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Lady MRA Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie goes full Nazi. Or does she?

Andrea Hardie: To Nazi, or not to Nazi?

So our old “friend” Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie is apparently craving attention again. In a blog post a couple of days ago, the erstwhile Men’s Rights Activist (and former A Voice for Men “social media director”) announced to the world that “Yes, I’m a Nazi. And how are you?”

“I’m the daughter of a Lebensborn,” she writes, referring to a Nazi program to breed an Aryan master race. “Grand-daughter of an SS Officer. I’m Aryan by culture and by blood.”

After complaining that the word “Nazi” is thrown about too loosely these days, she sets out to define just what makes a real Nazi:

Being a Nazi, much like being a Muslim, is far more than just a set of ideas about how to structure society. It’s ultimately about annihilation. The complete and utter destruction of the weak, the inferior, the non-believers. There is a profound science based on biological fact that underwrites real Nazism. Yes, your eye color matters. Yes, the shade of your hair matters. Your height matters. Your weight matters. This is not based on some sort of preference derived purely from aesthetics. That’s nonsense. It is settled science that height and weight and the amount of melanin in your body is correlated with intelligence, accomplishment, leadership ability and just general superiority.

Tall, fit blondes are better than everyone else.

She follows this up a few paragraphs later by suggesting that she’s pretty much OK with Nazi-style genocide.

Nazis don’t punch back. They exterminate. Be careful what you wish for. Be careful you do not give rise to what you are protesting. I’m happy with a police state. I have no fear. I have no need to fear the authority.

I am the authority.

And I do not fear making difficult, fraught decisions. Strength, after all, lies in attack, not defense. I am the daughter of a Lebensborn. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I have borne three children who also have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am the future. I claim my place by declaring proudly that I am a Nazi.

So this all seems pretty straightforward, right? She’s a Nazi. After all. Hardie, also known online under the pseudonym Janet Bloomfield, has been flirting with the alt-right for months.

And as far as I can tell she actually believes all of the ideas she attributes to Nazis in the paragraphs above. She’s attacked black women online in blatantly racist ways. She’s suggested that white skin is the genetic “gold standard.” She thinks it would be cool to literally nuke Mecca, killing as many as 6 million Muslims in the process, at least “if nuking Mecca stood a chance of being effective” in destroying Islam altogether.

But Hardie’s fans, or some of them anyway, are convinced that her post isn’t really an announcement that she’s taken the logical next step from her existing beliefs and become a literal Nazi; it’s all just some kind of “satire.”

You see, Hardie can’t really be a Nazi, because she’s a friend of Breitbart “journalist” Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay dude who, while raised a Catholic, has Jewish blood on his mother’s side — two facts that have kept the longtime alt-right apologist from being accepted by the literal Nazis walking amongst us.

Hell, she’s so fond of Milo that she’s volunteered to be the Grant Selection Committee Chair for his so-called Privilege Grant, a scholarship program for white dudes that many are convinced is an out-and-out scam.

So maybe Hardie isn’t really a Nazi after all. Sure, she’s a white supremacist with a love of violence who would enthusiastically support the murder of millions of Muslims if she thought that would be an effective way to destroy Islam. But she has a Jewish friend. 

Which makes her, if not a literal Nazi, at the very least a fascist.

We don’t need that.

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No, have not made it to HMS Belfast (have not been to London in many years, alas) but yes indeed HMS Belfast is a national treasure and a world treasure. There are not many gun-armed cruisers left preserved (that may be the only one preserved; although the Averoff at Piraeus is an armored cruiser…don’t want to get into splitting hairs about categories though I know it’s a necessary evil in history sometimes.)

Your first to fire comment prompted me to look (thank you!) — here is what they are saying now:

Yeah, for some reason military and naval history (perhaps more than other specialties) seems to attract a disproportionate share of “first”/”last”/”biggest”/”only”, of something claims or questions. Academics don’t like trying to answer them because they almost always devolve on how you define some category etc. (you see where this is going…) and then somebody who has an agenda for their particular thing being first/last/biggest/only will attack your definition and change it to suit them. (That’s why I checked myself on my own comment above when I said “most powerful” coalition for the United Nations in World War II. Heck, one U.S. Army historical research center actually says on their website they’re not going to answer “what/who was the first/last/only this or that” questions. *MY* little corner of the U.S. Army’s historical activities doesn’t do that and I often get such questions referred to me — requiring explaining all the possible permutations of categories, etc. to someone who usually loses interest when they realize they have to actually think about it.)

But, back to HMS Belfast — I wonder if they claim itself was about perhaps one sector — maybe Gold and Juno beaches?

No matter what, Belfast’s crew was brave and did their duty — same to be said for all the others. That is what remains in my mind

And, yes, it is a great museum ship. Do they interpret its Korean War and Cold War era history too? It seems from the website they do, which is great.

Nazis don’t punch back. They exterminate.

Echoing several Mammotheers’ discussions of extermination, I’d like to point out Webster’s definition of exterminate: to get rid of completely, usually by killing off.

Didn’t happen. This is a lie. Nazis killed lots of people in the 1930s and 1940s in Europe, but each group (Jewish people, gay people, developmentally disabled people, Roma — aka Gypsy — people, and so on) had survivors.

Also, lots of Nazis died. This includes Adolf Hitler himself, who died by his own hand rather than face the judgment of the world.


Ooh. I have German nobility in my ancestry despite being an icky brown eyed non blonde. We even have a (ruined) castle not far from Frankfort. Does that make me superior to JB?

Absolutely. By extension of JB’s own logic.


“This includes Adolf Hitler himself, who died by his own hand rather than face the judgment of the world.”

Absolutely. And, in the more immediate sense of April 1945 in Berlin, rather than face *the Red Army*.

A quick but important note: In the comments above, Flora said that Andrea Hardie is an employee of the Canadian government and suggested contacting her employers.

PLEASE DON’T. The Andrea Hardie who is a Canadian government employee IS NOT THE SAME ANDREA HARDIE we all know and loathe. Totally different person. The Andrea Hardie we know is a blonde stay-at-home mom in Thunder Bay or thereabouts; the other Andrea Hardie (according to her linkedin profile) is a brunette who lives in Calgary and who looks nothing like the Andrea Hardie we know.

Hitler liked this one exceptionally good Wagner tenor who was a gay jew. Hitler can’t be a nazi. Greetings from Munich Germany, David. 😉 We had the annual Dresden anniversary yesterday. Boy, that was fun. Ok…not funny (german)…erm….what i’d like to express here is the stupidity of the argument “has a jewish friend”.

Mindi has posted here before, but never in such a blatantly awful way.

This seems…like bait, somehow, yanno?

Obvious bait is obvious. We have the Comments Policy for a reason, Mindi.

I almost knocked a bottle of water all over my laptop keyboard but stopped it just in time ohmygodmyheartraterightnow.

Mindi has posted here before, but never in such a blatantly awful way.

Some of the less stupid trolls have figured out that they need to make one or two non-horrible posts to get past the auto-moderation.

SFHC, yeah, I know; what a big waste of time and effort, though.

It just makes me wonder why anyone would post this kind of nonsense and think we’d be remotely OK with it.

So dumb.

It seems less like bait and more like false flag to me. Just a feeling I’m getting.

I deleted Mindi’s comment and put her on moderation. Thanks for the heads up, SFHC!

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