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Red Pillers thoroughly underwhelmed by Roosh V’s beta-as-heck appearance on Dr. Oz

Sheldon Cooper: Not a Red Pill role model
Sheldon Cooper: Not a Red Pill role model

Over on the Red Pill subreddit, the ALPHA DOGS are feeling a bit underwhelmed by their boy Roosh Valizadeh’s appearance on Dr. Oz’ daytime talk show promoting his glorious fat shaming crusade. Some even thought he seemed something less than alpha.

One post, with 143 upvotes, declares that “Roosh came across as an autistic man on Dr. Oz.” This is not exactly a compliment in red pill circles. While agreeing with Roosh’s terrible message, the OP complains that the hairy warrior for truth 

came across as extremely defensive in both body language and speech. For all talks of “frame” in the manosphere, Roosh presented himself as a man who was withdrawn, defensive, and quite frankly autistic. His speech was hesitant and slurred at times and he couldn’t make eye contact with Dr. Oz nor members of the audience most of the time; he had mannerisms similar to those of Sheldon Cooper.

Oh dear. At least Sheldon Cooper, a fictional uber-geek from The Big Bang Theory, is skinny. Imagine how poor Roosh would have felt being compared to someone fat!

Here are some other less-than-enthusiastic comments from that thread (and another) devoted to the Dr. Oz Massacre. Some criticize, some make excuses for Roosh. No one is happy.

It’s easy to hold frame on your self-produced website geared toward like-minded men. … Learn from his failure, have real conviction, and hold your fucking frame.

I find it rather ironic that he’s now hamstering on about how he felt (trying to find his “safe space”?! come the fuck on), whereas ultimately this is something he does to those oversensitive cows all the time. 

All and all it was a trap from get go. Remember mantain frame. You will come across people who will test it to upper limits. Don’t give people especially white knights (dr.oz) the satisfaction of seeing you lose frame. Stay focus on your mission no matter what it is.

For all his preachings of red pill principles, DYEL [Do You Even Lift] bro? Being skinny is just as bad as being obese. He needs to hit the gym. And stop playing with your goddamn beard like a nervous twitch! 

Dr. Oz is a prime example of a Dark Triad sophist. He’s a natural psychopath with life long experiences in lying and manipulation. … Dr. Oz applies just about every single one of the 48 Laws of Power.

[B]ut guys lets not criticize him. Because that show with its throngs of obese harpies, bright lights and strategic editing would be a formidable obstacle for any of us.

[H]e was cowed by their statements. I would’ve been red in the face pissed the fuck off. Fallacies, bully pulpitting, loaded questions out the ass. I would have talked over that miserable fuck and cross examined the fucker. Roosh didnt come prepared. He could have come knowing Dr. Oz has a slim wife.

I would have just responded to the hostility in kind. … Take the whole thing to a primal level and just start fat shaming all the warthogs in the audience. Better to be a charismatic villain than a deer in the headlights.

If he had any authenticity, he would have went down the line and fat shamed each of those porkers sitting on their high chairs….made them cry right on the spot. 

Oz is alpha as fuck. Or at least a really good debater. … That slimey motherfucker chewed roosh up, and he should admit it, lol.

Roosh got Rekt by the landwhale train and the chief-butt-muncher Oz.

Tough crowd, huh?

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7 years ago

“mantain frame” might be my favourite typo of the month!

Banana Jackie Cake, the Best Jackie and Cake! Yum! (^v^)
Banana Jackie Cake, the Best Jackie and Cake! Yum! (^v^)
7 years ago

Maybe, just maybe, this will open people’s eyes up to how full of shit Roosh is. Maybe not for the right reason, but at least they might not be as supportive of him now.

In fact, why don’t we get all these PUA to go on day-time television and try to defend themselves? I’m sure most of these “alpha” assholes would stumble over themselves as much as Roosh did, if not more.

7 years ago

OMG, the inane language! It’s like they’re aliens from Planet Moron:

“hold frame”


mantain frame” (this has got to be my favorite malapropism of theirs)


“a Dark Triad sophist” (this is rich coming from guys who model themselves on just that imaginary type!)

“the 48 Laws of Power” (srsly? 48 fucking “laws”???)

“throngs of obese harpies, bright lights and strategic editing would be a formidable obstacle for any of us” (well yeah, duh, the facts alone would make deer-in-the-headlights of all you chronic, pathological liars!)

“bully pulpitting” (again, this is rich considering the source)

“Take the whole thing to a primal level and just start fat shaming all the warthogs in the audience” (translation: Make a ranting ass of yourself on camera and come off looking even worse!)

“authenticity” (again rich, considering source)

“Oz is alpha as fuck” (well duh, it’s his show!)

“Rekt by the landwhale train”

“chief buttmuncher”

I’m sure there’s plenty more, but the linguistic fuckery of this kicked-puppy whining is priceless!

Banana Jackie Cake, the Best Jackie and Cake! Yum! (^v^)
Banana Jackie Cake, the Best Jackie and Cake! Yum! (^v^)
7 years ago


It’s amazing how creative young teens can be with their slang, ya?

7 years ago

I am enjoying the assumption that verbally abusing the audience would somehow make him more charismatic and his assumption that the producers/Oz would allow that to happen for even a nano second.

7 years ago

Actually, Sheldon Cooper is kind of an evo psych douchebag. You’d think red pillers would like him.

7 years ago

It could be the end of an era! -throws confetti-

7 years ago

Oh my fucking god, the 48 laws of power. What a fucking manual to be a piece of shit. The only thing grosser is that same guy wrote like “the art of seduction” and it’s *exactly* as greasy as you’d imagine.

7 years ago

I’m sorry, I usually try to be productive, but burn. BURN.

Ok, now Roosh, look deep into your pants and see that you still have a penis. Your penis co-exists with your emotions. Imagine that.

7 years ago

Red Pillers motto in life seems to be “Harm everyone before they harm you”

I’m sure they have lots of friends. /s

7 years ago

Well, I think I’m fortunate, but I’ve never heard of “the 48 Laws of Power”. The way they were referenced in the post, I’m borne to wonder if they’re anything like the Rules of Acquisition.

steampunked (@steampunked)

The fact that one of them thinks (and others agree with) that angry screaming at the audience would win them the admiration of said audience…this is very interesting. It explains a lot about their thought processes.

It’s also an interesting view into the whole ‘we’re HELPING AMERICA, ungrateful bastards!’ thing they’ve got going on as well.

A lot of it does seem to come back to PUA style beliefs: I’m going to tell you These Things, and that will make you respect and like me, because the formula says so.

7 years ago

Ugh, Sheldon Cooper, the stereotype “not-actually-autistic-we-swear-so-it’s-still-funny-right” who we get defined as all the freaking time. Well, when we’re not those poor little voiceless dears who can’t do anything for ourselves.

I do envy him those cats, though.
(Sorry for ranting, everyone. I just hate hate hate that he’s supposedly *the* autism example when he’s a stereotypical comedy gimmick. Ugh.)

Kittieeeeees! *dives into fluffiness*

steampunked (@steampunked)

A brief research shows that the 48 Laws of Power is a book by Robert Greene, who also wrote ‘The Art of Seduction’. Apparently the book is popular amongst a certain segment of the population who believe it’s a ticket to what they want.

The reviews of it are interesting, ranging from ‘works, if you want to be a sociopath’ to ‘these contradict each other and it’s a plodding, boring read’. Plus the enlightening: ‘Useful if you want to spot a sociopath’ which doesn’t bode well for the recommendations in the book.

Someone who was even more irked than those reviewers gave a list of the laws for people who don’t want to send money to the dude:

1. Kiss the boss’s ass.
2. Make enemies, because you learn from them.
3. Hide your intentions.
4. Speak cryptically.
5. Guard your reputation; destroy those who undermine it.
6. Be an attention-seeker.
7. Use other people to do things for you and take the credit.
8. Bait people.
9. Don’t analyze, act (the motto of fascism).
10. People who are hurt are like infectious parasites.
11. Make people depend on you.
12. Be “selectively honest”, disarm your “victim” with generosity.
13. People have no sense of mercy or thankfulness.
14. Pretend to be someone’s friend while gathering information on them.
15. Destroy people, annihilate them. Ruin their lives.
16. Play hookie to make people “want” you.
17. Interpersonal Terrorism
18. Be one in the crowd, use the crowd to shield you from your enemies.
19. Don’t screw over the wrong person.
20. Be non-commital.
21. Pretend to be dumb, so they won’t suspect.
22. Surrender, to stab your enemy in the back.
23. Use every resource you have to defeat an enemy.
24. Flatter people, yield to your boss, and be cruel to those under you.
25. Don’t abide by the social contract. Ally yourself only to your self. Redefine this self to get as much attention as possible.
26. Keep your hands clean- erase any knowledge others have of you messing things up. Never admit to your mistakes. Instead, scapegoat other people.
27. Develop a God complex. Feed people what they want to hear and make them follow you.
28. Be bold in all of your actions.
29. Plan out every little thing.
30. Make your accomplishments seem effortless. Also, never let anyone know how you did them.
31. Control people’s options.
32. Feed people the lies they want to hear.
33. Find out everyone’s button, save this information, and push it accordingly.
34. Act like a member of royalty.
35. Master timing.
36. Show contempt for things (and people) you cannot have. By showing you are upset, you are admitting “weakness”.
37. Create a lot of spectacles.
38. Behave like other people as a mask.
39. Use other people’s emotions; play with them.
40. Free things are dangerous. Instead, pay for everything yourself and make sure people see it.
41. Don’t follow in anyone’s footsteps.
42. Attack someone that bothers you. Don’t bother negotiating or understanding them. Just attack them so they shut up and your reputation remains intact.
43. Seduce people by playing with their emotions.
44. Mirror people so they get annoyed and humiliated.
45. Preach “change” and other vague promises, but never act too much on them.
46. Pretend to mess up once in a while. People will see that you’re not a sociopath after all.
47. Achieve in moderation.
48. Be formless. Form, order, routine= predictability. And those CIA guys following you over your shoulder all this time will spot that and destroy you

7 years ago

Wait there’s 48 laws of power, now? Ugh, imagine what these guys could accomplish if they took all that time and energy they waste learning dark triads and frame maintenance and hb scores and 1001 laws of pretending you’re not the massive life-failure you’d need to be to subscribe to the red pill philosophy, and they put it towards something productive. I’ll bet they’d be at least a little bit less miserable.

7 years ago

What I’m the blue hell does ‘frame’ mean?

And did someone say ‘so you even lift bro’ but not as a joke?

7 years ago

Little old me:

It sound likes Dr Oz, the producers and women he debated were maintaining frame with Roosh, he should respect their alpha behavior.

I feel a little weird quoting myself but I made a joke about Dr Oz and his staff “maintaining frame”, not realizing that TeRPers were going to write essays about it.

I would have talked over that miserable fuck and cross examined the fucker.

I love how every TeRPer believes they’re some sort of alpha fantasy version of Clarence Darrow.

If he had any authenticity, he would have went down the line and fat shamed each of those porkers sitting on their high chairs….made them cry right on the spot.

…with the mentality of a particularly shitty fourth grader.

7 years ago

Note: The second and third blockquote is from the TeRPer quoted in the post.

7 years ago


I’m a mess today.

7 years ago

Roosh presented himself as a man who was withdrawn, defensive, and quite frankly autistic.

Boy, it’s it weird that this same group of people that will use autism to excuse terrible behavior also use it as an ableist slur. I mean, who’d-a thunk it?!

Banana Jackie Cake, the Best Jackie and Cake! Yum! (^v^)
Banana Jackie Cake, the Best Jackie and Cake! Yum! (^v^)
7 years ago


They are the most contradicting and hypocritical group I’ve certainly ever seen.

Almost as bad as politicians. Hey-o!

But, seriously, they’re worse than politicians.

7 years ago

This sounds like a Sovereign Citizen guide to etiquette (I mean the 48 Rules bumf). I can imagine a society in which such behavior was normative; I’ve read enough dystopian fiction.

Can someone explain “maintaining frame” in a way that would make sense to a normal, ordinary responsible person? I have an idea that it means “keep acting as if what you’re doing makes sense, despite all evidence to the contrary”, – how close am I?

Also, I join in the deprecation of that bozo using autistic as a generalized term of contempt.

7 years ago

So, basically, the “48 Laws of Power” are interchangeable with the techniques PUAs use to make asses of themselves — er, that is to say, sucker women into giving them sex for nothing.

Paradoxical Intention
7 years ago

Of course Mr. Internet Toughguy would have totally done the exact opposite of Roosh! How could we ever doubt? [/sarcasm]

And those 48 “rules of power” come off as “rules to be an abusive, uncaring, antisocial sack of bovine shit”.

Leisha Young
Leisha Young
7 years ago

If I was there…if I was there…

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