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Today in Breitbart Comments: Carry a gun, in case you see more than one black person at the mall

Guns and shopping: Two things that do not go well together, except in the minds of Breitbart readers
Guns and shopping: Two things that do not go well together outside the minds of Breitbart readers

In this somewhat belated edition of Today in Breitbart Comments, let’s take a look at what Breitbarters are saying in response to a post titled “Despite ‘Mall Brawls,’ NAACP Calls Mall’s Curfew Discriminatory.”

As you might imagine, the discussion gets very ugly very quickly.

rwg1949yt . • 6 hours ago shoppers' lives matter 40 • Reply•Share › Avatar Hockey is king rwg1949yt . • 5 hours ago This raycisms. Deez black keeds jus tryna get they shop on and sheeeeeeiiiiiit. 14 • Reply•Share › Avatar AbleWitness rwg1949yt . • an hour ago Shoppers' lives matter less than the evolving purpose of malls. I now see the genius of using malls as a place where savages can go to thin-out their numbers. When entering malls, savages should be given weapons of all sorts. Inside, they can group-up into their respective gangs and attack each other. The higher the attrition, the more funding the mall receives. After the festivities die down (excuse the pun), the gore on the floor can be fire-hosed away and the businesses can return.

And then, though it hardly seems possible, it gets worse:

Guest • 6 hours ago For safety --self segregate-- if you see more than one, you are in the wrong place. Diversity doesn't work. 31 • Reply•Share › Show 1 new reply Avatar Rabbit Jack Guest • 5 hours ago This is why I carry. 18 • Reply•Share › Avatar Jack Meoff Rabbit Jack • 5 hours ago And at least one spare mag. 9 • Reply•Share › Avatar AbleWitness Jack Meoff • an hour ago Practice dumping your empty mags and loading new. If you don't, you'll not be ready. Practice, practice, practice!

But take heart! Not every Breitbart reader thinks it’s a good idea to start shooting people whenever you run across more than one black person in a public place. Because you might accidentally shoot a white person.


It’s possible that the discussion got even uglier than this, but I gave up reading the comments at this point.

REMINDER: This is the audience that Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s campaign CEO, cultivated for many years as the head cheese of Breitbart — and that Trump was presumably hoping to appeal to by hiring Bannon to run his campaign. These are the people whom Trump is empowering and emboldening.

81 replies on “Today in Breitbart Comments: Carry a gun, in case you see more than one black person at the mall”

“But, but, but…we’re not racist, you guys! That’s just ess-jay-dubya propaganda!”

On a serious note: I second what Jack says!

“Genetically intact”: Do they know that white skin is a mutation of dark skin, that happened as humans moved away from hotter climates? I don’t know why I’m asking. Of course they don’t.

“Schroedinger’s Black People!”😆😆😆
I’m using that phrase from now on with all my friends!

James: I don’t have a costume (unless brown skin counts) to reflect my evil, shapeshifting nature, but I do wish I had that superpower. I wouldn’t choose to look like Godzilla, tho’. I would walk around looking like Gina Torres or Naomie Harris.


Don’t know if this will interest you, but for reasons I’ve been having to research the work of GCHQ (our equivalent of the NSA).

They have over 300 people with autism working for them (‘Neurodiverse’ is the term they use). That’s not for any quotas or anything; they just turned out to be the best at the work.

@ Axe

No charges were dropped but three of them are now time barred.

Ironically Assange is on record as saying he was set up as part of a feminist plot.

The jooz were probably in on it. He hates them too. Jill doesn’t mind. Why let dangerous doxing, blatant antisemitism, and sexual assault get in the way of hurting Clinton?

Argh! I have so much voter’s remorse it hurts

@Jack/Alan on pronouncing words outside your language

I really try to split the difference because I know what a limited vocal range I have*. Mostly came up living in Hawai’i, didn’t even aspire to be full Trebek but didn’t want to super-anglicize native words** either so I managed a lot of hybrids.

*5 years of Spanish and I have never successfully rolled an ‘r’. Funny to think about how in a large portion of the world I’d be considered to have a speech impediment. Whereas in English I’ve got the flat and clear midwest “Newscaster” accent (which is basically a lack of an accent).

**Oddly though even the people who made no attempt normally pronounced Ewa Beach right, so much so that I was confused the first time I saw it wasn’t spelled “Eva”

I think I’m just going to assume people are awful until individual people prove otherwise to me because it seems that no matter who it is that comes under scrutiny they wind up being little more than the golden chalice full of turd that Piers Anthony described in “Tarot.”

What do you all think? Will there come a time when government and public figures will become less corrupt? Or is it a lost cause? At least the corrupt form of government we have in America is better than no government at all or overt rule by force. To channel Noam Chomsky, I’d rather have “manufactured consent” than brute force or ethnic cleansings.

As such, I’m willing to look the other way a bit on some indiscretions with candidates as long as I think they’ll have an ability to get shit done in the Oval Office, on Capitol Hill, etc.

That decision pains me, but I don’t see that I have other options as Stein seems to be as full of crap as Clinton and about 1/50th as likely to get elected, and at any rate, 3rd party votes are effectively votes for the GOP historically, and the GOP candidate is…. *shudder*

So yea…I’m feeling a bit disenfranchised and I’m a white cisdude. I can’t imagine how frustrated people of color or those in the LGBTQ community must feel.

About the impediment, as someone from Latin America (Brazil) I took a long time to notice that. When I was in an English course, this teacher spoke English perfectly, and I was very surprised when after a long time she started to speak Portuguese and had a very heavy impediment. I never thought that was possible, it was fascinating for me.
Is your impediment that one where hard “r”s become “g”s? Because if so, don’t worry. We still understand everything (at least in Portuguese, don’t know about Spanish) and it’s cute as hell.


You wrote,

“Genetically intact”: Do they know that white skin is a mutation of dark skin, that happened as humans moved away from hotter climates? I don’t know why I’m asking. Of course they don’t.

I have a feeling the typical racist only has a slightly better understanding of biology and evolution than the typical creationist.


I draw the line at Paree though.

What, do you mean the way we used to call Paname ?

Wow. These fuckers better not come to Birmingham. They wouldn’t anyway, since they are all talk. This city can be tough.

More than one black person at the mall, I ask you…


So yea…I’m feeling a bit disenfranchised and I’m a white cisdude

I wonder if there’s a causative relationship to this. Like, almost as if being a white dude allows one to feel disenfranchised without ever having any impediment to your right to vote. Nah, what am I saying? Both Clinton and Stein are ‘full of crap’, whatever that means, so your cynicism is absolutely similar to poll taxes

I can’t imagine how frustrated people of color or those in the LGBTQ community must feel

*the sidest possible eye* Feel about what? Frustrated by what? Please elaborate. Let me share this “pain” your decision to be somewhat responsible is causing you

If it seems like I’m picking on you, you’re right. It it seems like I’m being overly harsh and taking more general issues out on you, perhaps I am. If it seems like I’m angry, I ran outta angry some time ago. Tired? Yep, tired

No, I don’t care if none of that made sense. Imma go do literally anything else for a little while…

Re: rolling “r”s – my son loves to tease me that I sound like a cat coughing up a furball when I try to roll my “r”s. It is only the purest accident when I’m able to do it.

@cowboy – I think it’s a mistake to just assume everyone is awful. Governments throughout the ages have been corrupt, if you’re holding out on living a happy life until the time when a government has no corruption and serves only its citizens’ best interests, I’m afraid you’re not going to have a very happy life. Do we the people try to keep the government as honest as possible? I think we do.

I think we as people will always struggle with the best way to organize ourselves as a society and the best ways to govern ourselves. It’s one of our unique human challenges. There are tons of shitty people in the world, but there are many many more people who are either good or at the least indifferent and not actively trying to hurt anyone.

Anyway, just urging some perspective.


Depending on its function in a sentance or who is saying it the ending of a word changes.
Simple russian example. Я иду в Украину . – i am going to Ukraine. The ending changes because it is where you are going. When you are there you say Я в Украине .
But to answer your question Украина it is when it is subject in a sentance. For example: мне нравится Украина – i like ukraine. It is also what you would find if tou looked up ‘ukraine’ in a dictonary. Hope this helps. In English i guess you can say Ukraine still. So long as you stop putting (the) infront i think no one will mind 😉

@ valentine

That helps a lot; thanks.

I have learned to drop “the”. That’s a recent thing though. When I was a kid we’d go to the Ukrainian Club (my mate’s dad was a member) and even there the guys talked about ‘the’ Ukraine. Was that just a translation convention (I understand there’s no definite article in Ukrainian itself)? Is just saying Ukraine a new thing in the West? Or have Ukrainians been politely gritting their teeth with me all these years? 🙂


Generally now if you said ‘the’ it probably would only confuse people but older people might be insulted. Lots of slav languages dont have articles so it’s just kind if weird to us. Sometimes if i translate into english using a translator it also puts ‘the’ where i know it doesn’t belong. For example ‘the Alan’ or ‘the London’. But also if I’m very honest i don’t speak or understand Ukranian very well at all. My family is russian and i moved a lot as a child because of my dad’s job so i didn’t pick it up.

Thanks to Spanish I have learned to trill. It comes in handy at demonstrations or rallies, because I can’t ululate 🙁
(how do you do that!?!?!)

Relax guys. Dave Rubin and Milo Yiannopoulus, who are totally not self-serving Rumovski-style kapos, have endorsed the alt-right.

After all, they’re not Nazis. They just go out of their way to make themselves indistinguishable from Nazis. So it’s all good.

I can’t figure out the alveolar trill, but I can purr. I’m not even sure how. It’s much easier on the inhale than the exhale.

Hopefully Canada’s gun laws will encourage this particular group of Breibarters to stay the hell below the 49th Parallel. Everywhere up here is one of their dreaded “gun free zones.” Unfortunately some Americans have trouble remembering Canada is a separate country, and the Canada Border Services Agency ends up seizing several hundred firearms a year from Americans crossing the border. There are legitimate ways and reasons for Americans to bring guns into Canada, but self defense and concealed carry are not.

re: Staying out of areas inhabited by “lower order humans” – suits me: that would be Planet Earth.

The expression “too good for this world” totally fails to apply here.

Regarding languages and sounds: my understanding is that the phoneme ‘vocabulary’ tends to be set around age 5 or so. Past that point you can learn new words, but you have trouble learning new sounds to make those words from, and sounds that you didn’t learn to distinguish before that point you will have trouble ever distinguishing. A lot of cross-language accents come from that; you learn new words, but you still build them with the old sounds.

Which means if you want to sound perfectly like a native, you have to at least be exposed to the language before about age five to pick up the proper sounds.

(Note: this may be wrong, some research is still ongoing, but that’s the way I’ve understood it.)

Regarding local place names, the CBC had an article about that some years back, triggered by deciding whether the city hosting the 2006 Winter Olympics would be referred to as Turin or Torino:

Of course you get into serious fun with some places. Germany in English is Deutschland in German and Allemagne in French. This sort of thing also gets fun at the Olympics where the official rule is that the countries enter the Opening Ceremonies in alphabetical order… using the alphabet and naming conventions of the host country. Places like Germany and The United States (Les États-Unis) get bounced around a lot.

lkeke said

We can’t be both Bambi and King Kong.

But… Their worldview depends on it! /s

Jenora Feuer – I was placed in Russian language class in the USAF. Six hours a day, five days a week and we’d actually get a lot of fatigue in our mouths and tongues (insert obligatory “cunning linguist” joke here.) So, yeah. I believe your story (as my dad would say.)

On the Ukraina pronunciation thing: It is supposed to be an oo and not a yoo, right? It’s been a long time. Also, trying to type Cyrillic is hard and I’m too lazy to look up how to do it anyway.


You should be able to change it on your phone keyboard settings. But yes У is like ‘oo’. Ю is ‘yoo’.

As someone who was raised in a conservative, almost completely white community where guns were part of everyday life, I have to admit that I do racially profile people for potential threats. And there’s no one higher on the scary list than the white conservative people I grew up around.

@ Judas. Thank me later.

Here you have.

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