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Roosh V: If I were French, I would totally round up a posse and throw out all the Muslim refugees

Roosh V raises an army

Not long after I finished my post this morning on the Manosphere dudes who are blaming the Paris attacks on the alleged “feminization” of Western culture, Manosphere dude Roosh Valizadeh put up a post in which he blamed the attacks on, well, you guessed it.

Declaring that “[t]he European people do not deserve Europe,” Roosh writes that

I’m afraid what we’re witnessing is a people who have been so feminized, weakened, and mentally controlled that they simply can’t identify an enemy within their broken gates that threatens their way of life, and is instead aiding the invaders who are actively trying to replace them.

So I was going to simply add this to my previous post.

But then I read the rest of Roosh’s post, and discovered that Roosh thinks the real solution to that whole refugee thing would be for him, Roosh, to round up some dudes and launch some sort of Red Dawn style assault on the refugees and any local police who showed up to defend them.

No, really:

If I was an angry French or German man at this moment, I know what I would do:

  • I would find a small town in my country with good strategic defense that has had refugees dumped within it.
  • I would open a line of communication with a sympathetic government like Russia for possible military support.
  • I would find at least 30 men with arms who believe that their nation is worth dying for.
  • I would invade the town, kick out the invaders, and defend my position against the local police while prolonging the standoff as long as possible for maximum media effect.

Then he’d try to get other equally delusional Muslim-haters to join him in his little revolution.

Either we solidify our position and expand with external support or we die trying to defend our country. I could not think of a more honorable way to leave this Earth, of asserting my destiny in a world where lunatic terms are being dictated to me that harm myself, my family, and my nation.

Roosh does not actually have a family, per se. At least he doesn’t have one in whichever Eastern European country he’s now living in. He lives alone.

He does have a family in the United States, the family he came from. Interestingly enough, his parents are immigrants from two countries –Armenia and Iran — that are not that far from Syria. If I’m not mistaken, they’re Muslim.

You’ll need to use your own irony meter here, folks, as mine is broken again.




118 replies on “Roosh V: If I were French, I would totally round up a posse and throw out all the Muslim refugees”

@Alan: oh, well, “probably” is the same as “did” and certainly means it was all a cunning plan by the IRA and the soldiers were totally justified in shooting fleeing teenagers.

@ Cyberwulf

I have my own reasons for believing M McM opened fire; I was just responding to your comment about the Saville report.

As for where PIRA’s support came from, there were lots of factors. Some as you addressed were political, but there were many others. IRA support was quite low prior to 72. Bloody Sunday was a major recruitment boost. Even at the height of the Troubles though there were only a couple of hundred fully active members, but that’s the whole point of terrorism (which is a tactic, not an ideology); it’s perfect for asymmetrical warfare. Al Qeada Central membership was around 200 at the time of 9/11 but, whilst their plan backfired, they obviously had a major impact.

cyberwulf I feel it is unfair to reinterpreted Alan’s words the way you did. “Probably” can also mean didn’t in this case and as Alan pointed out about the inquiry there just wasnt enough evidence to enable proof. Without proof its just opinion and hearsay at best.

But I think Roosh gas an over blown sense of his own leadership skills, I would dress to think what 29 gits who would follow him would be like.

OC Roosh (glorious general leader diamond star marshal of the penis); ” Sapper Soma to your post, await contact, discharge r.o.e.”

Sapper Soma; “piss off, you gangly twat, you let a bird waste a beer on y’ barnet – who do you think you are telling me what to do”

and another 28 instances. All the time the local gendarmerie are pissing themselves at a Mr. Bean-esque psudo military farce. The only way he could beat the opposition would be by letting them choke to death laughing too much.

Roosh is aware that most of the neofascists he’s cheering on would literally stomp his face into the curb before giving him the time of day, right? That they’d take one look at his face and scream “MOOSLEM INVADER!” and then it’s boot party time?

Also, the “round up some dudes and launch some sort of Red Dawn style assault on the refugees and any local police who showed up to defend them” activity has a name. It’s called a FUCKING TERRORIST ATTACK. It’s literally the same MO that went down at the theater in Paris.

Za_Docta — Waco was way more complicated than that, and the Feds fucked it up big time there. Waco was more a cult defending its leader when the Feds decided to accidentally fulfill a prophecy and then stage a siege and ignore everyone saying that that really wasn’t the best idea… ended with a massive fire killing nearly everyone, including a bunch of unarmed people, most of them either children or the mothers hiding with them.

Also, it started as a simple question over gun purchases. And that is the massive Clif Notes version.

AirBnB is offering free homestays to displaced people in Paris!

Meanwhile a fellow dharmi has this to say;

Pema Chodron
Yesterday at 2:59pm ·

Pema is in retreat, but sent this message:
“When I think about the tragedies in Paris and in Lebanon and in fact in many places in the world, It seems to me that’s it’s very clear that the cause is hatred. Therefore I feel for people that are committed to waking up and being of benefit to others, the key is for us is to not nurture hatred in our hearts. It may seem beyond many of us to feel compassion for the perpetrators, but probably the most important thing is for us to not add any more aggression to the planet, but to add as much open kindness and open heartedness as we can.”

Remember back when MRAs were MRAs and Neo-Nazis were Neo-Nazis and they hadn’t just fused into this big, amorphous mass of hatred and cruelty?


Yep, all three Abrahamic faiths have a lot to answer for. But I can’t see any of them lasting over the next 50 years, can you?

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all sentient beings be happy!

Adam, that’s true. But the thing is I don’t write little fantasies about rounding up 30 dudes to protect my non-existent family. Roosh does.

Regarding family and pets.

Just been catching up with the law reports and this is my favourite bit today.

Miss Wilmot-Smith also makes the obvious point that dogs are not capable of bringing legal proceedings. Among other things, CPR Part 2.3(1) defines “claimant” as a person who makes a claim, and a dog is not a person. I also cannot see how a dog could give instructions for a claim to be brought on its behalf or be liable for any orders made against it. There are a whole host of other reasons why proceedings by dogs must be void, and accordingly I am satisfied that in so far as the claim purports to be made on behalf of the two dogs it should also be struck out.

Personally I disagree with the contention that dogs aren’t people; but I suppose I can see why they shouldn’t be encouraged to litigate.

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