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JudgyBitch on marital rape, killing Trudeau, and why she thinks white skin is GOLD

The self-proclaimed Judgy Bitch is back
The self-proclaimed Judgy Bitch is back

I stand corrected: In a recent post I suggested that Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie, after at least two Twitter permabans, had been successfully kicked off the social media platform. As was pointed out to me shortly after I put up that post, she had already returned to Twitter with a new account. Welcome the new “Janet Bloomfield,” same as the old “Janet Bloomfield.”

I hadn’t done much more than glance at her latest account until yesterday, but it turns out she’s been keeping pretty busy. In my previous post, I discussed her thoughts on the possibility of nuking Mecca and killing all the millions of Muslims living or visiting there (she would be all in favor of it if she thought it would be “effective” against Islam).

But she has equally terrible thoughts on many other important issues of the day as well! For example, she’s been …

Calling for the murder of Canada’s Prime Minister:

Suggesting that women shouldn’t have the vote because women are more likely to file for divorce than men:

Advocating religious discrimination in the workplace:

Using the anti-gay slur favored by her Internet idol, the egotistical yet self-hating Milo Yiannopoulos:

Declaring rape in marriage to be a bit of a dick move, but not real rape:

Basically auditioning for the Klan, or whatever equivalent group they have up in Canada:

But there’s one thing she disagrees about with the proudly racist #altright: She doesn’t think that “White Genocide” is a real thing.

Of course, her reasons for this are racist as hell.

Er, what?

As I mentioned in my last post, Hardie is still listed on A Voice for Men as the site’s “Director [of] Social Media,” and she was one of the speakers at last month’s International Conference on Men’s Issues in London.


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it’s often quite a good weathervane for what the Overton Window is amongst the political establishment.

Yes. Their coverage of Corbyn would also tend to suggest that you are right.

She has always struck me as desperate for male attention and acting this way to please her husband (I’m not sure if he is pleased, I just don’t know).

Re safe spaces – we don’t have official ones where I teach, but there’s a very clear expectation that staff need to ensure each class is safe enough, while not making anyone feel silenced. It actually works in practice a lot better than you’d think – or maybe I’ve just been lucky so far. Only had a couple of difficult moments (one person wanting to complain about Muslims flooding the country; another one celebrating how 9/11 saw the return of heroic masculinity). The majority of students are pretty good at regulating discussion.

@ Axe, if I may be extremely picky, it’s not always useful to characterise these ‘debates’ as a generational thing. Younger people can be just as horrible about safe spaces/triggering etc. (exhibit A: young mra types). Apologies if I’ve misread 🙂


Younger people can be just as horrible about safe spaces/triggering etc. (exhibit A: young mra types)

Absolutely. The way I see it, there’s 2 camps. There are some that see safe spaces as an affront to their rights (I’m rational and important, listen to meee!) and those who see it as whippersnappery of the highest order (something something back in my day, yadda yadda lazy millennials). There’s plenty of overlap of course, so it’s not remotely a perfect separation

Anyway, from what I’ve seen, the younger idiots tend to gravitate towards the ‘free speech’/’social justice is evil’ argument and the older types prefer the ‘society is getting more complacent argument’ without any particular ideological bugbear. That’s why the 2nd point of that comment was aimed and my elders. Not your fault for misreading, I sometimes forget that everyone can’t just know my thought process. I usually catch myself before posting and add some context… Coulda been clearer, my B

Then again, I have this pocket theory that the altright considers itself as more or less a part of an older generation. They’re reactionaries, well, reacting to this new fangled stuff like a parent (read: father). They’re the stern patriarch to the deeply infantilized… us, I suppose. A lot of anti progressive politics works that way, but the altright seems moreso

She has always struck me as desperate for male attention and acting this way to please her husband (I’m not sure if he is pleased, I just don’t know).

Can we not? Can we not assume that a woman is doing what she is doing at men? There’s no evidence for this, and in the absence of evidence I am not comfortable characterizing a woman’s actions in terms of the men around her. There’s a not-very-subtle misogyny in this presumption.

@ Axe, that’s a very interesting pocket theory (which pocket do you keep it in? Very important).
I often think the alt-right (at least in terms of their social media presence) present as bratty adolescents ‘acting out’ against the SJW parent-figure (the one they’ve conjured up, that is). Like channers, you know? Kicking against the pricks (which is also a great Nick Cave album :D)
But now I find your theory equally convincing… You’re right about the reactionary character, and it certainly can be seen as metaphorically locating oneself in an older generation; “kids these days” and all that.


Someone was arrested in Scarborough today for killing three people with a crossbow. Between her general horridness, the fact that she owns a crossbow and the fact that she has publicly expressed a desire to shoot people with it, I honestly half-expected it to be her. But then I remembered she lives in Thunder Bay, not Toronto.

I had those same thoughts. I didn’t know she lives in Thunder Bay, but that right there is reason enough for me to make a mental note not to go there until she’s safely locked up in a penitentiary. So yeah, FUCK HER.

PS: the dude in question (and now in custody) has a history of bank robberies. No word yet on his relationship to the victims or what led up to the killings, but apparently their deaths were just as traumatic and nightmarish as one could imagine. Uggggh.


which pocket do you keep it in? Very important

Front left. Way harder to steal than the back, and my wallet’s on the right…

Re: Proxima b:
This is very exciting indeed, especially since this is an exoplanet we can observe in terms of what was happening there a mere 4 years ago.

My mind gravitates to the science fictional implications: All we need to do now is develop light-speed or FTL space travel, or locate a convenient wormhole, and we can colonise it!

Of course, no women will sign up to colonise a planet with gravity 1.3 times higher than Earth’s, since they would immediately experience 30% weight gain; so this will be our planet of the MGTOWs, whose worth is not defined by their weight.

And if there is intelligent humanoid life there, anyone who feels gravitationally oppressed can migrate here and experience 23% weight loss (and probably dominate several of our Olympic sports). Excellent!

Janet Bloomfield,

Universal preference for light skin means evolution will always be towards white. White is the #GoldStandard

Janet is a racist, who obviously doesn’t understand how evolution works. This is beyond simply unsurprising. I suspect that the typical racist has at best only a slightly better understanding of biology and evolution than the typical creationist.

Oh and Janet, if white is the “gold standard,” and will always be favored by evolution, why are white people the world’s smallest ethinic minority?

Oh and Janet, if white is the “gold standard,” and will always be favored by evolution, why are white people the world’s smallest ethinic minority?

Opps, you just accidentally agreed with her by calling white people the world’s smallest ethnic minority. Now they can claim they’re punching up and being shut down by tone arguments. And unless you claim their privilege is merely a historical accident, she can then argue that it was a product of evolution and inherent superiority (even though evolution has nothing to do with superiority but fitness for an environment).

People with inconsistent positions are surprisingly hard to discredit.

Oh and Janet, if white is the “gold standard,” and will always be favored by evolution, why are white people the world’s smallest ethinic minority?

I’d guess willing suspension of reality? It must be scary to her kind knowing that race mixing is becoming more common and there are going to be fewer and fewer people who are only of one race (particularly white) walking this earth. The horror!

@Croquembouche of patriarchy:
Your MGTOW joke was funny, and I’m going to spoil it now with some science, because I’m a meaniepants.

1.3 Earth masses doesn’t necessarily mean 1.3 times as much surface gravity. If Proxima b has a larger radius then the surface gravity will be weaker. It’s entirely possible that the surface gravity may be lower than that of Earth, if it lacks a metal core.

Let’s hope not, though, because that metal core would be useful to generate a magnetic field to protect against the radiation that Proxima Centauri is shedding. This means that the best case for surface gravity is probably going to be about 1.05 – 1.1 times Earth, which is just enough to make their “do you even lift, bro” line actually mean something.

It being a MGTOW planet is very appropriate though, because Proxima b is probably what we call an Eyeball Earth. For those who aren’t astro geeks, exoplanets that are as close to their stars as Proxima b generally have one side fixed facing the star and one side fixed facing out into the dark (this is known as being “tidally locked.”) For most star systems this would result in one side being too hot and the other being too cold, but since Proxima Centauri is a small dim red star, it may result in one side being perfectly habitable and the other side being too cold.

The cold side might not be that cold either; weather effects are likely to form which mean that currents of hot air are constantly pouring from the light side to the dark side, balanced by cold air coming back. I’m not a meteorologist but to me this suggests that it would have massive storms.

Crucially, the dark side wouldn’t get cold enough to freeze the atmosphere: it’d be antarctic at worst, which sounds bad but in space terms that’s fairly mild.

This means that there would literally be an alpha side of the planet and a beta side, separated by a storm-wracked grey zone. How much easier would that make their sorting algorithms of humanity?

(It also wouldn’t have seasons or times of day, which is irrelevant to MGTOWdom but kinda cool.)

(It also wouldn’t have … times of day, which is irrelevant to MGTOWdom but kinda cool.)

On MGTOW world, a stopped clock is ALWAYS RIGHT, I tells ya!
(though of course, it is in fact always wrong)

EJ, thanks for the knowledge drop. I shall now arbitrarily decide that the region with appropriate temperature is the grey zone area (it’s not a terminator if it doesn’t move, is that correct?), and I will picture our MGTOWs huddling together in Tornado Alley, periodically exiling each other to the cold darkness of the Beta Zone when they squabble.

I believe it’s called a terminator when discussing Eyeball Earths too, but that might be bad meteorology on my part.

While I don’t know anything about Proxima b’s geography, it is commonly thought to be the case that for planets like that, the ice line will occur in an area that still has sunlight. The grey zone itself will be way out in the frozen wastes, where not even the most desperate of *channers would dwell.

@ EJ

While I don’t know anything about Proxima b’s geography,

Proxima b is where you end up if you book a Ryanair flight to Proxima a.

Are we sure this is Andrea? Unless the “79” part of the handle denotes something than age, because girlfriend hasn’t seen her 30s in a while. And there are lots of awful, Trump supporting blondes on the intertubes. (Yes, #NotAllBlondes.)

A grad school friend of mine is affiliated with the school where her husband works.

I’d say she’s full of it, given that a while back she was doing a PhD, but dropped out before the end.

Nope. She applied to a program at her husband’s school, then lost interest when he got tenure. I’m inclined to echo the posters who think her odes to being a hausfrau with the Alpha Dominant Hubby are aspirational.

In her very earliest posts, she was staunchly anti-racist. Like, ranted about how racist the locals were to First Nations peoples, and talked about volunteering with charities that specifically tried to reach that demographic.

Sad, as her hero would say.

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