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Creepy, woman-hating white supremacists rush to defense of creepy, woman-hating white supremacist Tucker Carlson

Tucker, saying something reprehensible, probably

By David Futrelle

As you no doubt have heard, Media Matters’ Madeline Peltz recently dug up a bunch of rather remarkably creepy things that white supremacist Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on the radio some years back.

Talking to noted radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge, Carlson — among other things — defended a pedophile cult leader who’d just been convicted of facilitating child rape; said he “would love [the] scenario” of 14-year-old girls having sex with each other so long as his own 14-year-old daughter weren’t involved; defended female teachers having sex — that is, raping — 13-year-old boys because he feels they’re “doing a service to all 13-year-old girls by taking the [sexual] pressure off” of them; and that women are “extremely primitive” creatures who secretly love it when men order them “to be quiet and … do what you’re told.”

Today, Media Matters posted more audio excerpts from Carlson, this time full of racist rhetoric and white supremacist talking points; among other things, the Fox News host declared Iraqis to be a bunch of “semiliterate primitive monkeys.” 

So, naturally, MAGAs and their far-right fellow travelers are rallying around him, with many figures on the far right not simply minimizing his remarks — as Carlson himself has, by calling them merely “naughty” — but defending his truly repellent views on child rape and women’s alleged inferiority.

More than a few of his defenders are, unsurprisingly, blaming “the Jews” for Media Matters’ diabolical plan to smear Carlson by … accurately reporting things he said publicly to the massive audience of a radio show he regularly called in to.

So who’s lining up to support Carlson today?

Donald Trump Jr, the alt-right-adjacent son of our white supremacist president.

Then there’s the alt-lite grifter and former Pizzagate conspiracy monger Jack Posobiec, who has tweeted in defense of Tucker literally dozens of times in the past day or so. The not so-coded antisemitic insinuation in this tweet is a bonus bit of terrible:

Former Klan leader and present-day dirty old man David Duke was a little less subtle:

Daily Stormer head boy Andrew Anglin not only denounced the attacks on Tucker by “the Soros-backed organization Media Matters,” he declared that none of what Tucker said “is especially outrageous and I agree with all of it.”

Oddball right-wing grifter/conspiracist/supplement salesman Mike Cernovich — who’s had his own legal issues with rape — has thrown his support solidly behind Tucker on the grounds that all the quotes from Tucker are more than five years old and he probably didn’t really say them anyway, since “audio can be edited to say anything,” though he offers no proof that the audio was doctored and actually hasn’t even bothered to listen to it.

Racist conspiracy-slinger Paul Joseph Watson apparently remembered that the best defense is a good offense, but then forgot to make his offense even vaguely comprehensible. What is he even talking about here?

Gamergate dead-ender Ian Miles Cheong offered a similarly muddled defense of Tucker:

Meanwhile, over on the Nazi-infested Twitter alternative Gab, Tucker fans are having an extremely normal one.

Shane Bunting @P1M
10 hours ago · edited
It is GOOD for girls to marry at 16. David Lane taught this. Bernhardt Klassen taught this. Adolf Hitler concurred and so too Tuck Carlson and Varg Vilernes. What's more, the #14Words endorse polygamy as well as the capture and reeducation of thots. David Lane taught it was okay for a guy to be in his 20s "kidnapping" a 16 year old thot. I stand with David Eden Lane.*

ION✔️ @Ionwhite PRO
11 hours ago · edited
If the Jews themselves can't bring an alpha white male down, they send in their feminists to do it --- and I predict, it's going to work. They will destroy Tucker. 

Tucker talks just like my dad and brother and any other man in my life whom I love and respect.   Fuck Feminists.  Normal women need to abandon all contact with them, and stop approving of "some" things they stand for. 

Either we are all in with these horrible women or we are all out and act defensively against them - for our own and our children's sakes and the sake of men, there is no inbetween.   Our dads, brothers and husbands, our kids are targeted by these freaks and they will destroy them.

The only way to fight back is to refuse these slags any power over right wing women. These are essentially weak and broken women who can do nothing on their own and who's only power is in mob attack and mob rule.
the Moloch worshippers over at Media Matters took a break from the nightly ritual sacrifice long enough to spray some of the sewage which they consume regularly as part of a campaign against Tucker. 

ok the only pigs here are those who are doing the squealing knowing what's just around the corner.

Our old, er, friend Heartiste — everybody’s favorite racist narcissist “pickup artist” — not only agreed with Tucker; he suggested that Tucker stole his ideas from him. (Never mind that Carlson made many of his worst remarks before Heartiste even started the blog that later became Chateau Heartiste.)

Heartiste @Heartiste
a day ago
If tucker said this, then he is practically cribbing from my blog. 
my god, do you know what this means? 
he gathers his family around to read my blog poasts!

Really swell bunch of fans you’ve got there, Tucker!

EDIT: Added tweets from Cernovich.

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3 years ago


Honestly this just sounds like a good survival strategy. I’m the same way, folks keep getting on my case for “ruining” things.

I just low key assume everyone in my life could possibly be out there to do me harm I suppose.

3 years ago

Not related to the OP, but sometimes, I wish I were a psychopath, so I can eliminate the instinct of wanting to have faith in humanity. I’m sick of these people having influence and popular support while we, as a possible minority around the world, have none. I don’t want to have any reservations towards doing anything that may be dangerous at least for myself or even illegal. I come across too many people who would have even a hint of support for fucks like

So I say, thank you David, for exposing these diseases for the world wide web to be informed about, but I would like it if I could have some sense of being able to take action, some sense that our efforts to remove the past millennium’s prejudices and make a free society for all are NOT in vain. Unfortunately, it seems like people are more than content to keep and enforce their repressive ways on others.

Nanny Oggs Busom
Nanny Oggs Busom
3 years ago

By thy friends shall you be known…and all that stuff.

Scumbags defend scumbags, how surprising.

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