. Now, in the wake of the Epstein arrest, he has evidently concluded that it’s open season on Jews — and that the benefits of open antisemitism, in attracting fans and donations, outweigh the risks.

It’s good — very good — that Epstein has been arrested and may finally face real justice. It’s distressing that his arrest has stirred up antisemitic hatred and convinced the always opportunistic Molyneux that spouting a newfangled version of blood libel would be a good career move.

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36 replies on “YouTube ranter Stefan Molyneux goes all-in on antisemitism, using the Epstein child rape case as an excuse”

As a Jew myself, I can confirm that absolutely everything SM says is completely true

/major sarcasm icyct

Also, given how White People ™ tend to behave towards Jews, I actually do agree with him that Jews aren’t white. I usually identify as “other” instead of “caucasian”

As a fellow Jew, I agree that Jews aren’t white. Saying Jews are white seems to deny the real antisemitism that Jews face day to day that white people don’t have to deal with. I can definitely pass for white, but I generally don’t say my race as white. Also, to me the term Caucasian has always been strange, seeing as my ancestors (and the ancestors of most white people) don’t come from the Caucasus AFAIK.

Blood libel, yes, but I think the more salient parallel is to White Slavery crusades in American and British history. In more recent history anti-trafficking campaigns in the hands of people like Jr. George Bush and Trump are pure rehashings of white slavery campaigns, exaggerating the scale of the problem to target the general populations of immigrants and sex-workers. But anti-Jewish propaganda was a huge part of the original White Slave narratives, especially in the U.S.

We haven’t seen so much anti-semetism in current anti-trafficking campaigns, except in possibly unconscious references to global crime lords. Pizzagate/Qanon revived the anti-Jewish conspiracy part of the White Slave narratives, bringing us full circle.

David, David, DAVID!!! We’ve discussed this AT LENGTH… everything is the fault of Jewish people in some way or ‘nuther….

And “White People” as a descriptive therm has nothing to do with skin tone (though, I agree, to the uninitiated it might seem that skin tone is intimately related to Whiteness…. …. )

(with appropriate apologies to Todd Snider…), “White People” refers to Conservative, Christian Right-Wing Republican Straight White American Males…
Gay bashin’, black fearin’
Poor fightin’, tree killin’
Regional leaders of sales
Frat housin’, keg tappin’
Shirt tuckin’, back slappin’
Haters of hippies like me

(… hippies like me)

Last year, the Jewish publication Forward posted an excellent article by Talia Lavin on the related subject of how Jews who behave badly–especially the Jews in the Trump administration–are an embarrassment to their people and should be treated as outcasts. However, be warned that the comments are a horror show, with several right-wing Jews (and/or bots pretending to be right-wing Jews) ranting about the Palestinians and George Soros.

Palestinians and George Soros

The Palestinian people are the very definition of oppressed, and George Soros is the “Emmanuel Goldsein” character for the igno-right-wing’s 1984 fantasy….


Not surprising: every time an article comes out criticizing Israel’s human rights violations, you see a herd of Right-wing, zionist trolls, flock to the comments sections to spread propaganda, which ranges from deflection to the outright denial of the existence of Palestinian people.

It’s beyond ironic to see jewish people aligning themselves with an administration full of Nazis. Then again it may not be so ironic considering the Right wing in Israel has gone full fascist for a while now.

Molyneux is one of those guys that revealed his power level in stages. First he was that creepy cult-leader “defoo” guy. Then he had his meltdown about women (as Dave has covered). Then once he realized reactionary YouTube was where the real money was at, he started hitting every alt-right meme from “Zimmerman did nothing wrong” to brain sizes. This is a natural evolution for him.

This is a natural evolution for him.

And for a shit-load of other demagogues looking to fleece a quick buck out of the ignorant….

Re: late night talk show comics —

So howsabout the reason the late night talk show comics won’t be making jokes about Jeffrey Epstein is because he kidnapped, trafficked, and raped under-aged girls, and not because of any sort of gag rules against their supposed {{{Masters}}}*.

*Brackets for irony’s sake only.

Jeffrey Epstein supposedly managed billions of dollars – was he ever sued by outraged investors for damaging the value of their investments by engaging in criminal actions?

If not, why not?

Oh, that’s easy! Because no billionaire man ever was. Why did he suppose that would change because the billionaire happened to be Jewish?

Also, I don’t think “Jews targeting white girls for rape” is a half step from blood libel. I think it’s worse, because “secret blood rituals” is something no one has experience with and is fantasy on the face of it, but “girls getting raped” is staggeringly commonplace and easy to connect to a hated demographic.

If not, why not?

Hasn’t he only *just* been arrested this past week? Give the outraged investors some time. I mean, I imagine it’s hard enough to sue a billionaire as it is, let alone without something official and concrete to point to, but now that it’s passing from “rumour/open secret” to “court case”….

So now Stefan Molyneux’s an expert on what constitutes a shanda fur die goyim? ‘Cos I’m pretty sure raping underage girls qualifies.

ETA: I’m just heartsick over the whole thing. 🙁

As soon as I saw the arrest report, I knew this shit would come up. I knew it. Any famous Jew who does something horrible is chum in the water for antisemites. Especially anything involving rape or targeting children. It’s little High of Lincoln in the 21st century in their minds, and the only righteous thing to do is to get rid of the Jews, invariably.

Sigh. I hate being a historian of religion sometimes. The patterns are eternal.

Wasn’t Stefan Molyneux the kind of guy who wants to have sex with “jailbaits” and think women should not have a say in who they have sex or in relationship with? Does that just make him envious and jealous of the much more successful Epstein who managed to realise Molyneux’s fantasm of sexual exploitation and power?

Honestly I pity any and all women who come forward to the trial. Epstein’s lawyers would probably act with every dollar in their pocket to make their lives a living hell.

Not to mention the women’s careers after all this is said and done.

I’m so tired. I can’t talk about family history due to a family member (and his kids) in danger. I can’t talk about our religious history despite being an agnostic. A branch of my family is living in another country. I can no longer utilize free speech for safety reasons. Who knew stating one’s ancestors’ religious history would endanger children?

I’m very, very sorry to hear this. All best wishes to you and yours.

How Investigative Reporting & Survivor Testimony Toppled Billionaire Serial Abuser Jeffrey Epstein

Casey Frank, senior editor for investigations at the Miami Herald:

[T]he victims are finally being heard, after years of being ignored and disregarded and, in fact, abused, not only by Mr. Epstein, but also many of them felt abused by the justice system in the state of Florida, the federal—the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Now, how this came about is the direct result of two dogged journalists, Julie K. Brown and Emily Michot. Julie, for years, was involved in exposing some of the abuses in the Florida prison system. And she zeroed in, in particular, on one prison for female inmates in Lowell, Florida. It came to her attention that many of the women in that prison were there because they had been trafficked over the years, and the subject was of great interest to her. She began to research the topic of human trafficking, and the name Jeffrey Epstein kept coming up, and so she decided to dig a little deeper.

That’s when she discovered this deal that was engineered in 2007 and 2008 by Mr. Acosta when he was the U.S. attorney. Concurrent with that, Mr. Acosta had been named as the labor secretary-designate by new President Trump. And she observed at his confirmation hearing that he got kid-glove treatment by virtually all of the lawmakers who were there to grill him, with one or two exceptions.

And so she decided to take a very deep dive into this topic, working with visual journalist Emily Michot, and the result was our series of stories called “Perversion of Justice.” And I believe that the result of that series was what we saw yesterday: the indictment of Mr. Epstein and finally some measure of justice, perhaps, for his many alleged victims.


And she observed at his confirmation hearing that he got kid-glove treatment by virtually all of the lawmakers who were there to grill him, with one or two exceptions.

Things that make you go “hmmm”…

I’ve been saying, “Hmmm,” a lot ever since Trump got elected. And ever since #MeToo.

“Stefan Molyneux, philosopher skin”

(I half credit this to the top image caption David had in a recent post)

I’m 1/4 Jewish, as Granny was a Holocaust orphan.
So; pretty white, although its left me with an outsider perspective and a taste for obscure literature.

…and a flinching sensitivity to bigots and a morbid fascination with fascism.

Here’s to radical Jewish leftism!

@Dreamer: I’m so sorry to hear this. Your situation sounds really scary. Hugs!

(Content warning: additional badness)

Epstein isn’t the only one I’ve heard about recently:

Back when I used to watch anti-theists and apologists go at it on YouTube (before ElevatorGate brought the reactionary streak of those content creators to the fore), this Mathew Bell guy was one of the more obnoxious Christian apologists. Only heard about this because I still follow a couple of those non-reactionary atheist YouTubers and this came up on my feed. YouTuber Skylar Fiction actually posted a clip of an interview he had with Bell where Bell kept trying to trap Skylar with the “you’re a moral relativist!” line by coming up with these bizarre “what if?” scenarios that always involved child sexual assault. Like “What if space aliens told you they’d blow up the world unless you raped a child? Would you do it?”

…not sure this guy could have projected harder if he grew a light out of his head. Ugh….

Wow, I couldn’t finish that article — but I sure get the picture. I’m surprised that a newspaper would go into the details in such great, horrific depth. Space aliens, huh?

The more information comes out of Epstein’s case, the more evident it is that conservatives love to project on others. The entire PizzaGate scandal was true, except it didn’t involve pizzas but it largely involved Donald Trump and his buddies.

There’s good reason why Epstein and Acosta were treated with kid gloves: look at all the names coming out of the little black book. From confirmed pedophiles such as Michael Jackson and Kevin Spacey, to people like Mick Jagger, and members of the British royal family.

However, precisely because it is such a big scandal and because it involves some of the most powerful men in the world, I am skeptical that anything will be done about it.

I am hopeful that this will help bring down the entire sex trafficking ring, but I remain skeptical. Last time Epstein got away with it and, from the looks of it, kept at it for another 10 years.

Epstein: pimp to the Bilderberg set.


Those “what if aliens forced you to do it?” scenarios are… a turtles-all-the-way-down farrago of “what if?s” Like, ok: the aliens have the technology to both reach Earth and potentially destroy it; they also know enough about us to know what kinds of acts most humans consider morally indefensible; what are they getting out of trying to force one random human to rape another? Are they just doing it for the evil lulz?

In which extremely unlikely case, they fall under the “anyone offering to spare your life or others’ lives if you comply has just demonstrated their willingness to use murder as a threat, so you have *no* reason to believe they’ll keep their side of the bargain once you’ve given them what they want” rule.

Protected, very likely: but by his money and his connections: Trump and Prince Andrew (neither of them notably Jewish) among others.

One problem with conspiracy theories (if we can leave aside the racism… and I’m not sure whether can) is that it taps into a feeling that, actually, the dice are loaded and the game is rigged

It’s a persuasive feeling, because the dice ARE loaded. But not by or for Jews (or women, or Muslims, or whoever).

By and for wealthy men (mostly) with power and influence using their wealth, their power and their influence to get away with what they want to get away with. For a sizeable minority this includes rape, sexual exploitation, and abuse of children.

I would bet Molyneux’s real beef is that he doesn’t have as much wealth, power and influence that he can get away with bad stuff too.

Oh, wow, the TERFs are joining in now with the, “akcholoooooi, it’s hebephilia” argument. I’m hoping that this convergence of loathsome will create some kind of singularity that’ll suck the lot of them clean out of our dimension and into one where Cthulhu and friends will wear them as hats, but I’ve been disappointed on this score before…

@kupo: There’s… no bottom to this, is there? Like the sludge at the bottom of an anoxic lake. Absolutely no concern for women of colour who might find such terminology offensive. Peak White Woman Feminism™ at its best (sic)

Edit: I’ve just realised– they are actively becoming femin-Nazis with this kind of jargon, as if making cause with the theocratic Right wasn’t doing that already. I… need to lie down. ☹️

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