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Cupcakes for Hitler: Internet Nazis rally around embattled teenage Führer-lover Evalion

Yes, she really did bake cupcakes for Hitler
Yes, she really did bake cupcakes for Hitler

If you’re looking for more evidence that truth is indeed stranger than fiction (excluding, of course, the fiction of Chuck Tingle), consider the case of the now-banned Youtuber Evalion, a teenaged Hitler enthusiast with a disconcertingly young-sounding voice who made videos praising the Führer for, among other things, his love of dogs. On his birthday, she baked the dead German leader swastika cupcakes and sang “happy birthday” to a picture of him she tacked on the wall.

In recent weeks, the Hitler-lover with the baby voice was just beginning to hit her stride, Youtube-wise, with her videos Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil and How to Identify A Jew garnering hundreds of thousands of views each. Her follower count leapt to more than 40,000. Meanwhile some of her fans on Reddit started up a subreddit devoted to her.

Earlier today, after being called out by several Youtubers with fan bases even bigger than hers, she was banned by Youtube for her obvious violations of the site’s not-terribly well-enforced rules against hate speech. She started up a second channel but this, too, was quickly banned. I would say that she did Nazi that coming, but she clearly did.

On Twitter, her foul fans cried foul.

Another alt-right Twitterer declared that “Everyone needs to Harrass [the] fa***t … who encouraged people to report Evalion’s YouTube channel!!!”

Even before her channel got pulled down, Internet Nazis and other sh*tlords were rallying around her.  On the Daily Stormer, Andrew Angelin warned his readers that the “Evalion is being lynch-mobbed by groups of whining fa***ts,” and urged them to download her videos so they could put them up on their own channels later. (Apparently, some of them did.)

Several other familiar names tried to get a hashtag going:

The outrage from the usual suspects is certainly predictable enough, as is the fact that Evalion is, you guessed it, a Trump supporter.

What makes the whole thing so surreal is Evalion herself. Or at least THAT VOICE.

Evalion says she’s 18, and (as you can see from the pictures above) she looks likes she probably is around that age. But she sounds more like she’s eight, and it’s more than a little disconcerting to hear someone who sounds that young going on about the alleged evils of “the International Jewish Community.”

Here are a few snippets, which I took from a mirrored copy of perhaps her most notorious video, Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil.

Is the voice a put on? Is she a put on? Is this all an elaborate troll job? I don’t think so. In some of her other videos she doesn’t sound quite so young as she does here, but this is apparently pretty close to how she really talks. She seems sincere to me, and certainly her fans on the far-right have no problem believing she’s for real.

With her videos down, and the mirrored videos likely to be taken down, the only way to see and hear just what it was that got her banned is through the videos of her many critics, the most famous ones being LeafyIsHere, who made two videos about her, and Onision, whose call for his Twitter followers to “flag this woman’s hate speech into non-existence” is almost certainly what got her channel taken down. (I’m a little hesitant about linking to either of these guys; Leafy makes videos about what he sees as the cringiest people on Youtube; what this means is that, as Gizmodo once put it, he “Makes Money Bullying People With Learning Disabilities.” Onision has said all sorts of problematic things.)

Now LeafyIsHere is pondering whether or not he should try to get YouTube to reinstate her channel. That seems unlikely, but  somehow I suspect we have not seen or heard the last of Evalion.

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But it is scary to see how people sometimes weigh good against bad actions as if they all weigh equally (or as if it is impossible for a bad person to have a good quality)

It almost makes it worse, somehow. The films of Hitler with his adoring dog make me sad; the dog didn’t know her master was a mass murderer. When I saw his baby picture on the cover of a book (“Explaining Hitler”), I felt sad and sickened. What happened to that baby? How did he grow up to do such evil things? I think we want to believe that Bad Guys are a breed apart from the human race, but they aren’t.

Victorious Parasol: That’s one of my very favorite Tolkien letters. The first time I read it, I laughed out loud – and then laughed again when I read his note to Unwin in which he said he was content to let a German edition “go hang.”

Forgive me my ignorance, but what do all the references to “Shoah” mean in this context? I tried to google it and it’s apparently a documentary about the Holocaust, but doesn’t turn any lightbulbs on for me.

“Shoah” is the Hebrew word for the Holocaust. Using it to refer to the nuking of a neo-Nazi channel is stupid shitlording.

SHe is CLEARLY Jewish. She either hasn’t done enough family history or has a personality disorder. She comes from German/Polish ancestry. Her family escaped and fled to Canada

SHe is CLEARLY Jewish. She either hasn’t done enough family history or has a personality disorder. She comes from German/Polish ancestry. Her family escaped and fled to Canada

CLEARLY Jewish? How do you figure? I’m Jewish and look nothing like that girl, being a blonde Pole looking sort that’s often told I must be lying and must certainly be a Catholic, since I don’t “look” like a Jew. And my family did in fact flee to Canada and by some miracle were admitted. Said family loves pointing out how Aryan I look, compared to their more Mediterranean darkness. Yep, they’re Huns and Poles and Prussians with olive skin. Both of my late grandfathers were as blonde as I am. I have several ‘Aryan’ cousins. Our noses are adorable buttons like we were people or something, even the non-blondes’! We’re get weirder in that we’re all olive-toned blondes, so we tan nicely instead of burning immediately.

Given the Torah points out the Jews are not a single people, but a people of many nations, encompassing many races… do tell. What were your clues? Have you got background on this girl? Share, share!


Appearances are misleading. I’m not Jewish but frequently get mistaken for it, being dark-haired and good at maths.

Also, just as a reminder, we do not internet-diagnose people with personality disorders on this board. She may have one or she may not; and that’s between her and her doctor. Many people without disorders are Nazis, and many people with disorders manage not to be Nazis.

CLEARLY Jewish? How do you figure?

Yes, that is a point that i have never understanded. Judaïsm being a religion, it has nothing to do with physical appearence. The same way you can not say someone is, say, Christian just by how she/he physically looks, there are Jews from various places in the world. The only signs you can really have of a confession are the religious ones, being accessories or clothes. And even like that, the clothes do not make the man (in France, we even say that they are not making “the monk”).
I guess they are so obsessed with physical appearence of things and people (which may be a reason they do not understand/accept transexuality) that they do not have the time to think about other informations.

Hmm, i am not sure you can compare the inquisition between the one in France which was medieval first and thus preceding the Spanish inquisition. And when the Spanish one had arisen, in France we had the Roman one (also called Supreme sacred congregation of the Roman and universal Inquisition). And during the medieval one, there had been the famous Templar case, and there was no smoothness.

occasional reader:
Not quite. It is both a religion and ethnicity.

You can be an ethnic Jew, without being adherent of the religion. You can be a religious Jew without belonging to ethnic group of Jews. And you can be both. It’s complicated and not without intra-group biases and bigotry (see: Ethiopian Jews, for example).

But she sounds more like she’s eight,

I recall watching many an episode of the old “Loveline” back in the 90s where callers with this profile would call in. TO A ONE, every one of them had been sexually abused as a child…

This has NOTHING to do with GamerGate. Why do you keep tagging things with #GamerGate when they have LITERALLY NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH IT? – Furious Mouse

Well, it has at least as much to do with ethics in game journalism as GamerGate does!

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