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Roosh V urges his fans to infiltrate protests against him dressed as “homosexual hipsters”

No one will suspect a thing
No one will suspect a thing

Hugely unpopular pickup artist Roosh V, now on the final leg of his “world tour” in Canada, is apparently feeling a bit cocky in the wake of what he sees as the success of “Operation Medusa” — his not-terribly-well-conceived plan to convince the world he’s not a promoter of hate … by promoting a hateful dirty tricks campaign to scare his most outspoken critics in Montreal (and elsewhere in Canada) into silence.

So now, with his Montreal event scheduled for later today, he has launched a new campaign aimed at the same protesters, urging his followers to dress like “homosexual hipster[s] (i.e. male feminist[s])” in order to infiltrate today’s Demonstration Against Rape Culture, scheduled for noon in Montreal’s Norman Bethune Square.

No, really.

As he explains it in a post on his Return of Kings blog

“Operation Revelation” is a defensive operation to infiltrate all feminist protests on Saturday afternoon, take video of the crowd under the guise of being a fellow protester, and then have videos analyzed to identify the key ringleaders of the protest who make statements or actions showing they intend to break Canadian law.

So very sneaky.

In order to better blend in, Roosh tells his Montreal fans to show up with iPhones charged in

an outfit that looks like a person who has nothing going on with his or her life. To fit in seamlessly if you’re a man, dress like a homosexual hipster (i.e. male feminist). If you’re a woman, gain 30 pounds, dye your hair red, get three cat tattoos, and wear ugly clothing (i.e. contract Lindy West disease).

(Lindy West? Ugly clothes? Uh, Lindy West was just featured on MTV News as an “Inspiring Bride Obliterating Wedding Dress Stereotypes.” But I digress.)

Pretend you’re a protester by sharing your hatred of patriarchy, “rape culture,” and masculinity while casually filming the proceedings with your phone.

And then you’re supposed to send the footage to Roosh via Dropbox.

Do not challenge the protesters because they are mentally unstable and in all likelihood ready to use violence. Fit in with them instead, gain their trust, and film the proceedings casually. Your raw footage will be edited and shared online to help identify potentially threatening individuals. Private investigators will likely be hired to help with the analysis.

While Roosh is obviously being a bit facetious about the clothes, he’s serious about the filming. And it’s pretty clear Roosh and his cronies aren’t simply interested in filming protesters in order to protect themselves from violence or other illegal acts; they’re doing it to get a database of pictures of people they can identify — and smear, using whatever shred of dubious “evidence” of wrongdoing or wrongthinking they can find.

Indeed Roosh has started doing this already with some of the protest organizers; a post up today on RoK tries to portray one of his critics as a supporter of violence against Roosh — on the basis of a single Facebook “like” of hers.

The commenters on Roosh’s post are even more blunt about their desire to intimidate Roosh’s enemies. Ashan writes,

Even if everything goes well, and there are no confrontations, still do record the faces of protesters. Why? you may ask. Protesting is a legal right, you may say. Yes it is, and so is free speech. Using one legal right of yours to sabotage another legal right of another person is bigoted, and you must break the anonymity of these bigots and expose them at any cost. Fight fire with a bigger fire. Bring a gun to a knife fight. When you enemies are even a little bit defeated, don’t have any mercy. Crush them down, hard, to destroy them fully. Kill their very souls.

A commenter calling himself Cat5krusher adds

Infiltrate, divide, conquer, destroy from within. Hey Its worked for the F.B.I an the C.I.A for the last 50 years and seems to work for them. If you’re really good as an imposter catch them on tape on what the sjw’s plan on doing. Entrap and give the footage to the authorities.

Daniel Ramos complements Roosh’s “excellent plan,” explaining

I myself have contacted a few ex military friends who live in canada for support. A few of them promised to go to this demonstration in full hipster camo so they can blend right in. I’ve even asked some of them to act like moronic leftists so the rest of the plants can catch it all on camera lol.

No one will suspect a thing when your totally real ex military friends totally show up at the event in “hipster camo,” because that is a thing that totally will happen.

Roosh’s fans aren’t battle-hardened super spies. They’re angry assholes who like to talk shit online but have probably never even been to a demonstration in their lives. If they can even be bothered to get their asses to Norman Bethune square in the first place, they have about as much chance of “blending right in” with the protesters as Roosh has of winning the Nobel prize for literature.

And if you don’t believe me I have some tickets to a totally real feminist conference to sell you.

Real feminists are a lot smarter than these dudes think they are. And they have cameras too.

163 replies on “Roosh V urges his fans to infiltrate protests against him dressed as “homosexual hipsters””

Oh boy! Didn’t they learn from the femcon debacle? Didn’t they learn not discuss such plans on a public forum? Oh the stupid! And the plan itself was idiotic. I am not surprised it didn’t work. The glitter bomb story hilarious, too!

There *is* such a thing as proportionate response … and this is what it looks like. Yes, it would be deeply weird and arguably counter-productive if thousands of people turned out to picket Roosh V. But that’s not what happened; 100 people did. That’s better than 10,000, but also better than zero. It’s just enough to show that Canadians have a sense of decency without making it a bigger deal than it had to be.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:


Hey, while you’re here, watching an LP of DA2 has made me more pro-mage, anti-Templar and anti-Chantry more than ever. I’m watching a mage pro-Templar playthrough.

Cullen’s also an asshole.

“you’re supposed to send the footage to Roosh via Dropbox.”

Anyone else up for rickrolling this dropbox to oblivion?


What’s your beef with Cullen? Not saying you don’t have a good one, just curious. I found him one of the most likable people in DA2, but it’s not exactly a strong field, so I wouldn’t blame any player for hating on any character in Kirkwall.

I’ll be curious what you make of Vivienne when you get to DAI. She’s the first major pro-Chantry mage since Wynne, and a hell of a lot more developed. She’s… actively pro-circle, if that makes sense? She’s traveled, thought about political issues,and come to a principled stand. Wynne was pro-circle more by default. I’m not saying she wasn’t thoughtful, but she had too much on her plate to worry much about political philosophy.

Incidentally, I should probably clarify that I quite like DA2. I know a lot of gamers quite vocally hated it, to the point that they tried a small-scale warm-up for GamerGate. I hate everyone in the game, not the game itself. I also like Arrested Development, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, DuRaRaRa, Evangelion, and Thomas Covenant, so hating everyone is not a problem for me.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:


Why don’t I like Cullen?

“Mages cannot be treated like people. They are not like you and me.”

I mean, what the hell? Mages aren’t people? They can’t be treated as people? The fuck? Whatever kool-aid this man drank is strong. At the very least this shows how the Templars dehumanize the mages, if not how much a fucking asshole bigot he is.

There’s also obvious abuse in both the Kirkwall Circle and Chantry. There’s at least two NPC talks about a Templar or priest person going into a mage or subordinate’s room at night. The mage was threatened to be turned Tranquil if they spoke about it to anyone. Plus creepy as Ser Alrik, who was sexually abusing Tranquil mages.

Honestly any mage that wants to overthrow that I can fucking understand.

But that’s just the basic shit in Kirkwall. If you take into account what we know about the Ferelden Circle, what we know of magic and spirits and demons, you’d see that every mage Circle is a vicious cycle of abuse obviously being used to kill off mages with the Chantry profiting.

Mages are preached to their whole life magic is evil and they should be subservient, that they’re so weak that if they could be possessed by demons and turned into Abominations at any time. That abuse produces all sorts of negative energy that attracts demons; and the more demons there are, the more likely some poor, scared mage will get possessed.

Then if a mage isn’t as good at magic or is too powerful or doesn’t want to go through the Harrowing, they are made Tranquil, where they profit off of their slave labor with their enchanting. And mages that have passed their Harrowing are used to make potions, which are sold, or as cannon fodder. The only reason they’re taught destructive magics is because they’re useful in war. And healers are just locked up until they’re needed in a war instead of out in a clinic, helping people. The Chantry could be using spirit healers to help the poor and sick, but mages aren’t allowed to work in the Chantry nor are they allowed out of their Towers, so mages with useful, everyday skills like healing are squandered.

And I’ve just finished DA:I and I love Vivienne. I don’t agree with her views since she seems very out of touch with how the Circle works as a mage, but, you know, she doesn’t think people are lesser for having magic. In fact, if you make her Divine, she actually loosen the power the Templars have over the mages, giving them the more freedom than the Circles ever had. She’s pro-Circle, but not pro-Templar.

Wynne I don’t remember much because I haven’t gotten that far in my replay of Origins, but I’m sure she was also pro-Circle but not pro-Templar as well. She’s a gentle, motherly soul who wanted to save the mages in the Ferelden Circle, going against the Rite of Annulment. She’ll attack you if you side with the Templars and want to kill every mage in the Tower.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:

OH OH OH Also, becoming Tranquil is reversible, but cuts off the mages’ powers forever, which is a secret the Templars and Chantry have kept for some reason. It’s almost like they enjoy profiting off of people who can’t complain.

Patriarchy hurts templars too!1!

Seriously though, I asked what you had against Cullen personally, not the Chantry. Like the rest of the templars, he would have been a young man when he joined. The circle in Ferelden is isolated, so he wouldn’t even have known what conditions were like before he signed on. Once you’re in, it’s very hard to get out. There’s vows, enforced drug addiction, and economic need. Cullen was never in a position to set policy, and he wouldn’t even known tranquility could be healed; only a few dozen people ever knew.

Cullen in DA2 struck me as a man making the best of a no good very bad terrible awful situation. In Act 1, he listens if you vouch for Keran; I don’t think most templars would have taken an apostate’s word that someone wasn’t posssessed. If Bethany gets caught in Act 2, he’s the one who takes her to the Circle. If it had been anyone else she might have been killed or imprisoned, but because it’s him, she becomes a regular Circle mage. In Act 3, he warns you that the templars are plotting to replace the city guard, tries to talk Meredith out of executing surrendering mages, and fights with Hawke at the end. Then he quits the order.

I don’t know what more one could ask for, really.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:


You could ask for Samson, who instead of continuing perpetuating violence quit the Templars and helps apostate mages, albeit for a fee to fuel his lyrium addiction. Even when he was in the Templars, he broke the rules by delivering messages between Maddox and his lover, which is forbidden in the Circle. And in DA:I he was still somewhat sympathetic. You remember how he looked when you tell him poor Maddox, who was made Tranquil when he was caught corresponding to his lover, killed himself to protect Samson’s secrets? Poor Samson was distraught. It was like kicking a strung-out puppy. He still cared about mages but he let his lyrium addiction get the better of him in the end.

If Cullen really regretted what he was doing, he would have quit earlier instead of waiting for the whole Order to become so fucked up in the first place. He literally has to see Meredith pointing a sword in the Hero of Ferelden’s face to think:

Cullen was also there while they randomly made mages Tranquil. He was there seeing the abuse, both physical and mental. He was there not doing shit to stop anything because he didn’t think mages deserve to be treated as people. Who the fuck cares if he did a few kind things here and there when he knew perfectly well what was going on and didn’t do shit to stop it? He knows the Rite of Tranquility isn’t to be used on mages who passed their Harrowing but look at all the fucking mages being Tranquil. What the fuck is up with that, Cullen?

And the Order recruits. No one is forced to join them. People signing up already think that mages needs to be locked up and they’re fed more and more propaganda to dehumanize mages further.

The only person we know that was sent to the Templars involuntarily was Alistair, and he didn’t like it at all. He’s, in fact, very sympathetic to mages. He never went through the complete Templar training, however, so he never got a taste of lyrium, minus what was in the Grey Warden’s joining. In fact, he states in DA:O that lyrium isn’t required for Templar abilities in the first place.

And, BTW, Templars don’t start getting their lyrium until they complete their training and officially take their vows. Lyrium, if anything, is used by a few Circles here and there to help cover up the extreme abuse by cutting tattling Templars off the dust, like they did with Samson, but Templars as a whole are still fucking horrible organization.

So, yeah, fuck the Templars.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:

@Rabid Rabbit

Yeah, that is nice. :> I mean, he shouldn’t have done it in the first place, but it’s nice he apologized.

Wow, I was expecting the usual “I’m sorry if you were offended” bullshit, but he actually apologised. Impressed.

Of course, literally every comment is calling for the reporter to be arrested (because… Speaking out against sexual harassment is a crime now?…) or worse, but hey, what do you expect, the manosphere makes Idiocracy World look like a MENSA meeting.

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