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Red Pillers blame “feminist floozies” for Muslim “invasion,” having sex with other guys

Ingrid Carlqvist: Not reactionary enought for Red Pillers, because woman
Ingrid Carlqvist: Not reactionary enought for Red Pillers, because woman

A couple of days ago, our old friend Stefan Molyneux– the garrulous, absurdly misogynistic YouTube philosopher king — chatted for an hour with Ingrid Carlqvist, a Swedish, er, journalist who has found many fans in the alt-right for her hateful attacks on Muslim refugees.

But it turns out that the reactionary Carlqvist — the author of such thoughtful works of journalism as “Sweden: Death by Immigration” and “Sweden: It Is Considered Racism Only If the Victims Are Not White” — isn’t reactionary enough for the fellas in the Red Pill subreddit.

Why? Because they’ve convinced themselves that the fervid anti-feminist Carlqvist is actually a feminist, or at least so tainted by the feminist beliefs they assume she held in the past that no amount of yelling about feminists can save her.

Also, they’re mad that as a teenager in the 1970s she went home with guys and had sex with them. Even worse, she sometimes went home with guys and then … refused to have sex with them!

The gracious gentleman who calls himself worldnewsrager set out the case against Carlqvist in an interminably long posting to The Red Pill subreddit, largely based on a comment she made some 45 minutes into her interview with Molyneux.

As the two discussed what could be done to “save” Sweden from the eeeeevil Muslim invasion, Molyneux evidently suggested that a lot of men “have been so beaten upon by feminism for so long, I think, at this point, many view it almost like saving their enemies from the consequences of their enemies’ own misconceptions and hostilities.”

Worldnewsrager noted that this was a sentiment he agreed with, adding that he “wouldn’t piss on a SJW to put them out.”

But Carlqvist disagreed. “Her response to Stefan’s argument was staggering,” worldnewsrager reports. She urged the men of Europe — or at least the non-Muslim ones — to “save Europe.”

“And when you do,” she said,

you will also crush feminism! And the women, they will be soooooooo sooooo thankful and grateful for saving europe. for saving their opportunities of being women, and being equal, but not being feminists. And they won’t be feminists anymore. … You gotta save Europe for us, and leave the feminists to me.. I will deal with them.

It was at this point, evidently, that the steam began to erupt from worldnewsrager’s ears.

I had to stop the tape there. I mean WHAT!? …  This f**king lifelong feminist has come to realize how deeply and how irrevocably the philosophy she believed in and perpetuated has F**KED UP an entire continent, and the only thing this “strong, independent don’t need no man, free-lover” does is DEMAND men fix it. DEMANDS.

“Free-lover?” you ask. Earlier in the interview, you see, Carlqvist shared

stories from the mid-70’s of being a young free-lover and stringing various dudes along, and then denying them sex at the last minute and them ‘being okay with it.’ She actually referred to that ‘era’ as ‘really, the golden age.’ The golden age of Cultural-Marxism I’m sure. So, as far as i can tell, she was fully on-board with the whole “New Society” ideology until only the last few years. 

And now she wants men to clean up the mess she made by HAVING (or not having) SEX WITH SOME DUDES IN THE 1970s?

Now, this likely childless, husbandless, waste of good white skin

Yes, he really did just call her a “waste of good white skin.”

Now, this likely childless, husbandless, waste of good white skin actually, like tries to shame men into what? Getting themselves killed doing what can only be assumed to be deporting the suspected million muslim immigrants. or overthrowing the government. And for what? So she is protected from the consequences of her life-choices, that she only now, once it’s hitting her in the face, realizes might have been in err?

So much for equality, strength and independence, right? When the metal meets the meat, these Western ‘feminists’ abandon their principles as fast as they adopted them. And demand that another generation of men throw themselves in the grinder on their behalf.

Naturally, the men of the Red Pill subreddit responded to worldnewsrager’s lovely post by giving it many hundreds of upvotes. And in the comments they set forth their own, equally thoughtful, analyses of the Swedish Problem, and how terrible women like Carlqvist caused it with their free-loving feminism.

The always sensible GayLubeOil won himself a few upvotes for this small outpouring of wisdom, which came complete with a lovely racist metaphor for rape:

I feel like women have an almost Biological need to cause problems for men. The more problems they cause the more opportunities they have for assessing men’s problem solving skills. …

The problem is that feminism has made women not worth the prize. So now women can deal with the consequences of their actions up to and including getting culturally enriched by Mohammed and friends on the streets of Stockholm.

RojoEscarlata dropped some bio-truths:

just women for you, you can’t blame them for doing exactly what we expect them to do. Running to men when sh*t hits the fan is literally one of their evolutionary instinctive impulses. 

And followed the bio-truths with some history truths:

Feminism wasn’t created by women, it’s just one of the ugly faces of the multicultural disease that is Marxism, women just happen to be always the ones to fall hardest for the equality meme, like those bonobos communist f**kers. 

Wait, what? How do communist bonobos fit into all this? Alas, he offers no explanation, and ends with:

TL;DR: women vote was a mistake

snobocracy won himself dozens of upvotes with this medical metaphor:

Feminism is literally AIDS.

These Muslims aren’t a problem to deal with. They’re superstitious, uneducated, illiterate, dependant on welfare and generally plain dumb to boot.

But our civilizational immune system, which would usually round up these criminal immigrants, has been stunted by feminists who have convinced the world that any form of masculine energy and will to protect your family and nation is evil.

aiguo888 pointed the finger of blame at a rather familiar scapegoat:

Jews are behind this and this is their desired effect. They want to destroy the caucasian race once and for all, which is what inevitably will happen when local men aren’t having kids anymore and aren’t willing to fight for their countries.

Yep, that’s right: Jews did Muslims! 

FLFTW16 managed to work the c-word into his analysis. No, not that c-word. The other one. The one that starts with “c” and ends with “uck.”

Sweden no longer belongs to the men, so it’s not even their country to save. They have been dispossessed of their ancestral lands. 

At this point the comment veers off into an Ayn Randian paean to property rights, before ending with this:

At this point I feel that Sweden ought to be forced to continue their program until they are utterly destroyed. The example of their hubris must serve as a reminder to uncucked European peoples to take better care what they advocate.

trudatness set forth a conspiracy theory so immense that, well, ok, I didn’t read the whole thing. With my glazed-over eyes, though, I did manage to spot references to globalists, well-funded feminists, academic postmodernism, and Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

And this bit, about Carlqvist:

So of course all this sh*t is miles over this feminist c**t’s head. All she cares about is being able to dress like a floozy and lead betas orbiters on for her own purposes. Only when that reality gets disrupted – her lizard brain now says FEMINISM BAD. She’s able to piece together that feminism is bringing Islamic fundamentalism to Europe and that is counter to her personal whims. She doesn’t have clue one on how to solve it … Her go to method of whining and getting thirsty SJW idiots to carry her water isn’t working. … Now she’s turning to Red Pilled men to do it. Same method, different target.

For our interests, we don’t really care if she and other women of her ilk dress like a floozies and play head games with dudes. We can handle that sh*t. Its the shattering of western society that has most of us concerned.

Well, all righty then.

Or should it be “alt-righty then?”

iLLprincipLeS was a bit more concise.

His comment was also the worst thing I’ve read on the Internet for some time, and I devote a good portion of my life to reading terrible things on the Internet. You may just want to skip it.

Ha, save yourself you f**king strong independent female!

I will piss in your mouth when you ask for some water while you are lying on the ground in the blood dripping from your own p***y that was just raped by the ones you brought in with your Refugees Welcome signs.

Perhaps even more astounding than the comment itself is this realization: iLLprincipLeS sees himself as one of the civilized ones.

When these guys go on about saving “civilization” from the “barbarians,” this is what they think is worthy of saving.

H/T —  r/TheBluePill

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6 years ago

I get emails . . .

I get emails with the subject line that includes my obviously female name and promises to add inches to a body part that I do not possess. It will take, my correspondent asserts, only three weeks.

Dude! I’ll give you six weeks!

Ain’t gonna happen!

6 years ago

But our civilizational immune system, which would usually round up these criminal immigrants, has been stunted by feminists who have convinced the world that any form of masculine energy and will to protect your family and nation is evil.

I always enjoy this kind of tangent. Like it’s all so inborn and the “masculine energy and will” has never had anything to do with what they get in return.

So cute and adorable!

Mike Hisandry
Mike Hisandry
6 years ago

I like how they frame their inaction as resistance instead of cowardice or laziness. “What, you want us to actually do something about immigrants? Why would we do that when we can sit on our asses and blame women? Hey, you’re a woman. ATTACK!”

On a related note, this reminds me: not a single man I’ve known who thinks women shouldn’t be allowed to vote actually votes himself. But that’s women’s fault, too, of course. Convenient! It’s a Get Out of Responsibility Free card.

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