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Pledge Drive Update: A THANKS as big as the Ritz!

Seriously. thank you!

The Fourth Quarter 2016 “We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now” pledge drive is entering the home stretch, and I just wanted to update you all on the progress.

First of all, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who has donated! Some of you really came through in a big way; I’m humbled and deeply appreciative!

Second, we are still a bit short of what I need to keep this blog going strong. If you haven’t donated yet, click the little button below and help put this pledge drive over the top!

Donating, as I’ve noted before. is easy. You don’t need a PayPal account; credit cards are accepted, and there are other options as well. If you’re outside the US, PayPal will automatically convert your non-American money into American bucks.You can also set up recurring payments through PayPal if that’s more convenient to you.

What do you get for your donation? THIS BLOG! And the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a real difference in keeping WHTM going. 

I’ve been looking back at some of the more widely read or otherwise influential WHTM posts in this very strange and often quite depressing year. Some of the highlights:

Donald Trump ticks all 14 boxes in Umberto Eco’s list of what makes a fascist a fascist

Rereading Eco’s famous essay on “Eternal Fascism” it’s abundantly clear just how “fashy” our president-elect really is.

Davis Aurini admits he never actually watched any of Anita Sarkeesian’s videos


Richard Dawkins, Lindy West, and the Cartoon Video of Great Hatefulness

A blow-by-blow account of the time the awesome Lindy West took on Richard Dawkins, who responded like the oblivious little shit he’s become.

What you need to know about Roosh V, the pickup artist holding meetups in 43 countries this Saturday

Remember the Roosh World Tour? This post, one of my most widely read, provided people who had just discovered Roosh with a handy guide to his various kinds of awfulness; I also corrected much of the misinformation floating around on the internet and in press accounts of Roosh.

Where is the pet shop? Roosh V Plans Secret Meetups, Announces Locations on Internet

That one was a bit more fun.

Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos rejected by internet Nazis, who really do hate gay Jews

An account of alt-right opportunist Milo’s attempts to woo the Nazis, and a takedown of his ludicrous and deeply dishonest “Establishment Conservative’s Guide To The Alt-Right,” a 5000-word apologia for a bunch of people who would happily send him to a death camp if they could.

Speaking of the awfulness of the so-called alt-right:

Far Right, Trump fans celebrate murder of UK Labour MP Jo Cox

It was, as you all know, kind of a big year for the alt-right, and I was on them from the start:

Why are the internet’s worst people so obsessed with the word “cuck?”

Trump fans celebrate his N.H. victory with racist cartoons, anime memes, and Pepe

#Brexit disaster: A great night for Anime Nazis, Trump fans, and dudes who say “cuck” a lot

The Internet’s worst people have a new woman to hate: Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones

But we had fun when we could:

Fake sci-fi boys cry salty tears over Puppies defeat at the Hugo Awards

Beware the Pancake-Eating Girlfriends of Doom, Red Pill Dude Warns

Men Oppressed by Sleeves: A Memeday Special Report

Do women really enjoy sex, men who hate women ask

Let’s make 2017 less horrible together!

Wait, let me put that in cat meme form:

And THANK YOU again!

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Imaginary Petal
Imaginary Petal
5 years ago

@Lone Galtian Bootstrapper

They are very lovable and they love every person unconditionally! 🙂

5 years ago

Best wishes on the fundraiser, David!

Things are still a bit wonky over here on the money front. Lots of long-delayed medical stuff, starting therapy (Congratulations, it’s depression!) and refinancing so I have a retirement plan other than “cyanide”.

I’ll have things sorted in a few weeks, and if I can afford it, I’ll toss some money your way. If you start a Patreon, I’m gladly in for $5/month.

MissEB47 (Resident Rainbow Lorikeet and Beak Typist)
MissEB47 (Resident Rainbow Lorikeet and Beak Typist)
5 years ago

You’re welcome, David! And thank you for writing such an awesome and informative blog!

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