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MGTOW manifesto blasts “woman uprising” that turned regular “c**ts” into fat “c**ts”

Every MGTOW's most cherished fantasy
Every MGTOW’s most cherished fantasy

Ah, the good old days, when me were men and women were c**ts!

You know, just regular c**ts, not the pampered, stuck-up, fat c**ts of today.

Such is the argument of an unusually spirited, if sometimes incoherent, mini-manifesto winning plaudits from the regulars in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit today.

In a post titled “Women/society made us think we were losers,” a proud MGTOW warrior calling himself shogunronin looks back with nostalgia on what he sees as the golden age of the nineties.

As a man who was gifted with growing up in the nineties, I experienced a time when women were c**ts but not as egotistical, a time where political correctness only was conjured in parliamentary buildings.

Ah, the nineties, “a time where SJWs were too busy listening to Korn or Marliyn Manson” to cause much trouble and when “fat women [weren’t] trying so hard to raise their sexual market value above men.” (Or at least above the sort of men who post angry manifestos on the MGTOW subreddit.)

How far we have fallen! In the nightmare world of today, some of these fatties actually have the gall to think of themselves as valuable human beings who deserve respect from others.

Now, we live in the times of self-made female celebrities, single mother culture, the media who language shames anyone who speaks the truth, down to the gagging of conservative thinkers on popular social media platforms, fat shaming and it’s reactionaries,

Er, in case you had trouble diagramming that last sentence, I think that bit at the end means he’s mad anyone complains about fat-shaming.

He continues, making up words as he goes:

And lastly, the detasteful rise of Feminism and their eternal hatred for anything with a dick. As a result of the army of manginas, white knights, beta-facebook pleasers, man-begging on dating platforms, women now are in control of the dating market and are free to act how they wish.

Imagine, women — some of them fatties! — actually having the gall to reject good and decent, if maybe just a teensy bit misogynistic, men like shogunronin!

They are free to treat a man like crap because 50 others are queing up on her social media account. Some women are even calling themselves celebrities as 5,000 manginas cheerlead her on Twitter in the hopes of one day bagging those golden vagina lips that could never do anything wrong.

You may wonder what exactly shogunronin thinks vagina lips are doing wrong. Robbing banks? Writing bad checks? Going to see Lady Ghostbusters?

Shogunronin does not specify. He is apparently more angry at the owners of these “golden vagina lips” for refusing him and other perfectly decent woman-hating men access to said lips.

I believe MGTOW is a reaction to the woman uprising. Men who are sick and tired of female priviledge in both society and the court room. If you noticed, MGTOW on the internet had risen just about the same time that online dating went mainstream. It is a F**K YOU to all women who think they’re above men. We are going our own way, bye hunny.

But shogunronin isn’t just angry at women and the manginas who love them too much. He’s also mad at pickup artists for suggesting that the value of men is determined in large part by the hotness of the hot babes they date (or date rape).

Yes, that’s right. There’s actually a portion of his manifesto that sort of has a point.

As a man in my early twenties, I was indoctrinated into the PUA cult. I was led to believe that if i couldn’t attract a woman than I was a failure with women which equaled a failure at life. It was only after reaching my later twenties that I began to realise how dangerous this mindset can be.

Alas, after this brief moment of clarity, shogunronin is once against swallowed up by the ideological fog of MGTOWism.

Women were the only ones who benefitted from the PUA movement.

Because nothing benefits women more than having an army of aggressively creepy dudes using every psychological trick in the book to overcome “last-minute resistance” and get them into bed. (Or just plain date raping them if that don’t work)

It turned awesome men into tools. It provided women with a stream of unappreciated attention. It was full of men who went out building their entire confidence around women. I know this because we would discuss how shitty we felt when being rejected multiple times in one day and successful when we got laid. Women were constantly pressuring men to impress them, and now with the rise of social media dating, women have a eternal pool of meatheads and manginas who are thirsty.

Sorry, MGTOW dudes. Your self-esteem problems are not the fault of women who don’t want to have sex with you.

We now live in a culture that demonises men and rewards women for their shitty behaviour.

Apparently he’s very angry that women are “rewarded” for saying no to sex with men they don’t like by, er, not actually having to have sex with men they don’t like?


A fat whale now has access to the more attractive men while the average joe has to ‘brand’ himself both metaphorically and physically just to meet the outlandish standards of modern women.

How dare these “fat whales” only sleep with men they’re attracted to and who want to have sex with them!

The truth is none of us were losers because of these women,

TRUE. Your loserdom has nothing to do with these women.

the truth is women priced themselves out of the dating market.

NOT TRUE. They just said “no” to you when you came at them with your PUA bag of tricks.

Upon being MGTOW, I have been financially better off, I have been happier, I have more time to follow my passions in life other than chasing some egotistical self-made celebrity c**t.

Apparently one of these passions is posting bitter, woman-hating manifestos on the MGTOW subreddit.

Life is good for me now.

I don’t … actually believe you. This manifesto is pretty obviously not the work of a man enjoying the good life.

Not surprisingly, the regulars in the MGTOW subreddit disagree with me on this point, applauding shogunronin’s mini-manifesto and responding with mini-manifestos of their own.

2045_revolution laments how exploitative the current sexual marketplace is. Exploitative of men, that is. Sure, he admits,

Men may use women as wet holes attached to a uterus, but women use men as wallets and sources of high quality genetic material. It gets demoralizing. As a man, the best you can hope for is to be a strong and healthy host for a female parasite to latch onto. When you think of guys in their expensive clothes, expensive cars, etc just advertising how filled with resources they are to parasites, it loses its appeal.

Meanwhile, 2045_revolution complains, some women he thinks aren’t so hot are trying to date men he thinks are hotter!

Internet dating and the rise of PUA culture have created a generation of crap women who think they are amazing catches. It used to be that a woman who as a 6 knew she was a 6. Now the 4s and 5s think they are 8s because of all the validation they get from thirsty men.

How dare women have the gall to try to date men they find attractive!

People can ridicule MGTOW all they want, but the exodus is really just starting. I think there will be sociological consequences. In ten years there will be tons of angry MGTOW men and bitter, used up women who got kicked off the CC. A society full of angry, bitter women (many of whom will be single mothers) who chased a hypergamous fantasy and ended up feeling used and empty handed, and lots of angry, bitter MGTOW men who felt ignored and devalued is what we are looking at. Nobody will win.

And if single mothers think they can have 2045_revolution’s “beta bucks,” well, NUH-UH!

Just as there is not an infinite supply of male 9s and 10s willing to enter committed, monogamous relationships with female 5s, 6s and 7s, there is not an infinite suppply of gainfully employed male 6s and 7s willing to clean up these women’s messes as they push 40. I say this as a BB who has had a half dozen single mothers try to use him in the last few years.

A fellow calling himself cheaperautoinsurance puts the blame on “smartphones and social media” for “basically destroy[ing] american women,” presumably because so many dudes who want to have sex with them say nice things about their selfies and sometimes send them lovely photos of their penises.

For blackierobinsun2, though, the roots of our current situation are rather more basic:

Women f**ked up America when they wanted jobs

Most of these btches going to college only work for a couple of years to end up getting pregnant and not wanting to work again, stupid whore just wasted a college degree and stole a job opportunity from a man feeding his family

Such a tragedy that blackierobinsun2 is taking himself out of the marriage market. What a lovely husband and father he could be!

Let me say it again: If you’re going your own way, fellas, just freaking GO. Lead your own life however the hell you want, as long as you’re not hurting anyone else in the process. Just stop cluttering up the internet with your ridiculous rants.

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5 years ago

Wasn’t that thing about women iniciating most divorces just about who tends to hand in the paperwork? Making that statistic even more meaningless?

Paradoxical Intention - Mobile
Paradoxical Intention - Mobile
5 years ago

@Tahia: I’ve noticed that too. When it comes to doing any sort of work towards a relationship, men tend to lie back and expect the woman they’re with to do it.

Especially when it comes to ending a relationship.

I find this stems from the attitude men are taught that women are their emotional dumpsters. They can vent to us, but Gods forbid that we ever need to talk ourselves.

Alan Robertshaw
5 years ago

@ tahia & paradoxy

In England, if one spouse/civil partner isn’t working (or is in receipt of certain benefits) then it’s best to get them to file the petition as you can get a remission from the £550 court fee.

So that skews the figures a bit as it’s more often the woman.

5 years ago

I think you also have to consider that women in their twenties are dating men in their twenties – if men in their twenties are also not very interested in settling down and instead want to have consensual non-committed sex with different partners doesn’t it stand that women would have a harder time of finding a partner to commit to, if that was something she wanted. Of course if women in their twenties were to settle down with older men whom would be more likely to have stable well-paying jobs on average they would just get accused of being hypergamous so really you can’t win.

5 years ago

@ Alan

Getting a divorce is that expensive? Even when there is no quarrel? You know if that is a British thing or a universal “fuck those vulnerable people” thing?

Alan Robertshaw
5 years ago

@ tahia

That’s just the petition (application) fee. If it’s an uncontested divorce then that’s pretty much the only fee now (you used to have to pay £50 for the decree absolute) but if it’s contested the other party has to pay a £250 fee as well, and then of course you get into costs of actual hearings.

Don’t know how that compares to other jurisdictions, but there are probably people on this site who know. Be interesting to compare actually.

ETA: The expense is one of the reasons the parties will often agree for the party who can get the fee remission to start proceedings, regardless of who wanted the divorce in the first place.

5 years ago

Sillypants me. Really thought it went more like “wanna split?” – “yeah” – “Me too!” – “Great, let’s sign this paper then; bye!”

That’s why I shouldn’t get married.

Alan Robertshaw
5 years ago

@ tahia

Ah but we’ve got (unelected) bishops in our legislature so that “let no man put asunder” vibe is pretty big here. Attempts at making divorce easier do face a lot of hostility. Which is daft really when you consider how easy it is to get married.

There was a big scandal when one particularly cynical law firm offered free divorces (and divorce gift certificates). It was in all the papers; who kindly reproduced the adverts. Can’t think how that story leaked to the press and the Bisho of Truro *cough*.–long-couples-apply-June-30.html

5 years ago

Haha! A divorce gift certificate? Love it!

Scildfreja Unnýðnes
Scildfreja Unnýðnes
5 years ago

Here in my part of Canada, divorces are a bit over $100, unless it’s contested. Someone in my family just went through a divorce has spent several thousand on it, because her (now) ex decided to fight her on it – even though now he barely holds up his side of child custody, and doesn’t pay any child support. He spends his money on expensive gym memberships and new clothes and sports instead!

(But yeah, Mark and Mick and whatever troll’s reading, she totes screwed him over for alimon- no wait she lives in a tiny cramped apartment with the kids and takes care of all of their expenses herself. Extra money gets put into savings. She wears the same shoes until the soles fall apart.)

Divorce can be very expensive here, but only if it’s contested. Seems to be the same in most places, it sounds like! Cause that’s totally the government’s business. Grumble grumble.

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