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Today in Breitbart Comments: Hillary’s … curtains

Breitbart boss turned Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon
Breitbart boss turned Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon

Welcome to the first installment of a new series here on We Hunted the Mammoth: Today in Breitbart Comments.

It’s pretty simple. Every day I will read through as many comments on Breitbart as I can stomach, and bring back some of the, er, best for you!

Today, I looked through some of the 5076 (and counting) comments Breitbart readers left on a post titled “Clinton Campaign Dogpiles NBC Reporter for Covering Hillary’s Coughing Attack.”

As it turns out, Breitbart’s commenters have quite a few concerns about Hillary’s health — and some, well, novel explanations for her cough. Some selected comments from the thread:

Reno Rivera Divine Friend • 5 hours ago Lesbians cough a lot. Particularly, old lesbians. It's as if they smoke four packs a day. Has to do with what they do with their tongues.

Doom On You Ham ☑ - Only ✝Christ Matters • 5 hours ago Maybe Clinton just had a hairball from Huma?

Yabba_Dabba Ham ☑ - Only ✝Christ Matters • 5 hours ago Papilloma caused cancer via her diseased husband Slick Willie, or infection via Saudi mole Huma Abedin via the diseased slimeball Anthony Weiner. Cancer by proxy through toxic STDs.

Richard Heinrich klem • 9 hours ago I wonder if they are casting about for a Hillary "Double" who can take her place when she finally collapses.

DefiantDeity Tommy p • 3 hours ago Who wants to bet Hillary has m**t curtains that hang to her knees between her legs?

And here is the most-liked comment in the thread:

Human Metaverse • 10 hours ago She's has had that allergy at least since 2008 and there isn't one pharmaceutical product that Big Pharma can offer its evillest minion to stop it recurring 365 days per year, or stop her choking especially prior to/during important speaking events...? She pees herself, can't walk or step at times, has lesions on her tongue, has seizures that make her look mentally retarded and has a wheel chair in her lowered-floor van.... Hahahahahaha. No-one believes the msm. It is probably Alzheimer's.

REMINDER: This is the audience that Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s campaign CEO, cultivated for many years as the head cheese of Breitbart — and that Trump was presumably hoping to appeal to by hiring Bannon to run his campaign.

122 replies on “Today in Breitbart Comments: Hillary’s … curtains”

… not to spoil the fun, sorry. But I mean, this is a professional asshole, right ? Can’t count the number of women, feminists, and allies he’s doxed and/or harassed. The guy was a threat all the way, and he finally gets to meet with the police for… being piss drunk in a hotel lobby ? Come on ! I get that assaulting the cops warrants an arrest, but what about everything else ? There’s dozens of charges just as legitimate that he still hasn’t faced and is probably never gonna face.

I’m glad he’s finally being held accountable for something, but that’s not exactly what I was hoping for.


Ah, sorry, I was unclear.

And, yes, the panic and fear and misery that you feel when you wake at odd hours? Entirely a response to being conscious while your brain is swimming in sleepy-time hormones.

That’s not it. It actually happens when I’m trying to fall asleep – especially if I’m not really sleepy in the first place. And to be honest, right now it’s all around the clock. Probably gonna be for the whole month if I don’t do something to get my mind off things stat.

and then sleeping with the windows open (wakey-time lighting)

No I meant the window’s open when I’m awake during the day. I can’t really sleep with light in the room, to be fair. If I sleep at night, it’s with the window open too, so that sunlight wakes me up early enough.

Sleep isn’t really the issue right now. Sure the insomnia last night wrecked a good rhythm that I had going, but I may able to fix that if I can stay up for another twenty hours – it’s 2am right now. No the problem is more the overwhelming anxiety. Feels like there’s something terrifying always lurking behind my back – and when it’s not that, it’s old wounds that I’m very very bad at dealing with. I don’t know which is worse, but I liked it better when I wasn’t terrified of my own shadow half the time. The other half is bad enough on its own ._.

Re : music. Buckethead is a weird genius ! Half his stuff is like that song, I absolutely love it. He’s extremely good at carrying various emotions. Soothsayer in particular is one of his most famous songs, for good reasons. The other half is… weird experimental stuff. I’m not as fond of those, but it’s pretty impressive in its own right. You would never expect a guitar can produce those sounds. The guy’s persona is also something worth its weight in peanuts. Apparently he was raised by chicken on a farm, and they gave him a guitar before being taken for slaughter and ending up at KFC. Now he plays for his dead chicken family, and is never seen without a mask covering his face and a KFC bucket on his head.

@Sinkable John
I understand, the fact that so long as it’s in the internet space he can do all the damaging things to women he can, the police and the system that be don’t seem to care. At least we have the fact that he kept showing that he didn’t care that he assaulted a police officer and no bail. With him in prison, and since he’s doing everything he can to get behind bars, he can finally realize he is not as invincible as the alt right GG machine has made him feel.
He has been denied bail repeatedly.

Since we’re keeping with the theme of scumbags, I got some good news about this one in particular.

Yay, because the fact that he basically had a first world home somehow made him live in degrading situations.

coming late to this thread, spent all day packing and getting ready to head out tomorrow. Turns out, it’s tough to get utilities set up when your landlord put the wrong address on your lease.

@John: I don’t have much to add to what Schildfreja said. However, I do want to emphasize two things. First, there’s the ‘bright screens before bed’ thing. It really does screw up circadian rhythms. Proper sleep hygiene includes avoiding all lighted screens for at least an hour before bed.

Second is the going for walks outside in the evening. This is gold. You get exercise, your skin gets to make some vitamin D, and you get to expose yourself to the fading light, which helps to set your clock by stimulating melatonin production. It will also be much togher to do as the year progresses, so may as well do it now. it is worth noting that a significant part of seasonal affective disorder is the fact that people spend more time indoors during the cold months.

I hesitate to diagnose over the Internet, but have you seen a psychiatrist for this (don’t feel obligated to answer that one, it’s a very personal question)? It can be really tough to tease out anxiety and insomnia, as they feed on each other.

Other than that, good luck.

And, yay for the gamergate person getting justice. GG indeed.

To whom it may concern:

I’m happy to provide a testimonial for Dr. Joekster.

His sheeple shaming is quite effective — thanks to his treatment, I am permanently embarrassed for mindlessly following the crowd and for the way I smell when my wool gets wet — and his cut-rate rates are below rock bottom.

–Shamed Sheeple

Yay, because the fact that he basically had a first world home somehow made him live in degrading situations.

It’s true that he currently owns more shit in prison than I do outside. But I wouldn’t downplay the solitary confinement thing. As much as I hate the guy, I have to admit that it’s inhuman.


Yeah I stay away from screens before bed, and I try to walk as much as I can, although these days it’s a bit complicated. I used to go on hours long walks at all times of day, but now I live in an area that makes it difficult. I have seen a psychiatrist, although he might’ve been a rocket scientist disguised as a doctor for all I know. It only got worse. This country’s approach to treatment is fucked up, at best.

As I said, sleep isn’t really the issue. Hell for all I know it might even fix itself if I could get my mind together on the other matters.

Right now, to oversimplify it, I’m only really worried that I’m never gonna be able to finish this NG+ if I’m getting scared of zombies now.


Every since then, watching attractive people eating corn became one of my “things”

Girl, tell me about it. Hand foods, no utensils just… Where the fuck is that nitrogen! 😃


@Kat: I put in the ‘Sheeple shaming’ part in response to your comments on the cargo shorts thread, which I had taken to be in jest (and if so, we’re truly hilarious)

If I mis-read and I truly offended you, you have my sincere apologies, and I’ll drop that part of the new handle.

@John: it does seem like you’re doing everything you can without medications. It almost sounds like your insomnia may be rooted in some form of anxiety disorder, but that’s as far as I’m willing to go over the Internet. That said, zombies and spiders are scary (although my wife thinks spiders are cute. she also thinks I am cute. I will not think of what that says about me😏. )

I’ve got a ten hour drive today towing a trailer with a town car, but I’ll chance this thread again when I get to Kansas. Good luck.

I’ve got a ten hour drive today towing a trailer with a town car

Hooooly bats. Good luck with that o_o

Well… I never really found zombies scary (pop culture largely turned them into cannon-fodder), why would they only start scaring me now that I’ve slaughtered, according to them stats, more than 7000 in this game alone ? (although that sheer amount scares me for entirely different reasons)

Spiders are a different thing. I’m really, really arachnophobic. At the same time I still sorta like them because they’re smart and damn patient. Seriously. When they pick a spot, they just stay there for days. The non-creepy ones I actually don’t mind at all, I’ll even pick ’em up gently and bring them outside if they’re a species that has no business indoors, otherwise I just let ’em leave and they become kind of a reassuring presence. The large creepy fuckers that prowl my house come September though, them’s a different story. I kill them if I spot them before they get too close. If I spot them when they’re too close already, I just panic. I have kind of a complicated relationship with spiders. Supposed to get one tattooed on my arm as a reminder of the patience thing. Somewhere in sight, so it can creep me out at all time and I eventually stop being afraid of the fuckers, heh.

I dunno that my insomnia is caused by other mental disorders. If anything, might be the other way around – I’m told I’ve always been an insomniac. Fresh out of the womb and still bearing the label and laundering instruction symbols, I already slept way less than is expected of a newborn. My poor parents. The other problems started about around the time I couldn’t get enough sleep anymore because of harsher school schedules. I dunno. Wouldn’t self-diagnose, I don’t know enough about this stuff.

Good news is that the fear seems to have receded a good bit now. I think the lack of sleep is helping, maybe because I’m less alert. 9 hours to go !


If I mis-read and I truly offended you, you have my sincere apologies, and I’ll drop that part of the new handle.

No, I’m not at all offended. I laughed out loud. Communication on the Interwebz — sometimes it is difficult! 🙂

Thanks for asking.

@Sinkable John
I suggest breathing slowly and deeply, mouth closed, in and out of your nose. Allow your stomach to gently rise when you breathe in. Allow it to gently fall when you breathe out.

You can close your eyes and do this for 5 or 10 minutes.

Or if you’re impatient, just do it at odd moments, for 3 breaths or 10 breaths or whatever.

This is yogic breathing, and it promotes calmness.

Good luck with whatever methods you decide to try.

Girl, tell me about it. Hand foods, no utensils just… Where the fuck is that nitrogen!

Axe knows what I’m doing ’bout! Axe gets it. I like your style, girl (assuming you’re a girl, I have terrible memory with stuff like that) xD
Pass me the nitrogen and I lend you the fire extinguisher.


Axe knows what I’m doing ’bout! Axe gets it

Apple day in my high school cafeteria had me feelin some typa way 😉

assuming you’re a girl, I have terrible memory with stuff like that

Nope, I’m a boy. It’s OK tho. I can’t keep the genders of most people here correct all the time either 🙂


That’s not it. It actually happens when I’m trying to fall asleep – especially if I’m not really sleepy in the first place. And to be honest, right now it’s all around the clock. Probably gonna be for the whole month if I don’t do something to get my mind off things stat.

Yup; that’s expected too. When the circadian rhythms are off those spikes can happen at any time. It’s just that it usually happens around 2-3 AM (and a bitty baby swell around noon) when you’re sleeping quote-unquote ‘normally’. If you can regularize your sleeping patterns a bit, then i bet the panic and fear will subside a bit.

It’s not a panacea, though, of course; you know that. You’re doing lots to help, and it sounds like you’re gonna do just fine 🙂 Be patient with yourself. That’s so important. I hope things go smoothly and quickly.

(I dunno why, but ok)

And this one, just because I love the picture:

(There was another one I loved where he is getting his picture taken in Iqaluit with a dad and baby, and the baby’s wrapped up in a Hudson’s Bay blanket and it’s just touching :3)

Oh, and this one of course

Thank you! But it was supposed to be a corn cob, I didn’t specify cause I didn’t d know the word “cob” yet.
And why? It’s kind of difficulty and shameful to explain, but I did it in this comment section.
Damn, I do enjoy that, I just randomly ask for pictures of him in kilt, you deliver. I ask for a pic of him eating corn, you deliver. I don’t ask for pics of him being unbearably cute and perfect, but you deliver too. Thank you! But I shall warn that if this trend doesn’t stop I’ll be asking for increasingly daring pictures.

I love corn on the cob … damn, I want some corn on the cob now and there isn’t any 🙁

With butter and salt … ::sigh::

It’s almost as if Canadians enjoy having an incredibly hot leader.

Fair is fair, though: the rest of us enjoy looking at him too.

Okay, in Kansas City now, taking a break before being oriented to my new job (it’s my first real Doctor job. And I’m 31. Talk about delayed adolescence).

@Kat: thanks. I’m amazed at how much I rely on facial expression to figure out what people mean. This is educational in all sorts of ways 😀

@John: I hope you’re doing better. Feel free to ask if there is any useful advice I can give you. I’m sure that goes for everyone else too, but I won’t speak for them.

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