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New video from G20 Summit proves that cats really do run the world

I think this pretty much confirms the suspicions of every cat owner ever: Cats really do run the world.

H/T — r/CatConspiracy



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It’s true. One time my mom looked out the window and saw all the cats in the neighborhood, including ours, engaged in some sort of summit. They all just sat there, looking at each other. Obviously communicating telepathically.

Cats just want you to think they don’t get along with each other. When they think we aren’t looking, they get together and plot.

They are practicing commando tactics in case if an attack! I didn’t see any black cats . . . They are the special forces of the cat world, I think.

Correct. The first two are security.

Cat with an itty bitty walkie talkie. *Pzhht* “It’s all clear here.”

If I could remember where I left the discs for my video editing software I would so create a video splicing the word cats into a clip of the Beyonce video Run the World.

I love that no one seemed to notice or at least I didn’t hear anything. It is just like “Of course the representatives from Catistan are here. Why wouldn’t they be?” (I almost put Catalonia but then I remembered that was a a different place. )

Behind the scenes there’s a large white cat in a swivel chair, stroking a tiny little supervillain and purring “Ah, Mr Dog, I’ve been expecting you.”

@ weirwoodtreehugger – when the Beloved was 7 he had lots of warts, which the doctor cured by telling him to count them, walk around an elder tree as many times as there were warts, shout “goodbye warts” and then, by his 8th birthday, which was in a few weeks’ time, the warts would be gone. He did it, and they were.

The elder tree was in his back garden, and a few weeks later he looked out and there were about 20 cats sitting in it, each one pretending to ignore the others.

Being me, I immediately wanted to know whether the number of cats = the number of warts, but that was 62 years ago and he doesn’t remember.

Makes a better story, though.


Cat summit’s are a thing, or at least were.

I moved to a new place my junior year in high school and my cat was just reaching adulthood. One evening I saw him in the middle of the lawn surrounded by cats I never had seen before. They were just sitting there, not fighting, not growling. Just sitting/lying around. I assumed it was some meet/greet check the new cat out thing.

Never seen it since. I suspect it’s a left over of rural/farmcat “culture”. This was in a suburb that was basically walking distance to farmland and we had moved from an even more rural area.

Street cats are everywhere in Turkey. I call them “street cats” rather than “stray cats” because it’s not so much that they’re unowned as community-owned. They’re very comfortable with humans, and will sit and be friendly with pretty much anyone.

Source: my friends in Istanbul, who recently had a street cat decide that she lives in their apartment now.

Those are the best cats though Button — they picked you, you’re special to a kitty!

Our “I’m moving in here now” kitty was in last night, knocked the cutting board I’ve been complaining about for ages over onto her tail (I caught it on the toe once, that fucker hurts), ran past me, I hugged her and felt down the tail (she’s fine), she shot into the basement, hid for a bit, meowed at the door, I went down to show her her food, left her eating. Despite having told my mother to get me if she started meowing to go out, she let her back outside. Some time after that she scratched to come in (a first!!!), dad let her in, with the dog locked behind a ridiculous 2″ we have for some reason, I guess it went fine until she clawed that door, he barked and all sorts of shit fell over cuz he lost his shit, dad tried to get her in the basement, fail, so he opened the backdoor and she’s back outside.

Seeing as how she came out of this styrofoam house my brother made her and was all “hello human, is that dinner?” I’m calling last night a success. Not like she’s gonna be an indoor kitty instantly, so not hating us even after the cutting board attacked her is a success by me.

/ cat update

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