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Neo-Nazis and Other Trump Fans Accuse Microsoft of Rigging the Iowa Caucuses

Donald Trump: Yuge loser?
Donald Trump: Yuge loser?

Donald Trump’s supporters, like the man himself, are not what you’d call gracious losers, so it comes as no surprise that they’re taking The Donald’s second-place finish in Iowa hard. And given Trump’s own forays into conspiracy theory (all that birther stuff), it’s also not exactly a shock to see his fans claiming that the Iowa caucuses were rigged.

What is a little surprising is who they’ve picked as the supervillain in the alleged plot against Trump. Not the winner of the Iowa caucuses, Ted Cruz, but Marco Rubio — the guy who came in third, after Trump. With a little help from the dastardly computer whizzes at Microsoft.

Their peculiar theory, first spread on 8chan and then picked up by such highly reputable publications as Breitbart and Infowars and Return of Kings, is that Microsoft, which provided free software used to count the votes in the caucuses, rigged the vote to make sure that Trump came in second and that Rubio won.

Oh, sorry, I forgot. Rubio didn’t win. He came in third place. After Trump.

But hey, the conspiracy theorists claim, he got more votes than people thought he would! And Trump didn’t win. Therefore skullduggery.

The “proof?” First, Trump lost, which his fans can’t imagine could have happened without vote rigging behind the scenes. Second, Microsoft was the second biggest donor in Rubio’s last Senate campaign. CHECKMATE.

But as Philip Bump of the Washington Post points out, Microsoft is only “sort of Rubio’s second-biggest donor.” The $33,000 that the Center for Responsive Politics reported as coming from Microsoft did not all or even mostly come from the company itself. As Bump explains, “most of that money came from various people working at Microsoft.”

Naturally, Trump’s fans — including a number of people familiar to readers of this blog — aren’t buying this debunking. On the Twitter hashtag #MicrosoftRubioFraud, the accusations are flying. As is the racism and homophobia.

But a few managed to find a silver lining:

And yes, he did refer to the Iowa caucuses as the Iowa CUCKus.

One Tweeter managed to find some humor in it all:

Clippy is one sneaky bastard, huh?


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7 years ago

I’m listening to the news right now. Trump has tweeted that Cruz stole the election. He’s demanding a do-over. Here’s the tweet:

Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified.

A quick search of Trump’s Twitter account reveals a message from BLOB. It’s a photo of Trump on the stump with the caption

Making 2nd Place Great Again

And why not? Donald Trump, you regularly spin sh*t into gold. Seemingly. Together, you and your PR team can pull off (just one more) feat of dubious alchemy!

7 years ago

@Hambeast SJB

Hahaha – born in Van Nuys but raised just over the OC line that I now can look at over the fence from my house in L.A. county. I don’t foresee any trips to Riverside county (not even for Club Metro) in my future if I can avoid them (highly likely as I never go there now)…the closest I might come is the 91 to the 15 on the way to Temecula because Indian casinos and those are fun every once in a while. Provided that I’m playing with someone else’s money. 😉

So if the s/o hands me some cash of his own free will when we go gambling does that put me in the ‘especially evil taker type of feeeeeeeemale’ category? What if I buy us dinner a few nights with my own money – surely that equals things out, not that I don’t enjoy being an especially evil type of feeeeeeeeeemale, but in…other…ways. 😉

Hambeast, Social Justice Beastie
Hambeast, Social Justice Beastie
7 years ago

msexceptiontotherule –

You should let me know next time you’re going to the Indian casino, we could have a meetup! Husbeast and I will probably be going to one of the huge casino buffets for his birthday in a few weeks. We’re terrible gamblers, though because we like to play the video slots mainly to see what they’re all about. Not serious at all.

7 years ago


I think when Trump rails against elites he’s applying to people’s anti intellectualism


I’m feeling similarly, I’m kind of turned off by Sanders hardcore supporters and I’ve been reading a lot by Hillary supporters and they do have good reasons for supporting her

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