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White dudes! Defend your race by harassing women until they cry, Daily Stormer urges

Andrew Anglin has some issues

For an alleged defender of white womanhood, Andrew Anglin of the neo-Nazi tip sheet The Daily Stormer really seems to hate white women. In a post yesterday, Anglin urged his fellow racist white dudes to uplift their race by tearing “their” women down.

Anglin begins his post with an angry rant against “All About That Bass,” Megan Trainor’s musical paean to women who’ve “got that boom boom that all the boys chase, all the right junk in all the right places.” Snowflake Anglin retorts that real men like him think “[f]at women are disgusting.”

Naturally, he blames the popularity of Trainor’s song on the evil machinations of the Elders of Zion.

“The Jews are literally marketing obesity as a favorable lifestyle choice – they are selling this to teenage girls,” he charges.

They are telling them, using scientific methods of psychological manipulation, that boys will like them if they are fat. 

But nothing could be further from the truth! Not only that, but fat people are depriving non-fat people of their basic human rights with their dastardly fatness.

Fat people are not simply destroying themselves – they are destroying society. 

By refusing to take basic care of yourself and present yourself in a manner that is not disgusting, you are demonstrating vile hatred for everyone around you. Giving gluttonous sluts the “freedom” to be fat takes away the freedom of normal people to not have to look at disgusting fat slobs when they are out in public trying to lead normal lives.

Who knew that poor Mr. Anglin was so oppressed?

Happily for the white race (minus the fatties), Mr. Anglin has a solution to fight the rising tide of fatness: fat shaming.

Indeed, the brave Mr. Anglin has already launched his own personal fat shaming crusade — at a local McDonald’s. He begins the story of his struggle by assuring his readers that he only goes to McDonald’s for coffee and “I do not eat their food ever.”

Well, not ever ever. “Maybe twice a year I get a sausage McMuffin for breakfast,” he admits in the very next sentence, before relating a recent encounter he had at McDonald’s with “two girls probably 21-22 who were fat and scarfing down burgers, French fries and soda.”

Horrifyingly, these women had not completely covered every inch of their body with opaque material to protect Anglin’s sensitive eyes.

Despite the chilly April in Ohio weather, they were wearing short shorts, showing off their elephant legs. They were proud.

Naturally, Anglin decided he had to take them down a peg.

Passing them on the way back from the bathroom, I stopped right in front of them, looked at the French fries one was munching, then looked her straight in the eyes, then looked down at her bulbous exposed legs, then looked her straight in the eyes and shook my head and said “Jesus fucking Christ” and walked away.


If you do this right, the skank will spend hours on end crying about it, will think about it most of her waking hours (as well as in her nightmares) for weeks, and remember it for the rest of her life.

Yeah, that’s kind of how abuse — both physical and verbal — works, you piece of shit.

But in Anglin’s mind, this is abuse with a purpose — the salvation of the beleaguered white race.

You are helping your society and your race by doing this, and it will make you feel confident. Looking down on women is something all men should be doing, a status we need to regain in this matriarchal Jew hell of a society we’ve been born into against our will, and fat women are an easy target for building up your confidence.

But what if you’re too shy to walk up to fat women and verbally abuse them in public?

If you don’t have the confidence yet to walk right up to these whores, you can look at them from a distance, make eye-contact, and shake your head in disgust. This will build your confidence as you train your subconscious mind to understand that these whores are far, far below you.

It’s all about self-improvement!

Note that this may be illegal in some European countries. But it sure as hell isn’t in America. And it needs to be done.

Everyone should make it a personal mission to inflict shame on some horrible slut each and every day of his life.

But your abuse “doesn’t have to be limited to fat women.” In fact, you can just go ahead and abuse “all types of stupid, worthless whores.”

Like, for example, white women dating icky non-white men!

[I]f you see an interracial couple, you can stop and say, enthusiastically “wow, you guys are such a cute couple,” she will almost certainly interpret this as you giving her exactly what she wants – social approval for her brave social justice act. So then, while she’s smiling, look the stupid bitch straight in the eyes and say “your father must be so proud.” Then, start laughing, and walk away.

This might not work if the “stupid bitch’s” father is not actually a racist piece of shit, but never mind, because Anglin is on a roll!

The “your father must be so proud” line followed by laugher can be used in all types of different situations.

If a girl is dressed particularly whorishly, or is making some big public attention getting display, you can say “wow, you sure are something – your father must be so proud” and start laughing.

If they get standoffish with you and try to attack you for shaming them, just keep laughing and walk away.


If “cuckolded white knight faggots” step in to defend the “whore” in question, you can also stand up to them by walking away. “Don’t engage,” Anglin warns.

Engaging makes it look like it matters to you more than it does, and that then boosts the ego of the slut. You want her to know that you think she is lower than any insect.

Apparently, being a complete asshole to practically every woman you see can be a big boost to your self-esteem.

I promise you, this will make you feel GREAT because you are doing a very GREAT thing for our race and society. You can then teach your friends to do the same. We can create an entire social movement, very rapidly, as men begin to realize the deep spiritual joy and righteousness they feel in putting these stupid whores in their place.

I suppose I should make the obligatory “are we the baddies” reference here.

Some of Anglin’s readers were apparently worried that adopting his “abuse practically every woman you see” approach might make it difficult for them to find dates for the prom. Anglin assures them in an “IMPORTANT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT” appended to his post that nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, ladies love abusive men! It’s SCIENCE.

For any remaining white knights who just don’t get it, and accuse me of somehow making it so men won’t be successful with women if they view them and treat them this way, you know absolutely nothing whatsoever about women. … 

Men who engage in the type of behavior I have outlined here are the kind of men that women desire more than anything. In fact, they are the only type of men they desire. This is evolutionary biology, it is a scientific fact … 

Women have exactly zero desire to be “respected” by men who view them as “equals” – women desire to be dominated by men who view them as property.

Roses are red

Birds have wings

Women like men

Who treat them like things



My agenda is to save the white race by helping men to become men again, and I don’t give a fuck about the tears of you pussy-worshiping cowards who have abandoned OUR WOMEN to their own fundamentally self-destructive natures by refusing to give them male guidance through the mechanism of public shaming.

You white knight cowards are the ones who are destroying OUR WOMEN by abdicating your masculine duty to put them in their place where they are safe and protected by men who dominate and own them, while at the same time claiming that any man who stands up and does his masculine duty is the bad guy.

White knights are worse than Jews – they are traitors.

Traitors, huh? “If this be treason,” as Patrick Henry so famously said, let us “make the most of it.”

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“Hans, you know how in stories the villain initially succeeds before finally being defeated in the last act?”


“Well let’s just say I’m not very comfortable with our current position in the narrative.”

How I wish all the #MAGA-crowing buffoons would see that sketch and take this part especially to heart. But that would entail them being capable of learning something, and we all know how crappy the Master Race™ types are at that.

I’m pretty sure those girls at McDonalds had no idea what he was talking about.

Also, lurking around in the background and muttering insults under your breath, and then scurrying away when people question you, is hardly a paragon of alpha maleness.

The utter lack of self awareness is what continues to be most puzzling about these types.

Hi PeeVee! Thanks <3 <3 <3 I've been quiet here lately…my mom passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago, and I've been dealing with major grief. It feels like the tears will never end. But I still come here and lurk when I need some ridiculousness. I enjoy your comments too.

Best wishes to all the Mammotheers, hope everyone is well…

@ Buttercup

I am so sorry to hear that. Words seem trite at times like this; but you very much have my condolences.

Buttercup Q. Skullpants,

You have my deepest sympathy. I understand what grief is. (((((Hugs)))))

Missed you. Always enjoy your comments, and glad to hear you’re still around. So sorry about your mom. Please, take my sympathies and all the time you need <3

“So then, while she’s smiling, look the stupid bitch straight in the eyes and say ‘your father must be so proud.’ Then, start laughing, and walk away.”

Assumes taboos of in-group-of-choice are universal and commonly acknowledged, and falls down on that basis. My conservative rockribbed Republican hardhat Dad would certainly not be ashamed, and he was born in 1921. So beware of whom, and what, you take for granted.

I bet about half (if not more) of the couples Mr. Anglin approaches in this way (supposing he’s not telling fables) emerge from the encounter simply thinking he’s weird. I’m all the more willing to make the bet because Mr. Anglin feels called-upon to explain himself at some length here, which tells me that in the past he might have run into people who failed to catch on to what he was getting at. (Hence his eagerness to provide a footnote or a gloss in writing just to drive home his point.) JMO.

Buttercup – Adding to the condolences. I lost my dear old dad a year and a half ago and there are still too many days where it seems like it happened yesterday.

I think the problem with these assholes is that they think everyone thinks like them, so they believe that the things they’d personally find insulting must insult other people.

If some random dude came up to me and a non-white friend and said “your dad must be proud of you”, I’d be like “WTF was that dude talking about?” I would not conflate any of that with “you are hanging out with a non-white person and thus disgusting” because I don’t go around constantly thinking “I am hanging out with a non-white friend”. Seeing someone watching me in disgust therefore does not translate to “OMG he’s disgusted by me hanging out with someone who isn’t white!” My thoughts instead would go to “what a rude buttmunch”, and I’d probably forget about it. Or tell my dad about it, who may find it funny. Or it would just confuse him. My dad is pretty proud of me, btw. Even if I wear short shorts.

But it helps that my dad doesn’t hate women. Or black people. So yeah.

I think the problem with these assholes is that they think everyone thinks like them, so they believe that the things they’d personally find insulting must insult other people.

And that’s precisely it. They’ll get online validation from their echo chamber, but I would bet that Anglin, et-all, would never try that IRL.

Really, his whole little tale of Adventures at McDonald’s sounds like an old Penthouse Forum letter, “I couldn’t believe it happened to me…”, and that’s because it most likely didn’t.

@A. Noyd
@Aunt Podger, Ketchup-Spewing Feminester
@Collateral Thought

Thank you all for well written and thorough responses. That Star Trek:The Next Generation episode , I watched it a long while ago, the paralells are more astounding and relatable than I thought. As soon I head back home I’ll be sure to apply these tips for the group, and talk to them on what works for them.

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants

long time lurker, first time commenter:
wait, Megan Trainor is fat? umm, when did this happen?

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants, condolences. I don’t know your mother, but if we define a good mother as “someone whose children make the world a better place, yours is that. Glad to see you around.

Now, regarding coffee lady: what itches in my skull is that woman is NOT reacting in a way natural to people who are flirting—- she’s skipping a bunch of steps. My immediate conclusion would be, if this actually happened, that the narrator is wrong, but whatever really chafed her wrists, it’s easier to say, “Yeah, sure, rough sex, whatever gets me out of this conversation fastest, buddy.” If she hadn’t gone right to, “Soooooo…”, I would have gone with maybe allergic reaction to yesterday’s bracelets, the bank she works at got violently robbed and she’d been tied up so she ran to the lavvy until the shakes passed, she flew coach class on United, whatever. But since she immediately went to, “Let’s go somewhere more private, stranger who has shown two red flags for being a worst-order emotional abuser,” I would say this woman is a (somewhat klutzy) serial killer who has recently escaped from custody, and this guy is listed as “narrow escape” in the credits of whatever terrible police procedural drama I am being forced to be polite to my daughter’s in-laws by watching.


My condolences. I know it doesn’t help with the hurt much, but they’re meant. 🙁


Really, his whole little tale of Adventures at McDonald’s sounds like an old Penthouse Forum letter, “I couldn’t believe it happened to me…”, and that’s because it most likely didn’t.

Eh, there isn’t really anything so far-fetched about “I went up to someone and acted like a passive-aggressive asshole because I thought they were fat!”


Eh, there isn’t really anything so far-fetched about “I went up to someone and acted like a passive-aggressive asshole because I thought they were fat!”

This is true, but I’m talking about Anglin, and his whole scenario sounded like a big steaming pile of McBullshit. His descriptions just rang false for me. I don’t believe he walked up to anyone other than the counter employee to order his coffee. I believe he may have seen two women whose appearance he didn’t like, and decided “hey! New blog post!”

I think he is the kind that would absolutely harass a drive-thru employee by calling her names as he drove away, though. That’s if he drives at all.


I am so sorry for your loss.

I lost my dad a couple of years ago. He had been seriously demented for several years so I thought that when he died it wouldn’t be so bad, because in a very real sense he was mostly gone for quite a while before he died. And that was true… at first.

About a week afterwards, I sat down in a chair and cried for about an hour. I still find myself crying about him now and then. But I have taken the pain as that which is due his loss.

I loved my father deeply. I often think he was the best dad you could expect a human to be. So I grieve, but I also remember what a great father he was. And I am so very grateful that he was my father.

So sorry, Buttercup! Sending positive thoughts to you & yours.

You know, Mr. Anglin, I really sort of hope you try that shit with my son’s first wife*. Well, no I don’t really because I don’t want her in jail for assault, but I can imagine it. She’s about 5′ nothing when she has on thick-soled shoes and in the past couple of years has gotten sort of fat. I suspect she’d clean your clock so thoroughly that your dick would climb up inside every time you saw a woman for the rest of your life. A consumption devoutly to be wished, in my opinion. You know, for the improvement of the white race.

But no. Because she is black and you theoretically wouldn’t care if she was fat, right?

So I guess I have to elaborate on my daydream. Someone with her willingness to get in the face of anyone who fucks with her but with white skin. Yeah. I like that.

*Divorces don’t have to be ugly. My son’s extended family includes his new wife and their son and all her siblings and mother and father, his ex-wife, their children, her boyfriend, all his sisters-in-law and their families, and her mother, plus an assortment of friends who have formed a fictive kinship, plus, of course, all the family from my side, the cousins and aunts and uncles, et al.

@Buttercup – So sorry about your loss. I also want to say that I enjoy reading your comments – they’re funny and insightful.

Not as bad as Nicki “Fuck them skinny bitches” Minaj though.

@Betrayer – I’ll white-knight* for Nicki Minaj here: while “Anaconda” might be many things, it’s not serious. Of course I can’t speak for others, but this line didn’t bother my skinny self at all. It’d be like hearing, “You people who have moles on your ankles – YOU ARE ALL TERRIBLE!”

*Can I compound-verb this? Am I allowed? Watch out, Andrew Anglin: this is what women do without male dominance – turn adjective-noun phrases into compound verbs. C’est terrible.

I’m wondering if he’s ever met a proper redneck?
They’ll stomp you to jelly for disparaging their daughters. I mean, they’ll ask Jesus to forgive them later, but first there will be an ass whopping.

Is he aware that Wagner’s beautiful Brunnhilde is where we get the saying, “It ain’t over til the fat lady sings”?

I mean honestly, when you’re bad at being a racist shithead you have reached the lowest low and it is well past time to rethink your life.

I’m so sorry to hear that your mother passed. I’m sure that it’s extra hard when death is unexpected.

Take good care of yourself.

Nothing says “alpha male of the master race” like muttering something vaguely insulting to a couple of children at McDonalds and scampering away in terror.

All my best wishes, Buttercup. I’ve always greatly enjoyed your posts, and I hope we can make you smile in return.

L. E. Millennial:

Um, I’m confused. Aren’t these the same guys who talk about how superior Asian women are to Western women because Asians are supposedly more passive and docile?
So why is he shaming interracial couples when they all aspire to get a submissive Asian woman instead of the feminist-corrupted white woman?

These days whenever I hear that I immediately think of my Chinese colleague coming in one morning, highly amused because her 15 year old son had exclaimed to her that morning, in a moment of teenage melodrama, that he would ‘never marry a Chinese woman’ (i.e. like her and the other women in his family) because they are ‘too bossy’. According to him, white women are ‘much nicer’.

(I have no fears for him in particular, I’ve met him and he strikes me as a really decent person, like his mother, and a very personable kid, so I’m sure he’ll be fine as soon as he grows out of the remaining ‘girls have cooties’ stuff, but we did have a good laugh about the great male fantasy of some mythical race of naturally submissive women who co-incidentally look nothing like the women who scolded them when they were children.)

but we did have a good laugh about the great male fantasy of some mythical race of naturally submissive women who co-incidentally look nothing like the women who scolded them when they were children

Oooh, interesting insight 🙂

Or the wrong girl.
I will never forget remarking to a fat friend in high school (back when I wasn’t fat, but thought I was) that I was clearly more fit than she.
She proceeded to put her feet up on the concrete base of the parking lot light and start doing push ups. She then stopped, stood and gestured for me to go next. I took it back quickly.

But women are socialized not to be violent and he relies on that. He chooses female targets to abuse because he knows it is highly unlikely one if us will respond to his abuse violently.

Thank you SO much, everybody. Your good wishes mean more to me than you know. Mom was my sun, but it’s lovely to get so many reminders that there is still light and love in the world.

The other day, while dropping my kids off at preschool, there was a little girl wailing for her mommy. It went through my heart like a dagger. I had to hustle to the car so I could cry. You and me both, kid.

It got me thinking about separation anxiety, and how similar it is to the anguish of losing the people we love. Two year olds don’t have a concept of object permanence. As far as they’re concerned, their parent just vanishes and doesn’t exist any more. No wonder they want to sit in their cubbies and cry, even though well-meaning teachers are trying to interest them in the toys and the other kids. The departed parent also wanted them to get out of the cubby and explore and learn and socialize, but all the kid wants is their parent.

So, I’m sitting in the cubby missing my mom too, trying to get myself interested again in the giant daycare center of life. I dunno what’s going to happen at the end of the day when the lights go out and the classroom closes, but as long as I’m stuck here, I might as well play with the blocks and listen to the teachers and make some cool new friends. Like Ram Dass says, we’re all just walking each other home.

@Alan – Condolences much appreciated. Thanks for all the laughs and Interesting Facts.

@dreemr – Thank you for your kindness. It’s healing. 🙂

@WWTH – Thanks, my friend. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. 🙂

@opposablethumbs – Thanks…I’m lucky to have several siblings, and some wonderful supportive friends who’ve (unfortunately) been through this and can share their experience. It makes all the difference.

@PeeVee – Hugs back to you. It sucks that grief is the price of love. I wish we paid it up front, instead of at the end.

@Axecalibur – Thanks! I’ve missed you and your posts too. Hope all is well with you.

@Hambeast – Much appreciated. I’m sorry about your dad. You were lucky to have had such a good relationship with him. You never stop missing them, do you?

@Ooglyboggles – Thanks, and I hope your aunt is OK. Thank goodness you were there to help the 911 operator find your house.

@Aunt Podger – Thank you! That’s very kind of you. Mom definitely left the world better than she found it. She was very involved with community service and local politics. One of my biggest regrets is that she won’t be around to see Trump drummed out of office. (But then again, none of us may, if he keeps tweeting threats at North Korea)

@Bananana dakry – Thanks for the condolences. That means a lot.

@Bina – Good to see you too, my sista from another mista 🙂

@Otrame – I’m really sorry about your dad. I can tell how much you love him. It must have been hard for you, watching him decline. Even if you know it’s coming, it doesn’t make it any easier. Grief steals up on you at random times. It’s a foreign country where you don’t have a map and don’t know the terrain or how large it is.

I was ambushed the other day by a box of cookies. A stupid box of cookies. My mom had bought it in anticipation of us visiting at Easter. After the funeral, I found it in her pantry and brought it back with us. When the last cookie was finished I suddenly started sobbing, thinking how recently Mom was here that we could still be eating cookies she bought, and now we were moving out of “cookie range” into a darker, colder space. It felt like another ending, another death. I felt incredibly idiotic weeping over cookies, but that’s grief for you. It’s love without a home.

@Dalillama – thanks for the hugs, they are needed.

@Tara – Positive thoughts are much appreciated!

@epitome of incomprehensibility – awww, thanks! And likewise. Your posts are very entertaining. I heartily support the verbing of “White-knight”. In fact, I’ll white-knight for it.

@Lea – hugs gratefully accepted.

@Collateral Thought – thank you 🙂

@Kat – very true. You’re never ready no matter what age and how prepared you are for it.

@EJ – I can’t tell you how many times you’ve made me smile…and think…and gape in awe. Sometimes in the same sentence.

@PaganReader, I think I’m just going to stare at that gif for awhile, and come back to it again and again.

Hope I didn’t forget anybody…please know I appreciate each and every one of you!

Thanks Axe! Right back at ya. Yesterday’s a memory. Today is all we have.

(I feel like there should be an inspirational sunset in the background of this comment…)

@ Buttercup

Please have this one.

That’s Merry Maidens stone circle (which you might just be able to make out). I actually camped there to get a dawn photo; but I slept in so I just hung around til sunset.

Hey. First-time commenter, long-time reader.

Remember when Anglin launched that “new” campaign on Twitter, wherein he urged his followers to create sockpuppet Twitter profiles pretending to be Black people? It’s on his li’l hate site somewhere, I’m not linking. At any rate, in his step-by-step instructions for his followers, he closed by saying that pretending to be Black on Twitter – which he had been doing for a while – was “so much fun” and “addicting.”

It was the most accidentally-illuminating revelation I’ve ever seen a vigorous White supremacist have. Envy, desire, and fear, alllllllll bundled up in one post.

I used to roll my eyes when people would say that haters are just “confused admirers.” This was the first time I’d ever seen it be hilariously, unsettlingly apt. I urge everyone to remember it whenever something Anglin happens.

“What a cute couple! Your father must be so proud. LOL!”
I desperately want some white guy to say that to me the next time I’m on a date with a black guy, so I can respond by informing him that my dad is in an interracial marriage, with a mixed race kid. My father loves me, & he wants me to be happy.

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