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“Jack Corbin,” online pal of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, wants to force “Attractive Left Wing Traitor Women” to pay “sexual reparations” to incels

CORRECTION: The original version of this post contained a picture of someone who was not “Jack Corbin.” I have removed it. My apologies.

By David Futrelle

Fascist shitposter “Jack Corbin” — a serial harasser of antifascist activists and a onetime online buddy of Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter Robert Bowers — thinks he’s found a solution to the problem of mass shootings by angry, bitter incels. At least the white ones.

He calls it “sexual reparations.” And he may have sort of stolen the idea from Jordan Peterson. Who may have sort of borrowed the idea from the incels themselves.

In a post on Gab today, Corbin spelled out the basics of his plan:

In a Gab post yesterday, “Corbin” — whose real name is
Daniel McMahon, according to Right Wing Watch — explored this lovely idea in more detail, suggesting that it would play a central role in his presumably never-going-to-happen run for the presidency in 2024.

A presidential run? 8-10 white children? Rapists allowed to sue their sex slaves if their perfume makes them sneeze? Is this all just one big shitpost?

Well, yes and no. We can dismiss posts like these as jokes only if we ignore the fact that Nazis and “edgy” racists use humor as a way to normalize their hateful ideas and make them go down easier, as writer Tauriq Moosa has noted. Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin is a virtuoso shitposter who learned his craft on 4chan; he’s also deadly serious. Both the Toronto van attacker and the Christchurch mosque shooter made references to memes in the messages they left behind to explain why they decided to commit their acts of terrorism.

Another reason we can’t dismiss “Corbin’s” posts as jokes? Because his words online — however hyperbolic or ridiculous they may sometimes sound — have already been used to cause harm in the real world. He’s terrorized antifa activists with threats and by posting their personal information online.

And his words may also have helped to influence Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers in his decision to take his hatred offline, murdering 11 in a shooting rampage only a little more than five months ago. Bowers was a regular on Gab, and while he interacted with a number of well-known far-right figures on the site, the person he interacted most with was “Corbin.”

While “Corbin’s” rants are simultaneously horrific and ludicrous, it’s worth pointing out that his plan for “sexual reparations” is in many ways just a more carefully thought out version of the notion of “enforced monogamy” as a solution to incel killing sprees that was set forth last year by supposedly serious thinker Jordan Peterson.

In order to work as planned, both, er, “solutions” to the problem of incel violence would require women to be somehow compelled to have sex with the sort of men who think a killing spree is an appropriate response to not getting laid.

“Corbin” is fairly clear that these women would be literally forced to have sex, with an implicit threat of violence or jail hanging over their heads. Peterson, for his part, denies that his version of “enforced monogamy” would be, well, enforced in this way, but has offered no suggestions as to what non-coercive mechanism could somehow, er, inspire the women of the world to have sex with men who are presumably having some trouble getting laid now because women may just be able to sense that they have secret shrines to Elliot Rodger hidden in their closets.

Versions of the “sexual reparations” and/or “enforced monogamy” have been common on incel forums for years now. Now these incels have the explicit support of a dangerous self-described fascist with a direct connection to the man who carried out an anti-Semitic mass shooting that took eleven lives. No way this could end badly, huh?

H/T to @scottkernest and @AntiFashGordon, who highlighted “Corbin’s” Gab posts on Twitter.

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3 years ago

So he doesn’t think that he’d instead increase the rate of female shooters who disagree with this barbaric idea and try to protect themselves from it? I mean, forcing women against their/our will like that might in fact deal with the incel problem, but not in the way that he thinks.

LK Lowe
LK Lowe
3 years ago

Waaaaiiiit, I thought all liberals and feminists were ugly…? /s

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