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20 More Brilliant Insights From #HowToSpotAFeminist

Possible feminist spotted.


My post yesterday about #HowToSpotAFeminist— which is still going — didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the ugliness and absurdity of the hashtag.

So here are some more brilliant insights from the antifeminist squad, including blatant transphobia, rape jokes, shout-outs to Elliot Rodger, several honest-to-goodness “we hunted the mammoths,” and a truly astounding lack of self-awareness.

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I don’t about the UK, but in the US the more taxes are cut and the more deregulation there is, the more huge corporations benefit and are able to squeeze local/smaller business out. The main thing that hurts small business is lack of demand for what they’re selling. Low taxes are a deadly siren song used to lure small business owners and middle class people into supporting policy that only benefits the super wealthy. This stuff is why income inequality and poverty are so much higher in the US and UK than they are in the wealthier countries who never had a Thatcher/Reagan revolution.

Awwww. The first white doggy looks like one of my doggies. Such a face! Mine is currently laying on her back with her feet in the air hoping I’ll notice that there is an unrubbed belly at my feet.
I needed that. Wow. So much stupid. So much hate. I honestly hope it eats at them from the inside out.

Yeah, most of my comments are a bit long-winded, but this time…

I can’t. I just can’t even.

Is there a sound effect for laughcrypunch?

I’ve found that even with strict tax laws in place the mega-companies have the resources to find loopholes. Not so much for smaller ones. But you make a good point. On that note, out of curiosity, how much Competition Law does the USA have? In the UK there are laws against abusing your place of market dominance.

I guess I also just haven’t forgiven Labour for plunging the country into debt last time they were in power – and by the looks of the polls, I guess I’m not alone. When it came to the previous election the two parties had two clear, different plans for getting back into the black. Tories wanted to cut government spending while Labour wanted to increase taxes. The public chose to cut spending. This time, even though a lot of people don’t like Cameron (and I admit someone else could do a better job) I guess they trust Miliband even less? I don’t know, I obviously can’t speak for the voters.

UK election – I’m with the “pretty pissed off right now” group. I may facepalm at some of Labour’s decisions, but I have a firm Nope for the party that punishes the weak in the name of “the economy”, then offers to take us out of the EU.

If you want to give me credit, that would be great. Thanks!

The candidate from his party in Boxtrowe also lost spectacularly (with only 63 votes).

I vaguely remember there being one other candidate from the party in Nottinghamshire, but I can’t find it and I don’t recall the exact location.

I’m really curious to see how Mike will try to put a positive spin on this dismal performance.

I must admit, a lot of the election sentiment I’ve heard as been anti-Tory. In which case, where the hell did all the Conservative votes come from? Scotland went for SNP and south Wales voted for independent parties, I think.

Also, Buchanan apparently got 8 votes more than the local standing-at-the-back-dressed-stupidly-and-looking-stupid-party candidate. And that *really* tees me off.

Also, my feelings towards companies and taxes may be coloured by the fact that I live in an area where there is little big business and a LOT of small independent shops. It’s a tourist town, and tourists don’t really like to go to places where the high street is identical to their own.

ej, thanks! I added the info about the other candidate and an little h/t to you in the post, which is up now.

I’m not sure there was a 3rd candidate — I could have sworn I read somewhere that they only put up 2 candidates, but I could be wrong.

I wish I could show each of those tweets to the respective Mother of the tweeter and see how long they spend on the naughty step. Feminism for the win.

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More of this fuckery: “They didn’t help build the skyscraper but think they deserve an office at the top.” Try and find some men in those top-floor offices who helped build the skyscraper. And when you’re finished with that, go find some women who’ve worked in construction and ask what it’s like for them.


The. Fuck.

wants an office in the skyscraper they didn’t help build? aren’t we thinking of the mostly whtie cis het male CEOs? cuz most of the people who actually built it are probably underpaid, lack in health care benefits while working dangerous and physically demanding jobs and will never see the inside of that office. many of them are men, too. and they deserve better.

most of these are just too goddamn disgusting for me to even want to grace with a response.

I think it was in that Mike Buchanan article’s comment thread, I saw someone blaming “single mothers” for “stepdads” who abuse children. But how can there be a stepdad if the mother is single? Is this #MaleLogic again?

I can’t help noticing that all these male superstar athletes want to play sports in arenas they didn’t help build. For example. This might be the dumbest argument ever.

That tweet really gives away their belief that any and every man deserves credit for what other men have accomplished. By virtue of having a penis.

Either that or the tweeter in question is just dumb.

We Built The Skyscraper For You? The fuck?

So now we’re going to be all Little Red Hen and deny people from participating in a thing if they didn’t directly create it?

“Oh, you think you’re entitled to share in this dinner I cooked? That’s cute.”

“Did you suffer through four years of medical school? No? Well, what makes you think you can come swanning in here with a broken leg asking for treatment?”

So now we’re going to be all Little Red Hen and deny people from participating in a thing if they didn’t directly create it?

I’m gonna say yes, since that attitude is the backbone of Gamergate. Erroneously, but still.

Alrighty then! Hope they have fun recreating all of civilization on their lonesome.

Also, HA HA HA at “do you even comic book?” I wasn’t aware that basic human rights are contingent on being able to name all the members of X-Force. By that measure, 99.99% of people flunk.

@Buttercup Q Skullpants

I can’t name any of the members of X-Force, but can any of these schmoes name all the campers in Lumberjanes? No?

Not only can I do that, despite never meeting or interacting with the book’s authors/creators, I can talk intelligently about why the camp matron is probably named after the absolutely brilliant comic creator Megan Gedris who gave us the thoroughly awesome I was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space and the thoroughly (but disturbingly, if you think about it) sexy Darlin It’s Betta Down Where It’s Wetta.

Also, Gedris created, writes and draws Yu-Me which is supposed to be important because critical acclaim and character development and some shit. But really, how can you top Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space? How????

“But really, how can you top Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space? How????”

By having them ride dinosaurs?

@Buttercup Q Skullpants

X-Force I don’t know. But I made a family tree for the Marvel version of the Asgardian royal family once (and a flowchart explaining Loki).

Oh wait… Loki is fangirl bait so he (they?) probably don’t count as true comic knowledge.

Malitia – whenever I read about Marvel Aesir, I have to ignore the shrill pedant deep inside carping, “Loki was Odin’s blood brother! That makes him Thor’s kinda uncle!” Too much D’Aulaire as a kid.

Your flowchart sounds great.

I told my kids years ago that I stopped reading X-Men before Wolverine was introduced; they were clearly gobsmacked.


Yeah. For comicbooks “just roll with it” is my motto. Especially in the case of the Aesir… and since some years and additions. For example: as currently stands there are ten realms.

I needed to make one as this is the 3rd Loki Marvel has (and I’ll go with they as pronoun because of various reasons), also things like “Loki’s guilt/subconscious run away with their power to play supervillain and make them confess.” (Young Avengers 2013) make perfect sense around them somehow.

Before Wolverine… well, that means original X-Men. Most of my knowledge of that part of the ‘verse comes from the Claremont era. ^^;

loon for the Girl complaining that she can’t dress like a slut to her grandpas funeral

This one is just quirky. First, it’s so oddly specific for a hashtag meant to smear feminists in general. Does he think a certain percentage of self-identified feminists have made this specific complaint in regards to one of their grandfather’s funerals? Also, assuming he’s referring to an adult feminists, who or what is preventing them from attending a funeral while looking as slutty as they like? Is slut shaming common at funerals? So many questions.

Finally, “Loon for the Girl” sounds like a Belle & Sebastian song title, very twee.

I don’t work in a skyscraper, but the building I work in was completed before I was born. As was the house I live in. Do I get an exemption? I didn’t help build the car I drive? What should I do?

I didn’t help build the car I drive? What should I do?

By a Land Rover. Within a year you*will* have rebuilt it.

Brooked, I think (and I could be wrong) that the tweeter saw/heard about slut walks and did the usual manuresphere lack of research into what those are for and extrapolated from there.

I hate when people say that someone should be ashamed by the state of their body. Nobody deserves to be ashamed of their body (except for maybe rapists but it’s not their body that they should be ashamed of, but the thing that they did with their body).

Of course the Elliot Rodger pic was heinous but I didn’t want to give that fucker any more attention than he deserves. Thank you all for the cute animal brain bleach

@Virgin Mary: Does dog hair count? I don’t have a cat but my (blond) dog sheds on my (often dark) clothes

@Matilda: Look at that, we both have Roald Dahl names! Granted my character is supposed to be a “bad” one but I never did see her that way.

They didn’t help build the skyscraper but think they deserve an office at the top.

So true, Mister Woman Hater!

I too remember the good old days when the construction workers who built a building got offices in the penthouse suite.

I think it would be a better system if the people who put in the most physical effort got the most reward. Paper pushing is already desirable because you don’t have to work as hard physically but it gets rewarded more than the less desirable labor? Of course some people hate paper pushing and some people love manual labor, but I’ve always felt like the system is backwards in how labor is rewarded.

@Malitia: Gah, sorry! I misread your name as Matilda! In my own defense, I didn’t have my glasses on.

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