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Davis Aurini admits he never actually watched any of Anita Sarkeesian’s videos

Davis Aurini: Who's got at least one thumb and no discernable value as a human being?
Davis Aurini: Who’s got at least one thumb and no discernible value as a human being?

Apparently Davis Aurini is capable of sometimes telling the truth.

As you may recall, the bald, semi-Nazi stain on humanity released his version of The Sarkeesian Effect (that was officially not his version of The Sarkeesian Effect) last week to something less than universal acclaim, with one critic describing the “film” as “worse than a dead squirrel in your wall.”

Ok, that was me.

Weirdly, it turns out that Aurini actually agrees with some of my criticisms. While still maintaining that his not-version of The Sarkeesian Effect is a “damn good film,” he admitted on a livestream last night that the section of his film critiquing Anita Sarkeesian’s alleged lies was “crap.”

He then suggested it would have been much better … if he’d actually watched Sarkeesian’s videos.

Yep. He spent a year — and tens of thousands of dollars of other people’s money — ostensibly making a film about Sarkeesian. But somehow he never got around to watching any of her videos.


You can hear the whole segment on “Bechtloff’s Saturday Night Livestream: Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour” on Youtube here. (The link should take you to the relevant portion of the livestrean, which starts just short of an hour and twenty minutes in.)

Here are the highlights.

In this first clip, Aurini responds to someone with a question about his attacks on Sarkeesian’s alleged dishonesty.

This clip ends a bit abruptly because Aurini was cut off by Bechtloff before finishing his sentence. Luckily, he went on to elaborate on his point. And threw in in a racial slur while he was at it, because why not?

And here he admits he didn’t bother to watch Sarkeesian’s videos.

It’s about ethics in making an entire film about someone without actually knowing anything about them.


We Hunted the Mammoth has obtained this footage of Davis Aurini as a child.

H/T — Thanks to the alert reader who pointed me to the relevant section of the livestream.



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7 years ago

Whoa! 524 comments?!

Oh, a right-wing libertarian troll who insists we want to jump his bones.

He also says that we’re trying to get men to commit suicide.

Is this a two-part plan?
1. Seduce Galt.
2. Drive him to suicide.
Seems counterproductive!

Congratulations, everyone, that was some fine argumentation. You are all rays of sunshine.

And on behalf of humanity, I apologize for Galt’s rudeness about Jewish people. I have to wonder how he enforces his rule of noncommunication with Jews. If his mail carrier’s grandmother was a Jewish convert, will he speak to his mail carrier? How important is the New York part? Would a Jew from Rhode Island be okay?

My new mantra: CREAT THE JIBS!

7 years ago


Imaginary Petal
Imaginary Petal
7 years ago

Libertarians aren’t racists! It’s actually about creat jibs.

EJ (The Other One)
7 years ago

Have you ever gone sailing and then, just when you get out into a nice patch of wind, realised that you left your jib back on land? Well, worry no more! Try our new Libertarianism™ and you’ll be able to creat a jib that’s just right for your boat.

Buy now, and we’ll throw in a free trial version of Objectivism to creat spinnakers, and/or Neoliberalism to creat genoas!

Surgeon general’s warning: Libertarianism cannot be used to creat mailsail.

Arctic Ape
Arctic Ape
7 years ago

We hunted the jobs for you.

7 years ago

but the potato chips are carefully crafted to make you want to eat them, and the apple isn’t the same one you’d have got at the store 100 or even 5 years ago.

Apples are actually one of the cases where I think personally that they’ve improved, partly thanks to the U of M and other groups researching and breeding new varieties.

Red Delicious apples and a couple of others (that weren’t great) were what we could get 20 years ago. Now I can get a nice Honeycrisp, Braeburn or Pink Lady and they will be crisp rather than mushy, with tartness and a bit of sweetness. They will also be much larger–a lot of modern apples contain two servings of fruit, not one, which is something to be aware of if you’re tracking your intake.

There’s an incredible variety of apples now at your local grocery store and you can find one to fit your palate. And even the pricier “patented” ones like Pink Ladies are still cheaper than a lot of other fruit.

7 years ago

Moocow: Oh I see, so if he looks ‘civil’ in a video, then that clearly means he is not misogynistic! Now, I understand that most MRAs are incapable of acting civil for any period of time, but that doesn’t mean ‘Warren Farrell acting civil for an event’ somehow magically makes his misogyny disappear.

Farrell ‘being civil’ tactic is something Sargon would pull with other people too (as mentioned by this Youtuber, Pauline Triage).

Pauline Triage: He is generally pretty polite when face-to-face with the the people he mocks and calls morons in videos like his Week in Stupid ones. He has a certain measure of personal likability too. Both of these things make him much more of a snake in the grass than someone like, say, TJ or thunderf00t, because both of those guys are consistently such assholes that they’re easy to dislike. Sargon’s conciliatory ways make him actually really, really greasy because he gives the impression that he can be reasoned with, and he clearly can’t.

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