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Return of Kings: Women screw up contraception because abortion gets them attention

Sperm: Reportedly also play a part in pregnancy
Sperm: Reportedly play a part in pregnancy

Over on Return of Kings, one of the internet’s prime repositories of misogynistic garbage, a headline asks: “Are Women Careless With Contraception Because They Love The Attention From Getting An Abortion?”

SPOILER ALERT: Yes, at least according to RoK contributor David Garrett Brown.

As Brown sees it, contraception is just so darn cheap, and so completely foolproof, that women who get pregnant must be doing it on purpose.

From the ditzy cashier girl in her mid twenties to the deplorably feminist gender studies graduate, women are continually getting themselves pregnant, despite most of them not wanting a child … But why? If abortion involves such a traumatic choice, even for women who are pro-abortion, why do they subject themselves to a form of masochism easily averted by just using a condom and either a pill or contraceptive implant?

Well, you know how ladies are. They love attention nearly as much as clickbait-headline-writing editors at Return of Kings do.

Put simply, women want the attention that comes from both abortion and debates about abortion. …

Playing the abortion card, despite the ease with which 99% of abortion situations can be avoided, enables women to portray themselves as oppressed pieces of oestrogen-producing meat.

And of course a lot of them enjoy that whole “killing a baby” thing.

Many of them also adore the decision-making capability they can wield in having a foetus inside of them and deciding that it will not ever breathe outside the womb.

Brown confesses that he has mixed feelings about abortion itself.

Low birth rates have essentially destroyed the vitality of Western cultures, so on that count I find it in practical terms a form of social suicide. Conversely, feminists love abortions more than any other group and so them failing to reproduce as much is a win for society.

But, damn girls, why do you have to be so darn irresponsible?

What I find disdainful [sic] is that most women get themselves to the abortion stage in the first place. So much public energy, which could be better channelled in solving truly hard problems, is wasted on correcting the lack of responsibility on the part of sexually active women.

If you do not want to face either an abortion or having a child, do not get pregnant. It is literally that f**king simple. But if, like many women, you want a form of perverse attention and victimhood, abortion and fighting about abortion are great ways to achieve this ignoble aim.

Brown’s insistence that contraceptive failures are are pretty much always the woman’s fault might seem a tad ironic, given that the founder of Return of Kings, the unlovely and untalented Roosh Valizadeh, loves to boast about the number of times he’s been able to pressure or trick women into letting him “raw dog” them — that is, to have sex with them without a condom.

Indeed, in one post he offered men hoping to “raw dog” their dates some helpful tips. One useful technique: just plain lying about whether or not you’ve been tested for STDs:

She’ll ask if you’ve been tested. Say “Yes.” Don’t worry, she won’t ask when you were tested, how many girls you f**ked raw since you were tested, and what you were actually tested for. Even if you’ve never been tested, you can say “Not recently, but I’m 99% sure I don’t have anything,” and that’ll be just fine for her.

Or you could ignore her “no” and just start having sex with her sans condom, without her permission.

When gearing up for the second act of sex, just diddle her vagina with your dick and stuff it in. If she objects, get a condom and try again next time. By the fourth of fifth time, you’ll be banging raw guaranteed.

As you can see, Roosh has a rather expansive notion of what counts as consensual sex.

Roosh has sometimes worried that he might get AIDS from all this unsafe sex. But he doesn’t seem quite so worried that any of the women he’s, well, donated his sperm to will get pregnant. Possibly because he believes in magic. Possibly because he regularly moves from country to country. Possibly because he’s given so many of these women a fake name. And possibly because he’s a narcissistic, exploitative sh*tstain who really doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t personally affect him.

Whatever the reason, it does seem not just ridiculous but also just a teensy bit hypocritical for Roosh’s Return of Kings to suggest that it’s women who are almost entirely to blame for unwanted pregnancies.

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6 years ago

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That’s about the level on which these guys operate. Except not as funny. Beavis: “Ahhhh! The stick turned yellow when I peed on it!”

6 years ago

These stupid bloody theories about ‘all women are/do xyz’ and ‘all men are/do xyz’ don’t take into consideration that we’re all individuals.

My experiences differ from other people’s individual experiences.
I’ve had 4 surgical abortions under general anesthetic and, personally, had no real negative physical or mental problems from them. I have much lighter periods since the 4th, possibly because of scarring, and I’ve heard it may be more difficult to conceive, which doesn’t bother me (though I do now think it is terrible that I’ve never been INFORMED of that possibility by medical personnel before undertaking any of the procedures, because it means other people also aren’t getting that info and they might need it). I find ‘morning sickness’ unendurable and that has been my main concern regarding accidental conception (that and burdening the NHS with costly operations).

But so many factors contribute, including the fertility of both partners, which can be anyone’s guess unless you specifically find out, it isn’t necessarily even carelessness, let alone intention, that causes pregnancy. In my case I’d say it was probably frequency of contact with sperm; the more often you’re exposed to it the more chance for contraceptive failure (those little margins are a bugger)

I am a really open person and so find it annoying that I don’t feel especially comfortable openly mentioning or discussing my abortion experiences (when relevant to the conversation) with strangers or acquaintances because people sometimes react like an asshole about it (a former housemate threatened to punch me over the subject *rolls eyes*)

6 years ago

All this time and now we find out that getting attention is as easy as getting pregnant and having an abortion? Damn!

Argle Bargle (formerly Carr)
Argle Bargle (formerly Carr)
6 years ago

These people and their ”logic”.

– Abortions are bad, stop having abortions! Just don’t get pregnant!
– Okay, don’t ”raw dog” women then. Use a condom.
– But……condoms don’t give me as much pleasure!
– So if a woman gets pregnant and doesn’t want an abortion and wants to keep the baby, you’ll help out? Seeing as you don’t like abortions and single mothers and all.

What I got from this article (and others like it) is that pregnancy never has anything to do with the man and they shouldn’t be bothered about that pesky issue. At least until they decide they want kids, then all of a sudden it’s their child and the woman should do as she is told.

6 years ago

I want to enthusiastically recommend a combination of condoms and spermicide. I have the impression that it’s not a very popular method, but I used it throughout my fertile years. Except for the natural method, it’s the least invasive. Of course, it does require cooperation from both partners. I never had an unintended pregnancy using that combination. Two or three times the condom slipped off, but it worked out okay.

Being an all-natural, 100 percent organic woman, I always wanted to use the natural method. But I would have needed a lot more courage than I possessed to use natural birth control.

6 years ago

General Roosh: Fighting the Battle of the Sexes for you and me.

Well, not for me actually.

And not for you certainly.

For, uh, . . .

6 years ago

Manospherians must consider their refusal to take seriously any and all feminist criticism — or really, any reasonable criticism — as an act of bold bravery. They’re blazing trails of stubborn irrationality for all the men who follow!

No, we will not wear condoms!

Yes, we will blame the woman for getting pregnant!

It is our right as men to be illogical!

Don’t try to threaten us with your misandry — we make the laws of nature!

occasional reader
occasional reader
6 years ago

> Kupo
Ok, so it is the “malfunction” case. Thank you for the explanation !

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