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Red Pillers thoroughly underwhelmed by Roosh V’s beta-as-heck appearance on Dr. Oz

Sheldon Cooper: Not a Red Pill role model
Sheldon Cooper: Not a Red Pill role model

Over on the Red Pill subreddit, the ALPHA DOGS are feeling a bit underwhelmed by their boy Roosh Valizadeh’s appearance on Dr. Oz’ daytime talk show promoting his glorious fat shaming crusade. Some even thought he seemed something less than alpha.

One post, with 143 upvotes, declares that “Roosh came across as an autistic man on Dr. Oz.” This is not exactly a compliment in red pill circles. While agreeing with Roosh’s terrible message, the OP complains that the hairy warrior for truth 

came across as extremely defensive in both body language and speech. For all talks of “frame” in the manosphere, Roosh presented himself as a man who was withdrawn, defensive, and quite frankly autistic. His speech was hesitant and slurred at times and he couldn’t make eye contact with Dr. Oz nor members of the audience most of the time; he had mannerisms similar to those of Sheldon Cooper.

Oh dear. At least Sheldon Cooper, a fictional uber-geek from The Big Bang Theory, is skinny. Imagine how poor Roosh would have felt being compared to someone fat!

Here are some other less-than-enthusiastic comments from that thread (and another) devoted to the Dr. Oz Massacre. Some criticize, some make excuses for Roosh. No one is happy.

It’s easy to hold frame on your self-produced website geared toward like-minded men. … Learn from his failure, have real conviction, and hold your fucking frame.

I find it rather ironic that he’s now hamstering on about how he felt (trying to find his “safe space”?! come the fuck on), whereas ultimately this is something he does to those oversensitive cows all the time. 

All and all it was a trap from get go. Remember mantain frame. You will come across people who will test it to upper limits. Don’t give people especially white knights (dr.oz) the satisfaction of seeing you lose frame. Stay focus on your mission no matter what it is.

For all his preachings of red pill principles, DYEL [Do You Even Lift] bro? Being skinny is just as bad as being obese. He needs to hit the gym. And stop playing with your goddamn beard like a nervous twitch! 

Dr. Oz is a prime example of a Dark Triad sophist. He’s a natural psychopath with life long experiences in lying and manipulation. … Dr. Oz applies just about every single one of the 48 Laws of Power.

[B]ut guys lets not criticize him. Because that show with its throngs of obese harpies, bright lights and strategic editing would be a formidable obstacle for any of us.

[H]e was cowed by their statements. I would’ve been red in the face pissed the fuck off. Fallacies, bully pulpitting, loaded questions out the ass. I would have talked over that miserable fuck and cross examined the fucker. Roosh didnt come prepared. He could have come knowing Dr. Oz has a slim wife.

I would have just responded to the hostility in kind. … Take the whole thing to a primal level and just start fat shaming all the warthogs in the audience. Better to be a charismatic villain than a deer in the headlights.

If he had any authenticity, he would have went down the line and fat shamed each of those porkers sitting on their high chairs….made them cry right on the spot. 

Oz is alpha as fuck. Or at least a really good debater. … That slimey motherfucker chewed roosh up, and he should admit it, lol.

Roosh got Rekt by the landwhale train and the chief-butt-muncher Oz.

Tough crowd, huh?

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7 years ago

Sheldon Cooper is way more good-looking than Roosh and likely, most of the childish militant misogynists.

I would have fat-shamed these women with a constant troll smile.

7 years ago

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7 years ago
Reply to  Chaos-Engineer

Frame control is the battle everyone has during an interaction. Who ever holds a stronger frame, is in control. Imagine like its a game of tug o war and you are extremely happy playing against someone really unhappy.

Psychology states that there is a law of state transfer, which means that people pick up on the moods of those around others. (Everyone at a club has fun) (people in offices don’t) this is frame control.
It’s the tug o war of emotions that dominate an interaction.

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