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Do women really enjoy sex, men who hate women ask

Not tonight
Not tonight

Ladies! Do you feel a bit twitchy? Is the hair on the back of your neck standing up? Don’t worry — that just means that Reddit’s MGTOWs are talking about you again.

On the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit the regulars are trying to figure out whether women enjoy sex as much as men. Or at all.

The general consensus? Women aren’t really into sex  — unless it’s with the mythical Chad Thunderc*ck.

“The more I learn about them,” writes original poster psychomantis01,

the stronger the impression I get that [women] are only really interested in childbearing, money, and companionship. It seems to me, as somebody here once put it, they are only really in love with the ‘idea of being in love’, and not in love with the actual man himself.

Spoken like a man who’s never spoken to a woman.

NuclearTruthBomb agrees.

If women actually loved sex as much as men, they’d be approaching men everywhere, watch porn everyday, and frequently visit male prostitutes.

Of course, they may swoon over the occasional Chad. But realize they are only turned on by upper echelon of men. We only need a woman to be attractive…if even that.

Zombocom1911 reports that women definitely don’t have any interest in having sex … with him:

Women are always saying they love sex but in my experience they are completely f**king frigid and really low sex drive unless you are already having sex with them. They never, ever really ACTIVELY pursue or initiate sex with a stranger because they really just don’t care about it, unless its to get something out of a man, like love, affection, dinners, cards, romance.

They are so completely disinterested in sex and stuck up about it , it makes me f**king sick. This is why they can charge such a heavy price for it, because they really don’t want it and really don’t need it.

A top 5% male like Chad Thundercock may have pussy literally thrown at him though. I am not him, so I wouldn’t know.

As Reddit’s MGTOWs see it, even if women aren’t into sex, it’s pretty much all they have to offer men. As Oldredder puts it:

Outside of sex women have nothing to offer. Most of what they talk about is completely boring, unintellectual or, worse, is catty nonsense and pride in being a cheating slut.

Bartand offers a similarly bitter take:

The only reason they enjoy sex at the beginning is because it is their only way to be loved since they have nothing else to offer. Then later she start to wonder if you like her for more than sex so she start to cut off sex.

As Flaye2 sees it, women use their lack of interest in sex as a weapon against men in the ongoing war of the sexes:

Women seem to have lower drives and they use that to control men. Wives would cut off the sex but at the same time not allow him to satisfy him urges elsewhere, that is evil.

But most of the regulars agree that women do get tingly for Chad.

“With men well above their sexual league, they unreservedly enjoy it,” writes feedmecarrots.

With men in their league, who they are using sex with as a manipulative tool, they can’t enjoy it. It is too much like work. 

Not all of the commenters are convinced that women hate sex.

“I’m kind of surprised reading the comments,” writes Antingly, one of the only contributors to the discussion who sounds like he might have actually had sex with an actual living human female.

Sure, some girls seem like they don’t enjoy sex that much, but, some girls will black out during an orgasm. I’m sorry, but I have never experienced anything like that – even when it was really good.

A fellow called givecake, somewhat unexpectedly, offers his fellow MGTOWs some tips in the fine art of lady pleasing.

If you ever wanted to please a woman sexually, it doesn’t hurt to stimulate all 3 areas at the same time.

In case any MGTOWs are reading this post, a quick reminder: The “3 areas” he’s speaking of are the right knee, the left nostril, and the visitors’ center at the Beaver Dam Rest Stop south of Owensboro, Kentucky.


Givecake continues:

Obviously, use your best hand for clitoral stimulation.

The clitoris can be found just inside the left nostril, if the woman in question is right-handed. If she’s left-handed, the clit will be located behind the information desk in the visitor’s center at the aforementioned Beaver Dam rest stop.

Don’t expect her to ever consider doing anything like this amount of work for you.

For one thing, most women don’t have arms long enough to reach all the way to Kentucky.

The MGTOW subreddit really is one of the saddest places on planet earth.

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@Aunt Podger

to be quite telling. So… just throwing it out there, but maybe women “only” need to find men attractive, rather than being manipulated into sex with partners their body is screaming “hell, no,” about?

No, see, if that were true, women would just say no to men they don’t find attractive in that way, and that would be the end of it.

You can see why that would never, never do.

Saying “no” to sex with one of these guys is a human rights abuse of the first order. There’s simply no justifiable reason for it! Must be that those sluts have been brainwashed by feminism to expect too much. Also, evolutionary psychology makes women…(insert garbled sciency-sounding stuff here.)

On the other hand saying “yes” to sex with anybody else is proof women are sluts.

It’s kind of hard for our ladybrains to grasp the intricacies, but you’ll get the hang of it!

P.S. For the record, I think you’re pretty dang witty. Your Kentucky comment made me chortle. 🙂

A fellow lefty, eh?

I mean, darn my non-prehensile lady-fornix!

@Paradoxical Intention, yup. I’ve found, personally, that reactions to the revelation of rape can be as varied as individual reactions to rape, some heroes, some, er, in need of enlightenment and therapy (interestingly, the second-worst was a woman whose denial about her “well-meaning” boyfriend, who gave her a roofie in order to have sex with her without birth control, then dumped her for “freaking out” about getting pregnant might have had something to do with) but the general effect felt like a flock of birds sending the sick one off to avoid contamination. Not… socially pleasant. Although, to be fair, I needed the solitude and I got fairly unpleasant for a while there.

Did you get lectures about what should and shouldn’t trigger you? I LOVE those. I get to make the BEST incredulous faces. (For the record, I can see some pretty graphic rape scenes on screen, but there’s a town in Florida the ZIP code of which I can’t even recite. I await that part of my doxxing with amused anticipation. “Send her ZIP codes! From Florida!”)

@Aunt Podger

Thank you for trusting us with your story. You never know when some lurker may draw strength from your words – and I hope you find that in other people’s words here too.

@Aunt Podger
Yeah, it’s really helpful to observe other Mammotheers standing up for themselves and fighting back against trolls.

I’m so glad you made it through that difficult time and came out the other side!

Don’t some informal lexicons define “slut” as “a woman who will have sex, but not with me”? I don’t have non-solo sex, myself (not a survivor thing, it’s just that I am old and crusty and the projected ROI is not worth the risk), but I could see someone being pretty comfortable with not having sex with people who use misogynistic slurs, in the same way one can be proud of showering regularly, avoiding driving while sleepy or intoxicated, or other acts of physical/ mental hygiene.

@A Land Whale

Wait, we don’t like sex but we take pride in being sluts?

Were you looking for consistency from the manospherians?

Sit down. I have something to tell you.

I’m just wading in to say, “Hi.” First post.

I’m unemployed right now, so, well, the extended “rape*” is getting a bit difficult, and you guys have been providing me with much needed distraction and comic relief. Thanks! 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve participated on a forum, so I’ve decided to wade in slowly. I’ve read the commenting rules and think I get it. Please be gentle if I flub in the beginning.

I am super snarky, which sometimes gets me into trouble, but my snark seems to be the same flavor of snark I’m seeing on this blog, so I think I should get along with you guys. Seriously. You guys are cracking me up, and I haven’t gotten this sucked into a website for a long time!

Anyway, I been oppressin’ men with my ass since the early 90s. Mastered it, but then reached my 40s, so it’s getting a little bit more difficult to full-on oppress them. Been doin’ my squats though. I aint going down without a fight!

*Oh wait, but unemployment “rape” only applies to men. Geez, I’m messing up the facts already!

@Mrs Chad
Someone needs to frame that post! That’s how ya make an entrance 😁

Oh, and hiya, I’m Axe!

@Mrs Chad

I think Axe said it best. Hi there ! Looking forward to your misandering !


I thought you said snack. I thought that was snark. Then I read again and saw that you actually wrote snark. Now I need a snack.

@Sinkable John
Sounds like you’re in the mood for a snarky snack.

Possibly something in a sarcastic soft pretzel slathered with a sardonic mustard?

Or a bag of smartypants chips?

There’s always the old standby: wisenheimer crackers with a smart-aleck cheese.

Err… I got pancakes. They homemade by my mother though, and hers is quite the misandering home. Is that good enough ?

Hey! Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome! I think this is the first time I’ve ever been greeted with snacks upon entering a forum. This place is fancy!! 😀

How did you know, Kat??? Wisenheimer crackers with smart-alec cheese is my favooooorite!

@EJ and WWTH: I was going to use “Mrs. Chad Thundercock,” but I had to give a tip O’ the hat to page 2 of the comments on this blog entry. 😉

I am in the middle of writing a story called “Chad Thundercock and the Stormboomroosters.” I’ll share it with you guys whenever I finish it.

It’s a story that confirms the worst fears of the Manosphere. There IS an evil matriarchy!!!

According to the red pillers:

1) You can never be as good as Chad Thundercock.
2) Chad Thundercock doesn’t exist.

Au contraire, Red Pill! Chad Thundercock DOES exist! And the matriarchy has been creating and training legions of loyal Thundercock brigades for decades…(That’s why they be gettin’ all the poonanie. Gotta nourish our troops.)

😀 Welcome! We’re happy to have you. We need all the snark we can get. Misandry burns through a lot of it, don’t it?

Sorry for the double post. I was trying to link to the official theme song of the Royal Thundercock Brigade of her Majesty the Matriarchy when they go into battle against the Manosphere, but it didn’t work. 🙁

So I’m just gonna post the lyrics. I’m sure ya’ll know what I’m talking about.

Thunder, thunder
Thundercocks, hoooooooooooo!!

Are on the move
Thundercocks are loose
Feel the magic
Hear the roar
Thundercocks are loose

Thunder, thunder
Thunder, Thundercocks
Thunder, thunder
Thunder, Thundercocks
Thunder, thunder
Thunder, Thundercocks
Thunder, thunder
Thunder, Thundercocks

Women like sex. And sexy things. They have eyes and noses and ears just like you guys. We can see and smell you and hear all the stupid things you say.That is why we don’t want to touch you. You wouldn’t want to touch you. Also, your facial hair is like razors, no it doesn’t matter how it’s trimmed . Your face hurts us. Would you want to be stabbed by someone’s face?you lose the urge to kiss real fast when you get stabbed and scraped every time. And your dick doesn’t do much for pleasure. Unless pregnancy is the goal, dicks are useless to most women. Fyi a girl can do more for a woman with one small finger than your precious thundercock.

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