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Alt-Right blogger urges “edgecuck” Nazis to stop dressing like Nazis

Dude, you’re trying WAY too hard.

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There’s long been a certain tension between “respectable” white supremacists — the ones who like to call themselves “race realists” and who make sure to hide their shrines to Hitler when there’s company — and the more flamboyantly Naziesque types, who swathe themselves in swastikas and black leather and other edgy accoutrements.

You know, like this guy:

Amongst the respectable azi-Nays, guys like this are often denounced as 1488s or Nazi LARPers, more interested in alienating the “normies” with their dressup antics than they are in, you know, securing the existence of their people and a future for white children, as these sorts of fellows like to say.

But did you know that they are also CUCKS?

In a post on The Right Stuff — a lovely little hate site best known for its podcast The Daily Shoah — a bravely anonymous author called Ghoul takes on what he calls the “unwitting cuckoldry” of the “edgecucks.” As Ghoul sees it,

You’re not spooking the egalitarian supremacists with leather jackets, patches, switchblades, and edgy swastika avatars online. You’re being their little bitch. You become the normie-repellant they want you to be. The Left says jump, and you respond “how high?” They couldn’t ask for a better pet.

These “edgecucks,” Ghoul argues, are transforming the insults they hear from lefties into an identity, reducing themselves to a caricature of the “emotionally unstable neo-Nazi” who spends his evenings sig-heiling while wearing a swastika-encrusted black leather jacket and a ski mask. Ghoul suggests this is little more than “prolonged teenage angst.”

You are not part of some violent extremist revolutionary circle. You are not overthrowing a government. You are not intimidating anyone outside of facebook cat-ladies. You’re a social outcast fantasizing about ropes and crosses in between hentai fap-sessions. You are the bottom barrel of what the Alt-Right has to offer; a haven for outcasts to out-LARP one another for status and approval among our dregs, and you will be a dancing puppet for the Left if it means effective escapism.

Ghoul urges these “edgecucks” to stop trying to scare the “normies,” because the “alt-right” wants the normies on its side.

Don’t cucksplain to me that “normal people are useless.” Normalization is how we win. That doesn’t mean we necessarily need to “win over” every normie in town. It simply means our position becomes normalized.

Ghoul’s post might seem like a slightly ironic thing to publish on a hate site that puts out a podcast whose title “The Daily Shoah” is both a terrible pun and a Holocaust joke. But apparently Nazi references are fine as long as they’re, like, ironic or something.

I am not suggesting that being associated with “nazi” or “radical” imagery is in and of itself a bad thing. I don’t care. It’s not about the association, and that’s the entire point. When the Left points and cries “evil nazi,” the obvious proper response is to either not care, or even better yet, laugh at them. Normalization comes with removing the power of these buzzwords and labels to the normal day-to-day people … .

A Right Stuff commenter calling themselves “Gina Tingles” — no relation to Chuck, I hope — suggests that the Nazi LARPers of today could learn a thing or two from old Adolf himself.

The Nazi party was specific to a certain country and culture at a certain time. It makes little sense to pretend to try to resurrect it in the US 80 years later. …

Even Hitler knew he had to appeal to the normies of his time.

So it’s fine, apparently, to think that Hitler was, like, the raddest dude of the 20th century. It’s just not cool to dress like him, at least in public.

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Edit to add– I had a conversation with my (VERY reluctant Trump voter) dad about Trump’s “strategy of racial divisiveness.” He countered that Identity politics on the left were just as divisive. I said that Trump’s policies were exclusionary, while social justice is about more fights for more people. He said the left panders to their base by offering undue rights to minority groups, and I said that what is actually happening is that the majority is having their undue rights taken away and some perceive that as an an imposition or as discrimination. The conversation ended there, but it was insightful to me and maybe someone else.

Dad was most reluctant because Trump is not a “true conservative, whatever that means.

You are not intimidating anyone outside of facebook cat-ladies.

Ghoul. Dude. I’m a facebook cat-lady, I guess, and I’m not intimidated by them.

Or by you.

You are destructive, yes. But also pathetic and eminently mockable.

The one thing I always seem to unwillingly puck up on during this alt-right rants/MRAs is their taste in porn. Given that they use the term “cuck” then seems likely to me they are using the more porn/sexual context of “edging/edge play”. I just really wish they’d just accept their kinks and stop coming up with rants just to use them in.

That said as female, disabled, bisexual and Jewish either type of Nazis makes me fearful. I never understood in grade/middle school how Hitler came to power. Now I understand all to clearly.


While “edge” does mean something when it comes to porn (and is nothing to be sniffed at), “edgecuck” is more likely a corruption of “edgelord”, which is an established term in the *chan/”gamer” communities that, surprisingly, doesn’t actually involve porn, but rather a certain tryhard mentality where one attempts to be “dark” or “edgy” with the barest understanding of what that actually means.


Well, if would be French, I would vote for Marine. In my country (Spain) we have no right wing populist party (we do have a left wing one), so I do not vote at all.
I do not wear nazi clothes but I love my dominas to wear like an SS official. One of my favorite movies is “Kitty brothel”, by Tinto Brass.

I consider myself a fascist macho pig but pervy enough to be dominated by any bitch from Hell I like, and worship her.

I love the sense of humor of this blog.

About “feminism”… Although, as said, a macho pig myself, but totally agree with “sex positive feminism” and Beauvoir´s views on feminism. Deeply against “conservafeminism”.


Well, if I can please some random guy on the Internet, then I’m happy.

Well, think of it like marketing.

When your product isn’t selling due to bad publicity, you don’t change the product, just the name and the package.

Outlets like The Right Stuff will never be able to bring about normalization unless they self-normalize first. I had looked to see what the blog’s position on Milo was and found an article titled “Milo Isn’t One of Us“, the first two words of which are “(((Milo Yiannapoulos)))”. It then goes on to state

If I may be so bold as to speak for TRS as a whole, The Right Stuff has a nonnegotiable objective: the establishment of a White country in North America that will advance our interests.

The comments are full of racial and sexual slurs. This blog thinks they’re going to “normalize” the alt-right by telling people to stop wearing Nazi outfits and giving Nazi salutes? Please. They can’t even go a whole page of comments without dropping epithets I’ve never heard before (call me sheltered, but the rhyming “Dune C***” is new to me). The current “normalization” of the alt-right has not been coming from its adherents and activists, but from media outlets too timid – or too in-line with their beliefs – to openly refer to them as white supremacists, neoreactionaries, or Nazi ideologues. It’s come from people the movement rejects, like Milo, who claim that the 1488s are hangers-on instead of the founders of the movement. It has come from Newsweek running puff pieces on Roosh V in which they buy his nearly-inapplicable definition of rape and then sell it as authoritative to silence his critics. It does not come from pretending to be an academic discussion of race relations that can’t even begin without using derogatory indicators of a target’s race.

Funny enough, the more they try to push their “normalization” agenda, the more their position as shitlords comes to light – the alt-right chewing itself makes just as good of a news blip as the Hillary/Sanders split on the D side did.

@HawkAtreides: beautiful run-down.

And yes, let them eat themselves. Meanwhile, I’ll be eating popcorn.

Guize, don’t tell people you love Hitler. That’ll give you a bad rap.

Just tell people you hate Jews, women, feminists, “cucks”, black people-in fact all “non white” people, socialists, liberals, mainstream conservatives, LGBTQIA people, indigenous people, intellectuals, modern art, jazz, rock, funk, hip hop, most classical music, most heavy metal, Hollywood, independent cinema, foreign food, hipsters, “normies”, emos, punk rockers, LARPers, cosplayers, geeks, nerds, soccer, Harry Potter, environmentalists, most scientists and anybody that laughs at Trump fans, alt righters, gamergaters and/or Sad Puppies and people will think you’re a well adjusted human being.

So long as you don’t mention “Hitler”-in public, kay? Good!

In unrelated news, Joe Walsh sez The Cheeto is “acting like a third grader”… well, Joey, you KNEW he was a third grader when you made him the Prez….

When the Left points and cries “evil nazi,” the obvious proper response is to either not care, or even better yet, laugh at them.

Isn’t this pretty much how the 1488rs respond when called out? Withstanding vilification doesn’t automatically win you any converts, which seems to be the problem.

That said, I suspect that people being openly nazis might manage to normalize more subtle white supremacism, making it look not that bad in comparison.

I thought the whole point of being a Nazi was to be eeeevil and shock people with your eeeevilness while telling yourself are just so much more intelligent and realistic than all the sheeple who believe in silly shit like equal rights and empathy?

Let’s face it, if Nazism really DID become normalized, all these people who never grew out of their rebellious teenage mindset would just find something more eviler so they could still be special, like Human Sacrificial Satanism or something.

Podkayne Lives (Effortless Chicken) | December 12, 2016 at 11:13 pm
It always really puzzles me when I look at Russian or English neo-Nazis. It’s like, dudes, your grandfathers or great-grandfathers kicked these guy’s asses back to hell…and you want to dress up like them to feel powerful? WHY?

Which is part of the reason why that Sacramento neo-nazi rally pissed me off so much.

My grandfather was in the navy in WWII. He fought to stop Hitler.

And it’s very likely a lot of these asshole’s forefathers (and mothers) did as well.

It also really pisses me off when these fuckers try to co-opt Captain America for their bullshit.

A son of immigrants who was beat up as a kid by bullies who was created by two Jewish men whose first issue had him punching Adolf Hitler in the fucking face in a time when a lot of Americans still sympathized with Nazis?

And these neo-nazi fucks somehow think he’d be on their side? Or Trump’s?


Considering the global rise of the alt-right/neo-nazis/populists of late, I can’t help but wonder if this has always been a recurring thing. How many governments and regimes were proto-nazis, back before Hitler gave this ideology a face? And what happened to those regimes, how were they fought off, if they were fought off?

Excellent point, and I think the answer is many, and cyclical, and simple unsustainability. But more info would be super welcome & interesting.

@ Paradoxy, Podkayne (Frictionless Chicken)

Truth really doesn’t matter to these guys – they prefer to make their own. They use the symbols and get to enjoy the association with “good American values”, while at the same time being exactly opposed to those values. I’d say it’s new, but it’s just more blatant. It’s been a conservative trick for at least several decades now, if not time immemorial. Southern Strategy, Trickle-Down Economics, War on Drugs, War on Terror. Draping themselves in the flag to conceal their evil. It’s just more of the same of that, really. In my opinion!


In my country (Spain) we have no right wing populist party (we do have a left wing one)

You know why there’s not a fascist* party in Spain, dipshit? It’s because a majority of Spaniards alive today were actually born under a fascist regime, and don’t particularly want to go back.

*There’s no such thing as ‘right wing populism’

A scary number of Republicans will not abandon the party, despite not being overtly racist themselves, when this becomes (or did not, when it became) part of the platform. It’s a small step from there to rationalization and absorbing these ideas

A large number of Republicans became Republicans when white supremacy became the party platform. See ‘Dixiecrats’ and ‘Reagan Democrats’ for examples. Whether they say ‘problems of the inner city’ or ‘black on black crime’ or ‘filthy fucking [racial slurs]’ makes no difference whatsoever in how racist they are.

Dad was most reluctant because Trump is not a “true conservative, whatever that means.

Literally nothing at all. It’s a form of no true Scotsman that doesn’t even repudiate the ‘false’ Scots that the speaker will inevitably continue to support.

@Podkayne Lives (Effortless Chicken)

Very good point.

Yes Russians and the other peoples of the Soviet Union and their allies in the United Nations beat the Nazis. Completely.

The apartment building in Volgagrad that inspired the nickname underwhich I post bears witness even today.

These American Nazi-lovers today think they have a friend in the form of Russia. They don’t.

Dress like a Nazi on May 9 in Moscow or St. Petersburg or wherever. Go ahead.

When the honor guard of the Moscow Garrison brings out the colors at the opening of the annual Victory Day parade what do they carry behind the flag of the Russian Federation? What’s on it? That’s what I ask those neo-fascist bastards.

This is an old argument on the far right. The actors change but the argument stays the same. Reminds me of the tension between National Alliance and the Blood & Honor skins in the late 90s/early 00s, or how the old Jean-Marie LePen era Front National looked down upon the youth wing because they were enjoying that degenerate hard nazi rock & roll instead of the proper music for a French fascist: classical music. None of that African rhythm BS allowed, dig?

Suit and tie nazis are the worst nazis because nobody fucking think they’re nazis. I was already trashing their leaflets on campus in the early 2000s and people were normalizing them even back then. Well now they elected one of their own and no one “serious” ever saw that coming? Ugh.

December 12, 2016 at 3:19 pm
Oh dear. I have found…this.

It looks like perfect WHTM fodder, and now I want to cry.

A little late maybe, but I would heartily recommend visiting that site just to read the commenting rules; there’s a link to them over the comment box.
Please switch off your irony meters and ensure you empty your bladders first, people.

@ Dear Dalillama

Actually, most Spaniards today were born after 1975, I think. But yes, you are right.

Of course there is right wing populism: Trump, Le Pen, Orban, etc.
Maybe you don´t use that expression in the US but in Europe is widely used


Yes, “right wing populism” = fascism. You are very right. I like to call things by its name, too.

The paradox today is that only fascism will save all the progressive values we have in Europe. Vg: feminism, homo-marriage, secularism, democracy, welfare state, etc.

Since only fascism has the attitude to stop Islam.

Fascism today = the strong arm of social democracy.

Maybe the Danes they have a clue of this paradox, since the Danish social-democrats are throwing away political correctness and stoping muslim immigration.
Would be interesting also, how many former voters of the PSF and the PCF has Marine Le Pen supporting her today.

I am former voter of the PSOE (the Spanish social democrat party). So, basically I am moderate leftist aware about the Islamization of Europe. Like millions and millions of EU citizens.

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