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So-called President Trump, mixed with a little Charles Manson

Another useful newsletter for anti-Trump activists: writer Jennifer Hofmann’s Weekly Action Checklist for Democrats, Independents, and Republicans of Conscience. Find out more and sign up for it here.

Here’s the latest issue of the newsletter, filled with actions for the coming week.

One that stood out for me:

Support bill to remove Steve Bannon from the Nat. Security Council (source).

Call: Your congresswo/man (lookup).

Script: Hi! I’m a constituent from _ZIP code_ and am concerned about Steve Bannon’s role on the National Security Council. I would like _Rep. Name_ to support Rep. Stephanie Murphy’s bill to remove him from this role. Can you tell me his/her position on this?

Note: Contrary to circulating memes, Bannon does not require senate vote as an “invitee” to council (source).

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5 years ago

Also–Faxtivism! Perfect for us social anxiety types.

epitome of incomprehensibility

A link on that page led me to this list of banks that are directly or indirectly funding the Dakota Access Pipeline, a fairly international list:

It was only updated Nov. 30, though, so some of the info might not be current. I have an account associated with one of these banks which I don’t plan to cancel yet, but I can call and email to express my concern as a customer and such.

There’s also a suggestion to ask Twitter to take action against Trump for violating its Terms of Service. Cynically speaking, I don’t think Twitter would suspend his account, not just because he’s U.S. prez but also because he brings the site a lot of traffic. Still, it shows ’em that you’re not okay with Trump’s hateful and threatening behaviour, and that’s something.

Jen Hofmann
5 years ago

Hey! I’m late to the party, wanted to thank you for mentioning my checklist on your blog.

All these months later (which feel like dog years, to tell the truth), I’m still writing 12+ actions per week, helping Americans of conscience shut it down. I’ve even got several defecting Republicans now working for justice and democracy. I’ll call that a win.

Thanks again and be well!

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