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Cuck-obsessed neo-Nazis offer thoughtful insights on #ParisAttacks, refugees (Just kidding!)

Wait, WHAT did you just Tweet?
Wait, WHAT did you just Tweet?

Do you remember those Trump-loving, nonwhite-people-hating “alt-right” wingers  who are obsessed with calling everyone “cucks,” as in “cuckolds?” Were you wondering what they thought about the Paris attacks?

No? Well, too bad because I’ve collected a bunch of their Tweets for you. And they are as thoughtful and nuanced as you might expect. By which I mean as far from thoughtful and/or nuanced as is humanly possible.

Some of them take the “cuck” metaphor quite literally:

Oh, look, they’re fans of Breitbart!

But not fans of comedian Michael Ian Black:

Oh, don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about the other pressing issues of the day:

And they haven’t forgotten about dear old Donald Trump either:

EXTRA POINTS: At least one of these Tweeters is a #GamerGater. Without looking at anyone’s Twitter timeline, can you tell which one(s)?


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6 years ago

Another ancient 4chan relic here and I disagree with Julian. “Butthurt” was never established to directly refer to rape, even when it evolved to “booty bothered,” “anally pained” and “rectal devastation” and /a/’s “butt ranged and hurt feelings.” It has always been open to interpretation and the meanings can vary from hemorrhoids to constipation to spanking to rape.

Sure 4chan is a wretched hive of scum and villainy but it doesn’t necessarily always have to lead back to rape jokes.

Aris Boch
6 years ago

I don’t understand one thing: Why do all these Neo-Nazis and similar right-wing extremists love Trump SO MUCH, even when he’s pro-Israel, has no problem with Jews in general and has not problems at all with his daughter converting to Judaism? That’s weird!

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