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Paul Elam manages to snag Paul Elam as a speaker for upcoming A Voice for Men conference

Yep, they managed to get THIS guy!
Yep, they managed to get THIS guy!

As A Voice for Men’s latest failed fundraiser whimpered towards its sad ending last week — with less than half of its target amount raised — everyone’s favorite Men’s Rights hate site did have a little bit of good news to report: AVFM’s Paul Elam has managed to snag Paul Elam as a speaker for AVFM’s upcoming “Men’s Issues” conference and probable fiasco.

As the official conference site notes, Mr. Elam is the prestigious “founvder [sic] and publisher of A Voice for Men.”

At the conference, Elam promises, attendees will be able to 

[h]ear provocative, fascinating speakers and enjoy shared meals and social festivities with the idea in mind that we can put society back on track to move forward instead of just continuing to set bridges ablaze.

Wait, they’ve been doing what to bridges? I’m just going to assume that’s a metaphor.

So who are these “provocative, fascinating speakers” that AVFM promises will be on tap? Brace yourself, as AVFM has managed to score a number of other speakers who are nearly as notable as Elam, including:

  • August Løvenskiolds, A Voice for Men’s food columnist
  • Tara (“Dr. T”) Palmatier, a therapist who does an online “radio” show with Paul Elam
  • Tom (“Licensed Clinical Social Worker T”) Golden, a therapist who does online “radio” shows with Paul Elam
  • Jonathan Taylor, a “former college instructor” and blogger at
  • “Andy Bob,” some dude from Australia who comments on A Voice for Men a lot

The keynote speaker will be none other than Harry Crouch, president of the National Coalition for Men, an organization whose website, according to Alexa, gets roughly the same amount of traffic as (and considerably less than this blog).

They did manage to convince Men’s Rights granddaddy Warren Farrell to stop by as well.

So what important “Men’s Issues” is this conference going to take up?

The shameful epidemic of rape in our nation’s prison system, which, given the demographics of the prison population, mostly affects men? No.

The drug war, which has led to the incarceration of millions of young men of color? Nah.

“Stop and Frisk” and other police policies that disproportionately affect young men of color? Nope!

As Elam explains on the conference web site:

On October 30 and 31, 2015 in Houston, Texas we will start corrective measures in earnest by initiating a more complete and honest dialogue; one that includes key factors that have literally been elbowed out of the way for half a century. That is male disposability and female sexual power.

Yep, that’s right, they’re cribbing both “key factors” from a Warren Farrell book written more than two decades ago. Apparently feminists have “literally been elbow[ing]” men trying to talk about these issues, with their literal elbows.

“Male disposability” is Farrell’s upside-down notion that historical restrictions on the jobs women were allowed to do, as well as on military service, were in fact a sort of female privilege.

“Female sexual power” is a slightly fancier way of talking about what Farrell once called “miniskirt power, cleavage power and flirtation power.”

That’s right: he thinks that women control men through the hypnotic powers of their boobs and butts.

Farrell is especially obsessed with women’s ass power. The e-book edition of his “The Myth of Male Power” features the word “Power” in the title being shattered by the nude posterior of a woman. During an “Ask Me Anything” appearance on Reddit, Farrell explained why he chose this image:

DoloresCruz1982 86 points 22 hours ago (174|87) Why is a woman's butt on the cover of a book about problems faced by males in our society? permalink save report give gold reply [–]warrenfarrell [S] 2 points 20 hours ago (184|182) i assume you're referring to the profile of a woman's rear on the new ebook edition of The Myth of Male Power. first, that was my choice--i don't want to put that off on the publisher! i chose that to illustrate that the heterosexual man's attraction to the naked body of a beautiful woman takes the power out of our upper brain and transports it into our lower brain. every heterosexual male knows this. and the sooner men confront the powerlessness of being a prisoner to this instinct, we may earn less money to pay for women's drinks, dinners and diamonds, but we'll have more control over our lives, and therefor more real power. it's in women's interests for me to confront this. many heterosexual women feel imprisoned by men's inability to be attracted to women who are more beautiful internally even if their rear is not perfect.

Good to know that when it comes to the deadly threat of sexy lady parts, A Voice for Men is on the case.

But that does raise a question: when members of AVFM’s Twitter squad recently Tweeted a topless photo of one of their female colleagues at AVFM to an assortment of feminists, including me, were they trying to hypnotize us?


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Banana Jackie Cake, the Best Jackie and Cake! Yum! (^v^)
Banana Jackie Cake, the Best Jackie and Cake! Yum! (^v^)
7 years ago


I’m not sure if they were good or not, but I have seen the Jak and Daxter HD versions with “PlayStation’s Best Seller” thing on them, so maybe? I haven’t heard anything positive nor negative about them.

Buuut I have all three games of all three series for PS2 (also Jak X; and also Up Your Arsenal but that’s not as good as the rest of Ratchet and Clank). Annnd my PS2 still works so I don’t have to worry about buying them just yet at least. Maybe if my PS2 breaks down but I think that would be the only reason.

Paradoxical Intention
7 years ago

sparky | April 7, 2015 at 12:50 pm
Wasn’t there a feminist conference where pictures and videos weren’t allowed because they were worried about people being doxxed and harassed, and the manosphere was all like, “But Freeze Peach! What are they hiding?” Or am I completely misremembering that?

Honestly? I wouldn’t doubt that to be true. You know how they are with the old “Do as I say, not as I do” bullshit.

7 years ago

@Kirbywarp: I wonder what they’ll do about Sage Gerard’s wandering hands.

7 years ago

$400? WordCamps (the huge WordPress conferences held all over the world) are like $20-$30 for the weekend, and you get free stuff, afterparties, and all the slides from all the presentations (because there’s no possible way to see all of them live). They have a ton of sponsorship though, which AVFM does not have. Heh.

With the drop-off in donations, they’d be better off holding an online summit with a lower ticket price. All they’re doing is complaining, and they do that online all the time as it is. Why bother renting a space? Plus, imagine the glorious slideshows they could design for an online event! Magnificent stuff!

I almost (almost) want to plan this for them, just because it’s all so ridiculous and they make terrible decisions. I suspect Paulie wants to create something akin to the 21 Convention, which has a huge ticket price and some really good speakers (at least on fitness, from what I’ve seen), but for men who prefer whinging and blaming to self-improvement.

7 years ago


Sanctioning it for girls as well does NOT fix the problem.


This is exactly the thing that annoys me about the whole ‘movement’. It’s never positive – rather than, “hey, we’ve got problem x too, can we join the cause?” it’s, “hey, we’ve got problem x too, shut up”; or, “hey, we don’t have that problem so it can’t be a thing”.

Zero empathy.

7 years ago


I wonder what they’ll do about Sage Gerard’s wandering hands.

You mean will the … I forget the exciting name they have, the women who love misogynists – will they be in attendance and shadowing him? It’s got to be really bad when you’re the missing step in that crowd.

7 years ago

Four hundred dollars? What a deal. I mean, that’s only twice as much as attending five days of San Diego Comic-Con.

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