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AVfM: Rape Culture is a lie, but “swolesting” is all too real. Also, women are yappy dogs.

He's not a piece of swole meat
He’s not a piece of swole meat

Increasingly irrelevant Men’s Rights garbage site A Voice for Men has decided that now is the perfect time to weigh in on a two-year old Huffington Post piece titled A Gentleman’s Guide to Rape Culture.

In a post also titled A Gentleman’s Guide to Rape Culture, a self-described “warrior and philosopher” called Bad Dima boldly takes on what he thinks feminists mean when they talk about rape culture. From its blunt opening sentence (“F*ck you c*nt”) to its final paragraph heralding the eventual arrival of sexbots, Dima’s post is a Men’s Rights instant classic.

Dima begins by attacking a definition of rape culture that is literally not anyone’s definition of rape culture. “Rape exists, even amongst animals, but there is no such thing as Rape Culture,” he boldly declares. “There is no systematic effort to teach men to rape women.”

Huh. That’s not what rape culture is. Dima’s “rebuttal” is a bit like someone declaring that there are no birds — after defining birds as “potatoes with wings.”

So what is the real meaning of “rape culture.” In Transforming a Rape Culture, Emilie Buchwald defines it as

 a complex set of beliefs that encourage male sexual aggression and supports violence against women. It is a society where violence is seen as sexy and sexuality as violent. In a rape culture, women perceive a continuum of threatened violence that ranges from sexual remarks to sexual touching to rape itself.

“Rape culture” refers to a culture in which rape is normalized to the extent that one in five women is a victim of rape or attempted rape; in which the whole world forgot for many years that Bill Cosby had been accused of rape by several women until a comedian brought it up in his act; in which a self-described “human rights activist” declares that

there are a lot of women who get pummeled and pumped because they are stupid (and often arrogant) enough to walk though life with the equivalent of a I’M A STUPID, CONNIVING BITCH – PLEASE RAPE ME neon sign glowing above their empty little narcissistic heads.

In case Dima is unfamiliar with the website he’s writing for, that last quote is from AVFM founder Paul Elam, raging about women who drink at bars and go home with men yet expect the seemingly decent and friendly men they’ve been enjoying the company of all evening to, you know, not rape them if they aren’t in the mood for sex.

Dima develops his critique further by declaring the author of the Huffington Post piece — a man — to be an

asswipe … the worst kind of human being there is – a hypocrite, a gender traitor, and feminist quisling. Have you considered getting gender reassignment, because we men don’t want stand next to you while pissing anymore.

While “rape culture” is a big lie, according to Dima, there is one form of culturally sanctioned sexual assault that is all too real:

Have you ever heard the word “swolesting.” It’s the phenomenon weightlifters experience of women groping their swoles (swollen muscles) as they move through a crowd. 

Hey, dudes, what were you thinking getting all swole like that? It’s like you were asking for it!

Sorry; that was Swolesting Culture talking.

Dima then goes on to mansplain that the real reason women don’t like rape is because they don’t want inferior rapist DNA in their babies:

The reason why rape is considered such a crime, and why women feel such a revulsion for it, is that historically, the rape of a woman had a very real chance of leaving her carrying a child of inferior DNA and without any parental investment on the part of the rapist. 

He then explains that paternity fraud is just as bad as rape:

The equivalent crime for men is paternity fraud, in which a man is deceived into making a parental investment in a child that is not his. … males are divided into two classes – DNA-providers and resource providers. The females get impregnated by DNA-providers while using resource-providers for parental investment – from the female perspective, what’s not to like about that deal. 

After telling us that women don’t want bad boy rapist DNA, Dima informs us that women DO want it after all. And that’s why there are rapists in the first place!

Women select for anti-social traits in their bad boy DNA-providers (ask me for papers), and strangely enough, most rapists come from amongst the bad boys. So, by their sexual preference for bad boys, women play a role in perpetuating the very thing they say they fear and hate.

Oh, and women are basically human-sized versions of little yappy dogs that yap at everything:

Did you know that the smaller breeds of dogs were bred as alarms for travellers? You would carry the yappy little dog with you, and when you set up camp, the dog would alert you to any dangers by yapping. Women are like little yappy dogs, bred to alert men to hazards. In the absence of danger, the dog will yap at anything, its instincts no longer relevant. 

Dima then informs the ladies of a bit o sad news for them: he personally isn’t going to lift a finger to help them if they’re ever in danger.

As a damsel in distress, the vast majority of men are conditioned and indoctrinated to assist and keep you safe, even to the point of sacrificing their lives. Not me, 23 cents in the dollar is not worth risking my life for.

Wait, so the wage gap is real, now? Most MRAs insist — often quite indignantly — that it’s totally fake, an evil feminist myth. Apparently it becomes real any time an MRA figures out how to use it in an argument against a feminist.

When I see a woman in distress, and I feel my protective instincts kicking in, I remind myself of the pervasive misandry amongst women: that women see men as little more that labour saving devices, support mechanisms, bodyguards, and beasts of burden. I remind myself just what sh*tty people women can be, and then the protective instinct moment passes, and I get on with my life.

Er, how often do you run across “women in distress,” dude? Do you live next door to Rapunzel’s tower?

Also, women are apparently not fully human.

As men, the kindest and most generous thing we can do for women is to leave them to their own devices. Only by denying them any male support will they be forced to become fully actualized human beings.

But I guess it’s good for women that they’re incompletely human. Because that will take a little bit of the sting away when they are eventually REPLACED BY SEXY LADY SEX ROBOTS!

This might take a few generations, but the time of sex robots is coming, and when it does, the full scope of how little most women bring to the table will be revealed. I am confident that the vast majority of men will give up on relations with women if their sexual needs are otherwise satisfied. This will provoke an existential crisis for women.

Dima ends his post right there, which seems a little, well, abrupt. Is is possible the robots got to him?

We may never know the answer to that question. Or care, actually, so never mind. I’ll just stop here too.

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Mike Hisandry
Mike Hisandry
6 years ago

Apparently it becomes real any time an MRA figures out how to use it in an argument against a feminist.

Apply to every single thing ever. Lather, rinse, repeat.

6 years ago

@ kupo

NoScript=No comments, makes life easier. 😉

Personally, I loved Mr. Havard’s defense – it didn’t mention gender so how could it be sexist?

“It was a poke at overregulating everything — where are we going to stop?” Havard said. “It was aimed at both men and women. I can’t strip either. I’m a little overweight.”

Beyond what his amendment said, he was objecting to a proposed law to stop sex trafficking as overregulation.

Cupcakes 4 Hitler
Cupcakes 4 Hitler
6 years ago

To be honest, the thought of even touching a guys sweaty biceps makes me feel a bit like vomiting in my mouth. Is this a form of sexual arousal? And I agree, ‘swole’ is a really revolting word.

Lady Mondegreen
6 years ago

@Alan Robertshaw

Thanks! I changed “stoners” to “Brits”.

Also sent a friend request to someone I think is you. (Accept or not as you please; no worries.)

occasional reader
occasional reader
6 years ago

I do not know if the yappy dog stuff was real or not, but as alarm animals, there have been birds used in mine to signal lack of oxygen (if i am not wrong). Oh, and there is also the story of the Capitol gooses.
Does this mean women are twitting birds or wild gooses ?

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ lady mondegreen

I love your raven evangelist! I’m afraid all you’ll get in return is various donkey related things (here’s some donkeys being happy, here’s some donkeys being sad, here’s some donkeys being daft…..) so I won’t be offended if you end up backing away trying not to make eye contact 🙂

6 years ago

Every time I see a yappy little dog, I imagine, deep in its little doggy brain, the ghost of a wolf wondering what in the Hell happened. And that’s why it yaps.

6 years ago

“Dima’s “rebuttal” is a bit like someone declaring that there are no birds — after defining birds as “potatoes with wings.””

But what are birds? We just don’t know.

Eva Vavoom
6 years ago

The division of men for various purposes is so diminishing in these blogs. Sometimes I think that the shit we women are fed growing up is not as incredibly cruel as the violence that men inflict on other men via their little ‘alpha/beta’ narrative.

DISCLAIMER: Had a baby with very carefully chosen uber-nerd-hacker-sys-admin (them nerds strangely characterized as beta) and I am co-raising with a randomly met gun-loving counter-terrorism analyst (them manly men strangely characterized as alpha). And somehow, the world didn’t end.

Her Grace Phryne Purriosa Fisher
Her Grace Phryne Purriosa Fisher
6 years ago

I’ve gotten groped by a gay guy. I wasn’t offended at the time, mostly because if he’d done anything else my dad would have killed him and because I was worried about one of my friends. It is a thing that happens, though.

6 years ago

Wait, if we’ve spent all this time treating men like “beasts of burden,” who “bred” us to “alert men to hazards?” You didn’t say “evolved,” you said “bred.” Who’s in charge of whom, and who’s failing whom? Words mean things, get your misogynistic story straight.

And would you mind justifying why the conversation is about “how little most women bring to the table?” Is it YOUR table, that we’re just visiting? Seriously, whose table is this? And what do you bring to it? I suppose your sexual history involves giving lots and lots of selfless, expert cunnilingus and considerate affection to bloodsucking abusive yappy harpies who refuse to pleasure you?

This is some Adam and Eve shit right here. And then God introduced a distaff counterpart to serve and please the default human Adam, and Adam definitely only had nipples because God made him in His image and God has nipples. Why does God have nipples, you ask? Shut up, okay? He just does. And then when Adam and Eve sinned God punished Eve by giving all people with uteri intolerable pain during the one thing they’re good for, and punished Adam by… well, just generally making the world not paradise and stuff.

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