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Dr. David Duke: White supremacist, dirty old man

David Duke, creepy grandpa

Aging white supremacist David Duke — or, as he insists, Dr. David Duke — may spend most of his time railing against Jews and Muslims and pretty much everyone who isn’t white (or, rather, white enough for his tastes).

But he also seems to spend a lot of time thinking about white women. Specifically, young white women, sometimes very young, who are, like, smoking HAWT in an all-white kind of way.

On Twitter, in recent days, he’s been posting memes extolling the alleged superior beauty of white women — or, as he likes to put it, women whose parents are both white. His goal? To convince young white men and women to only have kids with white partners —  thus ensuring Duke and others like him that, roughly 18 years down the line, there will be a new generation of white hotties for them to leer at. Because eventually white babies, or at least some of them, become white BABES.

Oh, and this will also help protect the white race from being GENOCIDED FROM WITHIN by RACE TRAITORS who have mixed-race children or none at all.

Basically, Duke’s new campaign enables the creepy old ex-Klansman to post pics like these:

Did I mention that Dr. Duke is 66?

Hey, hey! Watch where you’re looking! Her white heritage is up here!

“Triggered?” Dr. David Duke is trying so hard to keep up with the Pepe-loving alt-right youngsters and their terrible jokes.

Yep, that’s right, Dr. Duke likes big butts and he cannot lie.

Actually, scratch that last bit; he’s pretty good at lying. When he made his first foray into electoral politics lo those many decades ago, he managed to convince more than a few observers that he wasn’t the complete racist piece of shit that he is. Now he doesn’t bother to hide it.

Also he apparently spends his evenings scouring the internet for pictures of white hotties young enough to be his granddaughter … wearing tiny shorts.

So who does Duke blame when white RACE TRAITORS have children with partners of another race, thereby WHITE GENOCIDING future generations of pretty white girls?

Let’s just say that the name of the culprit starts with “J” and rhymes with “Jews.”

Oh, wait, I sort of gave it away didn’t I?

That doesn’t make any sense to me. Don’t the Jews need Christian baby blood for their evil Jewy rituals? Wouldn’t a Jewish conspiracy to reduce the supply of white babies increase the price of white baby blood? I thought Jews were supposed to be the world’s biggest cheapskates!

Anti-Semitism is confusing.

104 replies on “Dr. David Duke: White supremacist, dirty old man”

I had not known about MR. David Duke’s plastic surgery. The idea that he was sufficiently motivated to have his superior Caucasoid physiognomy altered from its natural state is mordantly amusing.

Reminds me of the old joke about the Wehrmacht soldier who boasted of being the ideal Aryan superman – tall as Goebbels, fit as Goering, blond as Hitler and handsome as Himmler.

He looks so much older than 66. Also, I cannot wait until he accidentally posts a photo of a hot Jewish girl, or a girl who turns out to be mixed. It’s bound to happen eventually. I feel really bad for those girls, tho, being framed as horrible racists without their consent. That has to feel pretty violating.

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